How To Simply Locate Products on

By now you know you can shop for shoes from the comfort of your room through Bata Home, right? You can, and the shoes are delivered to your doorstep!

Does this sound complicated? It isn’t!



This is the Home Page:

BataKenya Home Page

Direct View:

You can click on any of the images on the Home Page to go directly to the shoes(on the image) page.

Category selection

At the top, you can easily select the category(Ladies, Men, Kids, etc) you are interested in. When you hover your cursor on the category you are interested in, you will see the Sub Categories(Casual, Dress, Boots, etc) and Brands. Here, we have just pointed at Ladies:


Go to the Exact characteristics you are looking for.

You can easily refine your search to the exact features you are looking for.

Sub Category:

Let’s say you want an official Ladies Wedge…

Define search

….and the brand you want is Marie Claire

Here you will find the various brands that are availabve under this category


Click on it

…Worth between Sh. 1499 and Sh. 2000

This shows you the minimum and the maximum prices of shoes. o select a range, simply drag the selection.


Just Drag

…Size 5

This gives you the sizes available. To see shoes available in your size, simply click your size and all shoes in your size will appear.

Just Select

Just Select

….In either Colour Blue or Black

You don’t have to view all the shoes when you want to select a certain colour for an event. Simply select the colour you are looking for and all the shoes you will see will be in your preferred colour!



If you know the name of the shoe or the article number…or some description( say running shoes) , simply search at the top!

Type and ENTER

Type and ENTER

Now that you know, head over to and shop! shop! shop! Delivery is FREE for orders above Sh. 2000.

There you go!


10 Reasons Why You Should Shop Online With Bata Home

It has been a month now since we launched the Bata Home service . Bata Home is essentially , e-commerce + home delivery. How it goes is that you visit , make your purchase and we deliver the items you have bought to your doorstep for your comfort and convenience…
Here are 10 reasons why you should try out this great service!
  1. Convenience - From the comfort of your living room or your comfy office chair , you can make your order. See it online ; buy it online.
  2. 24 hour shop – You can shop any time you want. We don’t close.
  3. VarietyChoose from a wide range of shoes , bags , belts and other accessories available for you at the click of a mouse.
  4. No queues.
  5. Free shipping! – Enjoy FREE SHIPPING to your home or office for orders above Kshs. 2000.
  6. Let’s find it for youLeave the headache of hopping from shop to shop looking for the desired size or color to us.
  7. Send love home with Bata HomeFrom anywhere in the world , buy your loved one shoes and we’ll deliver to them. Just shop and leave the rest to us.
  8. Save time.
  9. We are flexible – Pay with M-PESA , Airtel Money , VISAMasterCard.
  10. We are reachable – In case of any questions comments , or clarifications , you can reach us on 020 2592948 during working hours , or e-mail us anytime on bata [dot] homedelivery [at] bata [dot] com.