How To Clean Your Safari Boots in 4 Easy Steps-Illustrated

How do you clean your Safari Boots to maintain their original colour and keep you looking spic and span, you ask?

Here is how:

How to Clean Safari boots

The Safari boot Suede cleaner and the brush are available in all Bata stores countrywide.

So, now that you know, why not get yourself a pair of Safari boots online(we will deliver free) or at a Bata store near you? :)

Anniversary Offer : Celebrating 48 years of Safari Boots!

You love it, your father adores it…and most probably, it’s the only shoe in your grandfather’s shoe rack! Now, that’s a good testament….a legacy that runs through generations. The story , of an icon. Read : Putting Kenya’s best foot forward

The boots that say you know Africa have graced millions of feet, keeping them comfortable through 48 rugged years, while still maintaining the quality, the touch and the familiarity that many have come to know and love…… :)

The Safari boots family has grown to accommodate different designs and colors including ladies’ Safari but the original design (article no. 803-3002) , is what has over the decades remained hugely popular with both men and women , in Africa and abroad.
And now, to mark its 48th Anniversary, it is retailing at a special price of Kshs.1999 only up to 9th June 2013.
Grab a pair (or three!) from a Bata shop near you and share in the legacy , as Safari Boot turns 48!

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The Premium Safari Collection is Here!

Size 3-8 Kshs. Sh.2199

Size 6-11 Kshs. 2999

Size 6-11 Kshs. 2999

The boot we all know and love just got trendier! What’s more? It is now available in a whole variety of colour and designs to choose from. Introducing the Premium Safari range! These boots are ideal for you leisure walking lovers, seeking comfort and durability in tropical weather.

The collection comes in colors even ladies will love!

The making of premium Safari

Safari premium collection comes in a soft hunting calf suede uppers of different colors with self colored laces, with the signature velvet feel touch finish and a rubber out sole  The shank material and the reinforced hard board heel counter ensure that the foot is well bedded for comfort and leaves the foot cool and fresh.

The collection is ideal for all terrains, from warm coastal to rugged mountainous environments. In a nutshell, in Premium Safari you have:

    • Stylish and unique outdoor leisure designs
    • Extreme softness and anti-fatigue comfort
    • Hard wearing sole, flexible and soft for walking comfort

Safari Boot premium features

 Click here  to see the whole Premium Safari range and even shop online!

Coming Soon, Ladies Safari Boots! Take a Look.

Be on the look out ladies! From our leather factory in Limuru , we bring you a fresh new range of boots which are part of our known and loved brand – Safari.

This exciting range of ladies Safari is coming to a Bata shop near you towards the end of August.

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 Bring out your adventurous side with the boots that say you know Africa!

A Note To My Father

A couple of weeks ago, for Father’s day, we asked you to share with us what you would say to your father for if you sent him a Thank You note.

You responded by sharing lots of encouraging and some very emotional messages that you would send to the men in your lives you have called dad.

As we did with Mother’s Day, here we share some of the Thank You Messages :

“I know the factors that make a dad now. The strictness, the watchful eye, the encouragement, the responsibility, the being there… I am one myself now. But I look back and try to see how best I could e better father and dad. We the best of pals now, laughing about all good old days, talking about the future. Thank God you still here to direct me all the way. Ahsante sana. Love you dad.” – Jon Binale

“Thank you father for if you were still alive, you would still be looking after me so well just like you did for the 19yrs we were together. RIP.” – Wakanyi Muigai

“Before i even thank u dad, I thank God because i believe without God there would be no fatherly love back on earth, so am taking this chance to thank you God for bring this handsome looking man, loving, caring, friendly man in to our lives – and that happens to be you dad ”Greyson mwasi”. You took that chance of being a father at the same time a mum to us, when she left us, u have always been strong and given us the love, care, support, and not forgetting your tender shoulders to lean on when things seemed to be so rough and tough to us. You made us not regret the fact that mummy left us for good, you made us feel that life is always at ease, and we have to move on. You are the greatest gift that God left us. Papa, you have given us a reason to put on a smile again. Once more, cheers dad for the great job u have done, mwaah!” – Shalet Mkamzungu

“Thank you dad for being in my life since i was i second old until now..for accepting your part in raising me & having to tolerate me in ma wrong doings.Thank you for stream lining me when i went wrong. You are just the best dad ever & no one can beat that. You are a very important part of my life & you know that..Despite ma wrong doings, you still assure that you love me & you are my dad. I’d do anything for you dad. Anything.  Love you so much & I miss you a lot. Love you dad!” – Princess Rabdi

“Thank you daddy for raising me to be a leader everywhere I go, be it in high school or in the University, you have taught me to be responsible by letting me pass through some challenges that have made me to be strong and believe myself. God bless my Dad MR.NJENGA.” – Winnie Njenga

“Thank you father for being there for me even when mum left, you took me to school every day, plaited my hair, ironed my uniforms, brought lunch for me and taught me how to cross the zebra crossing, in secondary even when I failed you never gave up on me, you came for all my parents and visiting days. As far as i can remember u bought me Bata shoes every time because I would step on them and not brush them up so as to look old by the end of the term. You took me to the best University in Kenya and taught me the best thing that u can offer me in life is education and one I can rely on is God. Thank you.” – Lyssette Chidichidi

“ Thank you dad for the 14 years you raised me, even though you passed on for 18yrs now, your memory and legacy lives on in us your children, thank you for teaching us discipline, hard work, and perseverance and determination i believe if you could see us you would be proud.” – Kenneth Muiruri Charagu

“If it weren’t for you I wouldn’t have bn born Thank u Dad, even though I don’t know u.” – Tony Waweru

“Thank you father for everything i can’t recall all u did for me since most of the times were the ones i didn’t know myself but the greatest of all i give thanks is making me to be a better person ,moulding me and discipline. Thanks Dad may God bless you.” -Mwihaki Wa Hity

“Thank father for being my second God, you made sure i went to the best worked so hard to buy me a bata shoe and socks. Thanks because i finally got a job and you will always wear the safari boot you love. I will always buy you coz upto were i am its you daddy. i love you sooo much.” – Cecilia Benson

“Dear dad…
your hands were soft & kind when I was crying
your hands were hard as steel when I’d done wrong,
your hands weren’t that gentle, but there was always love in them
being the man you made me be, I have l; learnt that
and that it is easier for a father to have children
than for children to have a real father.” – Stephen Ndeti

“You left us alone with our mum when we were young, u disappeared in our lives when we needed you most. Mum struggled so hard to bring us up, with all the pain n suffering she managed to bring the 5 of us up! I will be lying to the world if I say I love you, when my heart is filled with agony. I only thank you because were it not for you, I would not have been born.” – Rodah ‘D’ Swittest

“I don’t know what to say because I have never experienced any love from him. All I can say is that you made my mum strong gave her courage to do what a man was supposed to have done. If u were not there I would not have been in existence, so thank you.” – Kate Qutie Nyambura

“Special thanks for my dad for the following: My birth, taking care of me, educating me, training of business aspects. Lastly for teaching me how to keep money.” – Khalfan Komba

*How about you? What do you thank your father for?


There Is Only One King In The Jungle!

Its wearers, both from Kenya and the the rest of the world, pay glowing  tribute to the indisputable king – the Bata Safari boot. Built to withstand tough terrains while still providing great comfort to the wearer, the Safari boot, hand stitched at the Bata Limuru factory has been a Kenyan icon for decades.

Kenyan Icon

In an article by the Business Daily writer Mwenda wa Muchemi writes, “Whether dominating the view on an overhang billboard or perched patiently on a shelf waiting for a suitor, Bata’s Safari Boot is an undisputed Kenyan icon. Wherever it travels, it easily conjures up the image of Kenya.”

Safari boot is known and loved by Kenyans and is a favorite for men, children and lately, for women too. With time, the Safari boot range has expanded to include the Safari Hair-on and the new Safari slip-on that has become the casual footwear choice for those who prefer the slip-on to its lace-up counterpart.


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Only One King

Available in all Bata stores Safari boots continue to offer unmatched quality and value to their wearers. Identify genuine Safari boots by the Safari logo.

The king roars and the rest bow down in honor, because none of them even comes close. The legend that is the Bata Safari Boot lives on.

There is only one king in the jungle – Safari boots, the boots that say you know Africa!

“I bought my first pair of your safari boots over fifteen years ago. They still give me good service! I’ve had them resoled and a couple holes repainted, and they are still rugged and comfortable. Bought another pair 3 yrs ago and wear them to work”. – Debbie Hoyt .