Smart Tips for Wearing Flip Flops


1. Purchase flip-flops made of high-quality soft material. This minimizes the potential for blisters and other types of irritation. Pata Pata is the best bet, made of especially soft EVA.

IMAG25222. You probably have bought slippers and realize later, that, they are small, but since they are flip flops, you through an arm and say “Ni slippers, haina was”. No! Ensure your foot doesn’t hang off of the edge of the flip-flop. A good fit is vital to healthy feet. Likewise, don’t just slip into an oversized pair with edges that can catch on uneven surfaces and cause you to trip.

3. Perform this test: Gently bend the flip-flop from end to end, ensuring it bends at the ball of the foot. Shoes of any kind should never fold in half. Do not choose flip flops, or any  shoes, that are too flimsy. This minimal flexibility indicates the proper balance, arch support, and alignment for healthy feet.

4.You can do your mtaa rounds, but don’t wear flip-flops while walking long distances. Even the sturdiest flip-flops offer little in terms of shock absorption and arch support.

5. As much as it is tempting-we always find ourselves in the shamba with flip flops-never do outdoor chores while wearing flip-flops. Always wear shoes that fully protect your feet when doing outside activities.

Crespo in flip flops.  Source: Londonist

Crespo in flip flops.
Source: Londonist

6. Don’t play sports in flip-flops. This can lead to twisting of the foot or ankle, as well as sprains and breaks.Buy Power instead. :)

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What Your Shoes Say About You.


Photo: Esther Kute

Researchers at the University of Kansas found that people were able to correctly judge a stranger’s age, gender, income, political affiliation, emotional and other important personality traits just by looking at the person’s shoes.

 Participants in the study were asked to look at a pair of shoes and then guess, “gender, age, social status and different personality traits of the owner, like whether the owner was an extrovert or introvert, liberal or conservative and the degree of their emotional stability, agreeableness, conscientiousness and openness.”

What they found out :

Flashy and colorful footwear belonged to extroverts. Older, clean and well cared for shoes are the sign of a conscientious person. Shabby, less expensive shoes are the hallmark of liberal thinkers. In the same way, if you have several pairs of new shoes or take exceptional care of them, you may suffer from “attachment anxiety,” spending an inordinate amount of time worrying about what other people think of your appearance..

Practical and functional shoes generally belong to agreeable people while uncomfortable looking shoes were worn by calm personalities.

Their conclusion was shoes convey a thin but useful slice of information about their wearers, they serve a practical purpose, and also serve as nonverbal cues with symbolic messages. Also , people tend to pay attention to the shoes they and others wear and form perceptions of them based on that :

Some shoes and what they say about you :

  • Brogues: Depicts one who is dependable, not an extrovert. Hugely fashionable, casual and smart.
  • High boots: Sexy and confident. 
  • Short ankle-length boots: Shows a person with a sense of fun, ambitious and determined….even aggressive.
  • Wedges: Show confidence, suggests being extrovert.
  • Stilettos: They are uber-feminine. Show an outgoing personality, enjoys new experiences.
  • Two-and-a-half inch heels: A woman who knows herself very well, comfortable in her own skin and knows what she likes when she sees it. Sexy and self-assured.
  • Sandals: Confident about herself most people are not sure about showing their toes!) , not that easy to get along with. :(
  • Ankle-strap flats: Best for those with long, slim legs. They show confidence. The wearer is probably a good earner and ambitious.
  • Flats:  Seen as a conformist, perhaps a little timid. Print flats, however, tell another story.

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