What You Can Tell From A Woman’s Shoes

The shoes a woman has on, tell a lot about her, from her outlook on life, to the way she feels about herself, from her occupation, to her evening destination. You see, shoes take us where we want to go and tell the secrets of where we have been…

Stilettos : She’s a girl with confidence in the way she looks and with some considerable fashion sense. Graciousness paired with finesse, is this woman’s source of power. She is not intimidated to be bold, be seen and heard, is equally unfazed by standing out in the crowd. She is uninhibited, as announced by her entrance, which is lead by her shoes, often with the poise of an experienced model. A woman who takes risks in life and business, takes risks in her personal wardrobe as well. Without calculated risks, there are no gains. She is on a mission to gain the world’s wonders each and every day.

Peep toes - Psychologists say peep toe shoes are worn by those girls who believe in feminine dressing. These girls are also modern, stable, elegant but still wana take it easy without being too daring and bold.

Wedges - Women who wear wedge shoes are usually straightforward, confident and love power. In relationships they seek for reliability and trust.

Ballet Shoes: Straight up, this girl thinks she’s a princess and most probably a daddy’s girl. She still sees herself as the precious little child that her dad told her she was. High maintenance to the power of 50. Take our word for it; this girl still has teddy bears, crochet cushions and childhood photos in her bedroom.

Loafers: Not the most fashion conscious girl in the neighbourhood, the loafer-wearer is all about comfort-over-style. She’ll be low maintenance as well.

Flip-flops: Signify a carefree spirit and woman on the go.

The condition of a woman’s shoes also tells a lot about her. The way she takes care of her shoes is the same way she will take care of her man. Old, worn out shoes also say that she is thrifty and will be more willing to spend money on the people she loves than on herself. If the shoe is almost new but is scratched all over, then this woman may have no time to keep her shoes spic and span. She probably won’t have time for you either. There are several conclusions you can make just from looking at the condition of the shoe.

You can also judge a woman by her shoes depending on how trendy they are. If she is up to date, then fashion is probably very important to her. She will probably have a portion of her earnings dedicated to fashionable clothes.

So, what kinds of shoes do female gold diggers wear? “Female gold diggers put a man’s attention before themselves. That’s why they usually wear what look like highly painful shoes. They usually have lots of bangles and bobbles to attract attention.” , says shoe expert Donna Sozio.

What kind of shoes does a low-maintenance girl wear? “Low-maintenance girls don’t look for a man to take care of them. That’s why they are low-maintenance. For the most part, they already have it together and look at relationships from more of a sharing standpoint than needing someone else to make them happy. Low maintenance women wear all sorts of shoes but the one thing they have in common is a level of comfort. Even if they are wearing high heels, their shoes might be platforms (less of an actual heel) or a wedge to reduce wobbling. They go for looks and comfort to take good care of their feet while feeling beautiful through their choice in shoes.” – Donna Sozio.

What else?

You can judge a girl by how expensive her shoes are, and you would be surprisingly accurate. The more expensive the shoe, the richer the babe you are looking at. It could also mean that this girl works hard to afford shoes like this. This means less time for you.

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