What Your Shoe Color Says About You


Overall , white represents purity. This color is present in every color and can also be a sign of a perfectionist.


like green, shows that you are more down to earth and grounded. Brown can also show a person is strong and challenging.


Red is a color of passion and fire. However, red is the color of love and tends to attract attention to it where ever it may be.


Pink, like red, is a passionate color. It can also be seen as romantic and whimsical.


This color is a more optimistic and quirky color. It shows that you are playful and fun.


Yellow symbolizes a sunny outlook on life. It shows that you are happy but still an attention getter.


Green shows that you are more down to earth. It also shows that you are calm, cool, and collected.


This color shows peace and tranquility in the wearer. Blue can also be interpreted as a color showing loyalty.


Purple is another feminine color, but also has the air of luxury and wealth. It can also represent wisdom and grace.


Silver has an allure to it showing mysticisms and femininity.


This color indicates a need to be in power. As daring as gold may be it is a must-have color of elegance.


The color is an elusive, yet timeless color and that never goes out of style. A person wearing black is seen to be ultra-chic.

Source : http://www.shoecloset.biz Photo : http://marketplace.secondlife.com

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