How to Make your Legs Look Longer

ladies category bannerTruth: Girls love long legs.

If you’re blessed with them, flaunt them. If not, yes – you can still flaunt them! How to make those legs of yours look long? Well, it’s all about the shoes and the clothing. You just need to find what style tricks work best for your body or which patterns create the illusion of elongated legs.

1. Buy shoes with heels of any height, preferably pointy. Heels give you extra height, creating the illusion of an elongated leg. Opt for skinny heels over chunky heels to avoid adding bulk to your foot and lower leg.

2. Match your shoes with your pants or stockings. For example, try wearing a panty hose with black heels. This one-colour look creates a clean line, as the eye travels from the top of your leg straight down to the floor without stopping.

3. Go nude-or dark. Not in the socialite way. :) Get nude coloured shoes. These are shoes that closely blends with the tone of your skin. Or cover your legs with dark colours. Black and other muted shades have a slimming effect, and wearing them on your legs will make your legs look more slender, leaner and longer.

@Sh. 2999

@Sh. 2999

4. Look for open-toed or peep-toe shoes. Sandals and open-toed shoes expose more skin on the top of your foot. The more skin you show, the more leg an onlooker’s eye will see. And don’t forget to paint your toe-nails!!

5. Look for ballet flats with a pointed toe. Again, a pointed toe makes your foot look longer, which, in turn, may also help your overall leg look longer.

6. Know the Right Pair of Shoes for You. Whatever shoes you like, better know what clothes to pair it with. For example, jeans are best paired with ankle boots while long skirts look cute with calf length boots. If you have slim calves, try knee-high boots. Basically, the most effective way to elongate your legs is to show skin. That means it is advisable to wear peep toed shoes or flip flop sandals.

Now that we have the feet covered, the infographic below, courtesy of BomPetite, gives you more tips for your outfit:


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How to Look Hip in Boots

Fashion blogger Stylifiq who blogs at Style by Stylifiq   gives us tips on how to look fabulous in boots.

The short rains are here with us, again. The strappy sandals and cute ballerina flats that served us so well during the hotter months don’t seem to be cutting it quite as well with the muddy puddles and overflowing storm drains that are quite common during the rainy season. So begs the question, what shoes would be perfect for this weather? The answer, boots! Boots come in a variety of lengths and designs.

Calf length boots from Bata Kenya

They also vary based on the material they are made of. Whether you are tall, petite or plus size, wearing the right pair of boots can add instant chic points to your look.

How to wear boots:

Tall boots, {Knee length and over the knee boots}
Wear these with full or narrow skirts that just cover the top of the boot or opt for short skirts with brightly colored tights or thigh high socks. Tall boots can also be paired well with your every day dresses. When wearing pants, the skinny jeans tucked in look is perfected by tall boots.
Ankle boots
These boots go very well with long skirts that are fuller at the bottom as well as long narrow skirts. Preferably the skirt should be long enough to go over the top of the boot.
These boots can also be worn with short, close fitting skirts, with or without tights. If you must wear midi skirts with ankle boots, be sure to have tights or stockings on to cover your legs. These boots go well with all kinds of pants, except of course, cropped pants.
Boots for petite women
Although petite women can get away with almost any kind of boots, it would be wise to steer clear of over-the-knee boots. These make the legs appear even shorter and make a woman appear stumpy which isn’t flattering. Mid calf and ankle boots are most flattering with either a lot of leg or no leg showing.

Knee length boots from Bata Kenya

Wide leg boots and plus size women.

These are boots that are made with women with wide legs or larger calves in mind. They provide a way for plus size women to wear stylish boots while still being comfortable. Plus size women should opt for tall boots as opposed to ankle boots for a trimmer look. Wear boots in a heel size that is comfortable for you or opt for flat boots.

Tall women and boots
While a slim stiletto boot may be tempting for most women, many tall women may shy away from this boot as they may not want to add to their height. For tall women who aren’t particularly fond of flat boots, Kitten heels become a welcome middle ground. Go for slim one inch heels tucked under the heel. Short wedges also form a fashionable compromise. You can find flat boots in interesting cuts for that chic classy look.

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  • Either show no leg or show a lot of leg. Showing just a little leg can be quite unflattering and take away inches from your height.
  • Before buying any boots try them on to make sure they fit properly, are’t too tight and are comfortable to walk in. Ask to take a few paces while wearing them to feel how they rub against your legs.
  • Do not wear boots that are too tight as these may block proper blood circulation in your legs. Wear boots that are close fitting around the calf.
  • Do not tuck baggy or wide legged jeans into boots to avoid ballooning at the calf which can be very unflattering
In summary, pick boots that flatter your overall frame and that you feel comfortable and confident in. Walk with your head held high knowing come rain, come shine you are rocking the scene! XoXo, StYl.
About the author:  Claire ‘Stylifiq’ is a Kenyan fashion blogger, the founder and editor of Style by Stylifiq. Find her on Facebook or on Twitter.

How To Care For Safari Boots

For decades the Bata Safari boot has been to its wearers, a  supremely comfortable  boot, offering ankle protection, tough yet very flexible. Loved by men and women alike, both locally and internationally, Safari shoes come in supple and soft hunting calf leather uppers with the velvet feel touch finish and a rubber sole.

The unmistakable Safari logo distinguishes the Bata Safari boots from imitations.

To maintain the Safari boot it is highly recommended that you acquire a wire brush (available at Bata shops) to be used for cleaning the shoe.

A wire brush comes in handy when the shoe is dusty. Simply brush off the dust.

If the shoes are wet and dirty, wait for them to dry and brush the dirt off with the wire brush.

If the shoes are really dirty, clean them with Kashmire suede cleaner.

(If you have to, you may clean your shoes with mild soap and water. Let them dry and then finish off with an application of suede cleaner.)

Leave the suede cleaner to dry and then brush off to a soft smooth finish.

As with all leather shoes, it is advisable that you give your shoes sufficient rest before the next wear so as to retain their good shape for longer. 12 hours rest is ideal in between wears.

NB :

  1. Safari boots exist in other  flavors and colors hence different suede cleaners and shoe creams are used depending on the texture and color of the boot upper.
  2. The Safari boot is available for sale to international customers on our online store.