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Customer Story: Your Role As The Shoe Owner

Mary W. Omondi sent us great tips on the role you play as a shoe owner, on Facebook. This is what she had to say:

Shoe maintenance is all about me/ the wearer. Do you wear those Bata sandals when fetching firewood? Do you wear canvas or your school Toughees to the river? Do you wear your pumps while walking long distances or during field work or soak the canvas shoes in Jik water/ or water used to clean clothes? That is how they only last a month or less…

Source: DecoSimpic

Shoe Rack idea. Source: DecoSimpic

How to take care of your shoes

The first, easiest and most important thing you can do for your shoes is putting them on shoe trees when you are not wearing them. This helps the shoes expel moisture (sweat, rain water, etc.) and fend off creasing by holding the shoes’ shape.

Shoe horns help preserve the shape of the counter and quarter (the parts that often go around your heel) and can be acquired at affordable prices.
Another simple and easy thing you can do is wipe your shoes down after every use with a towel or brush. It will help keep them free of dust and dirt and can help take out minor stains and scuffs. Additionally, on leather shoes this can help maintain the shine of the leather.

If your shoes are made of leather they will, from time to time, need more than just a simple wipe down. Leather needs to be conditioned, moisturized and polished to help prolong its life. You can do this yourself, or you can have someone do it for you. Patent leather and suede do not need to be polished.

Suede cannot be polished or wiped down. Instead, brush it off using a stiff bristled brush. Suede can also be protected and cleaned more thoroughly using certain solutions when needed.
Shoe Care
Do no drive in your heels! Simple. The stress that driving in high heels puts on the heel is terrible for your shoes. I also cannot imagine that it is comfortable in the least.

That closet floor looks so good with all of your shoes strewn about. But it looks so much better when they are organized. A simple shoe rack will help keep your shoes more organized and protect them from unnecessary abuse. Alternatively, you could store them in shoe bags or shoe boxes.

Shoe care should not just focus on the upper of a shoe. The sole is also important. If your heels (or other shoes) are leather soled, affixing a thin rubber sole can help extend their lifespan as well as give them more traction in inclement weather and slippery bar floors.
Water, snow, and especially road salt are all bad for shoes. Do what you can to limit your exposure to these hazards.

Those little rubber tips on the end of your heels are God’s gift to hardwood floors. Without them the metal of the heel digs into even the hardest of hardwoods. Keep those tips on if at all possible, and replace them when worn — they can also affect the comfort of your heels.

This point focuses more on saving your feet rather than your shoes. But all shoes take time to break in; sometimes it helps to wear them around the house for a few hours before wearing them to work for a full day or out for a night. Your feet will thank you in the morning.

The logic is rather simple. Spend a few hundred shillings on a pair of shoes, why not take care of them? It will only take a few extra seconds when putting your shoes on and taking them off; which in the long run could extend the life of your shoes by months, if not years. Which will, over time, save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

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How to Make your Legs Look Longer

ladies category bannerTruth: Girls love long legs.

If you’re blessed with them, flaunt them. If not, yes – you can still flaunt them! How to make those legs of yours look long? Well, it’s all about the shoes and the clothing. You just need to find what style tricks work best for your body or which patterns create the illusion of elongated legs.

1. Buy shoes with heels of any height, preferably pointy. Heels give you extra height, creating the illusion of an elongated leg. Opt for skinny heels over chunky heels to avoid adding bulk to your foot and lower leg.

2. Match your shoes with your pants or stockings. For example, try wearing a panty hose with black heels. This one-colour look creates a clean line, as the eye travels from the top of your leg straight down to the floor without stopping.

3. Go nude-or dark. Not in the socialite way. :) Get nude coloured shoes. These are shoes that closely blends with the tone of your skin. Or cover your legs with dark colours. Black and other muted shades have a slimming effect, and wearing them on your legs will make your legs look more slender, leaner and longer.

@Sh. 2999

@Sh. 2999

4. Look for open-toed or peep-toe shoes. Sandals and open-toed shoes expose more skin on the top of your foot. The more skin you show, the more leg an onlooker’s eye will see. And don’t forget to paint your toe-nails!!

5. Look for ballet flats with a pointed toe. Again, a pointed toe makes your foot look longer, which, in turn, may also help your overall leg look longer.

6. Know the Right Pair of Shoes for You. Whatever shoes you like, better know what clothes to pair it with. For example, jeans are best paired with ankle boots while long skirts look cute with calf length boots. If you have slim calves, try knee-high boots. Basically, the most effective way to elongate your legs is to show skin. That means it is advisable to wear peep toed shoes or flip flop sandals.

Now that we have the feet covered, the infographic below, courtesy of BomPetite, gives you more tips for your outfit:


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