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We continue to receive and process orders daily through our website  See it online , buy it online! Modes of payment that can be used on our website include M-Pesa , Airtel Money , VISA and Mastercard.

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In addition to being able to place your order online by following these steps , you have also been able to order online through our help desk hotline 0 2 0 – 2 5 9 2 9 4 8.

Now introducing a new number through which you can order : 0 7 2 6 – 6 6 8 9 4 1

Call us. FREE delivery in Kenya on all orders above Kshs. 2000. and you can also pick the shoes from your nearest Bata shop!

10 Reasons Why You Should Shop Online With Bata Home

It has been a month now since we launched the Bata Home service . Bata Home is essentially , e-commerce + home delivery. How it goes is that you visit , make your purchase and we deliver the items you have bought to your doorstep for your comfort and convenience…
Here are 10 reasons why you should try out this great service!
  1. Convenience - From the comfort of your living room or your comfy office chair , you can make your order. See it online ; buy it online.
  2. 24 hour shop – You can shop any time you want. We don’t close.
  3. VarietyChoose from a wide range of shoes , bags , belts and other accessories available for you at the click of a mouse.
  4. No queues.
  5. Free shipping! – Enjoy FREE SHIPPING to your home or office for orders above Kshs. 2000.
  6. Let’s find it for youLeave the headache of hopping from shop to shop looking for the desired size or color to us.
  7. Send love home with Bata HomeFrom anywhere in the world , buy your loved one shoes and we’ll deliver to them. Just shop and leave the rest to us.
  8. Save time.
  9. We are flexible – Pay with M-PESA , Airtel Money , VISAMasterCard.
  10. We are reachable – In case of any questions comments , or clarifications , you can reach us on 020 2592948 during working hours , or e-mail us anytime on bata [dot] homedelivery [at] bata [dot] com.

Happy Easter from Bata!

The Easter Bunny will be visiting some selected Bata stores this Easter to give you a surprise gift! Visit a Bata store this Easter and you could be in luck.

Remember if you are looking for a gift for your loved one , you can buy then a Bata gift voucher. They come in 4 denominations 300,500,1000 and 2000 and are redeemable in any Bata retail shop.

But whatever you do, don’t miss out on the true meaning of Easter, which is well captured in this quote by Clarence W. Hall  : ”You can put truth in a grave, but it won’t stay there.” 

From the Bata Kenya family to yours , have a splendid Easter holiday!

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29 Random Things About Bata

To celebrate this year’s leap day we went and got you 29 random things about Bata. Some are things you know , while others will surprise or inform you.
Read along…
  1. Bata Shoe Company was registered in 1894 by three siblings : Tomas, Anna and Antonin Bata, in Zlin, Czechoslovakia (now known as The Czech republic).
  2. In 1895 Antonin left the company to join the army and Anna got married, leaving, Tomáš Bata to manage the company alone.
  3. In 1932 Tomáš died in a plane crash at the age of 56 at the Zlín Airport while attempting to take off under bad weather conditions.
  4. Tomáš Bata has a Universiy in Zlin named after him, “in recognition of the outstanding role he played in the transformation of the life and inhabitants of the town of Zlín as well as the whole Czech Republic and its economy. “
  5. It was the founder, Tomáš’ ,son Thomas J. Bata who grew the organization significantly making it an international company and earning himself the title shoemaker to the world.
  6. Thomas J. Bata passed on in 2008, at the age of 93.
  7. It was Thomas J. Bata’s wife and business partner who founded the Bata shoe Museum, in Toronto , Canada.
  8. Bata is in present in 5 continents.
  9. Bata runs 27 production facilities across 20 countries.

    Monica Pignal Bata , grand daughter to Bata founder, speaks with Production manager Michael Rutto , during a recent visit to the Limuru factory

  10. Bata operates in over 70 countries
  11. Bata has over 5000 stores worldwide.
  12. Bata employs over 50,000 employees worldwide.
  13. Bata serves over 1 million customers everyday, worldwide.
  14. Bata has over 20 in-house brands including the Safari boot which has remained a best seller throughout the decades .
  15. There is a Bata nursery school in Limuru where children of Bata employees attend free of charge.
  16. The Bata Children’s program was launched in 2010 to be the umbrella body under which Bata CSR activities are carried out.
  17. Bata came to Kenya in 1939 and set up a plant at Limuru. The Limuru factory has grown over the years and currently has the capacity to produce 60000 pairs of shoes in a day.
  18. Bata Kenya has 111 retail outlets.
  19. All over the world, Bata stores are classified into four i.e. FlagshipCityFamily and Factory outlets and all have the exact store design irrespective of the country they are located.
  20. Bata sizes are in English (UK)scale.
  21. You get a 15% discount when you buy shoes at the Bata shop in Limuru.
  22. Bata Kenya is one of the 15 Bata countries who sell shoes online. Our online shop which targets customers outside Kenya, has sold hundreds of shoes since 2005 when it was opened.
  23. Bata gift vouchers are available in 4 denominations 300,500,1000 and 2000 and they can be redeemed in any Bata retail shop in the country.
  24. Bata International headquarters are currently located in Lausanne ,Switzerland.
  25. Thomas G. Bata, who is Tomáš Bata’s grandson, is the reigning Chairman of Bata Shoe Company.
  26. Bata’s strength lies in its worldwide presence. While local companies are self-governing, each one benefits from its link to the international organization for back-office systems, product innovations and sourcing.
  27. Bata operations in the world are managed through four commercial Business Units (CBUs). Of the four , Bata Kenya lies under Bata Emerging Markets.
  28. Bata Kenya , sells on average, 30million pairs of shoes in a year.
  29. Thomas J. Bata is said to have fired a salesman who was sent to Africa and came back with the gloomy assessment that there was no market for shoes in Africa, as everyone walked barefoot!

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Bata Back To School Offer : Free Slippers

Have you seen our TV ad? No? Then click here to view the Bata back-to-school ad everyone is talking about. :)

The Bata Back to school promo is now on!

For big and small school-going feet, a free pair of Patapata slippers for every pair of toughees bought, is on offer on all Bata retail shops up to 12th February 2012.

Terms and conditions apply!

Your Bata Christmas Shopping Guide

The breaking news is that Santa is in Town! At least that’s what your kids believe. :) Santa comes bearing gifts. And when your little ones wake up on Christmas day, they better find some goodies that Santa brought while they slept…

And if you are visiting with your family back in the village, over the holidays,  your cousins, nieces and nephews can’t wait to see what you will have brought them from the big city. In short you will be required to play Santa because the reality on the ground is that Santa does not exist.

It’s that season of the year when we celebrate the fact that we made it to the end of the year, and for Christians, the birth of Christ. All the same it is a time for everyone to share love, and happiness and exchange gifts with loved ones.




So what do you get for your mum, your husband or your child? Here are some suggestions that might help:

Mum :

Something comfy, yet stylish. Think wedges, or flats. Mum is a nurturer. You will not go wrong with anything that will pamper her feet.







Dad :

A pair of Safari boots or Safari sandals will impress dad. Throw in a matching belt and dad will be talking about it for weeks.

Golf shoes are also ideal if dad is golfer. Try these :









Sister / Daughter :

Depending on what she likes, get her something fun and yet comfortable. Let sis her show off her pretty toes in these :









If she’s little, then you will not go wrong with anything from our girls’ dress collection.

Brother / Son :

Try the Gideon boot, any of our Northstars , or the Weinbrenner range. If your brother is younger, a pair of kids Safari boots or sandals will capture well, the adventurous spirit of the holidays.

These boys casuals whose sole provides a good grip, will appeal to the tree climber in him. :)









Wife /Girlfriend :

Nothing says “I love you” like a thoughtful gift. You know her taste. Get her a pair from our Marie Claire or Comfit collection – something she’d wear to church or for a get-together with the girls.  A handbag is a great idea too.

What do you mean you don’t know her shoe size? !

Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered on that one. Get her a Bata Gift voucher. She will be pleased that you let her choose her own present.

Don’t forget to enclose a hand written note, to go with the voucher. ;)

Husband/Boyfriend :

We all know men do not like shopping. He will really appreciate that you went into the trouble of buying him a shoe. Suggestions? Weinbrenner boots, Safari boots , or sandals  would be appropriate, so his hard working feet can take a break this Christmas holiday.









Have a very merry Christmas and happy shopping!

All images courtesy of the Bata website.

Little Bubbles of Joy

Infants. We love them. We love their gummy grins and incoherent blabber. We love it when they circle their little fingers around our own and it takes our breath away when they learn how to crawl. We jump with joy when they take their first steps and by then, we have thought about getting them their first pair of shoes to protect their soft little adorable feet.

Baby bubbles : Quality made with love

How to choose infants’ shoes

Infants are growing fast, so it is important that their shoes fit right and are not restrictive at the same time. An infant’s bones are still developing, meaning an ill-fitting shoe could have serious results. At this stage, he/she is also learning to crawl and walk, and needs shoes that will help, not hinder, that process.

Tips on how to choose shoes for infants : 

1. Find shoes that are flexible: When learning how to be more mobile, infants need to move their feet up and down, as well as side to side.

2. Leave room to grow: Allow a finger’s width from the end of the longest toe to the edge of the shoe. It won’t be long before your infant’s foot grows again, and his/her foot should never be squeezed into a too-tight shoe.

3. Seek out slip-resistant soles: Soles that grip the ground and aren’t slippery will result in fewer falls when it’s time for his/her first steps.

Available in Bata Shops

4. Get a proper fit: Have your infant’s foot measured by a professional to assure you are choosing shoes of a proper size and width.

5. Try them on: Before buying the shoes, try them on your child to make sure they fit. If he/she is crawling or walking, make sure they can move around easily when wearing the new shoes. This works perfectly if you plan your shoe adventure at a time of day when your baby is usually in the best mood.

- Info courtesy of E-How

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Know Your Sports Shoes

Sports is a passion. It has even been touted as a global language, because it unites friends as well as foes in celebration as well as mourning. Sports is also medicine, as it plays a huge role in strengthening our physical health. What do you as an athlete need to know before you engage in your sport of choice?

One of the most important decisions you have to make as an athlete, is on the right kind of shoe to wear while engaging in your sport of choice. This is because the correct sports shoe will give you extra support that will help protect you from injury while you’re active, as well as help improve your athletic performance. If you intend to participate in a variety of sports, you need to buy sports-specific shoes that are best suited for each individual activity you intend to engage in. Below are a number of tips to guide you as you make that all important decision.

Out Field Sports

Photos courtesy of

Athletes who participate in out-field sports such as soccer, field hockey, football, rugby, golf, cricket and baseball should wear shoes that have cleats, spikes or studs on the bottom. The style and size of cleats or spikes vary from sport to sport. The spikes or cleats on these types of shoes can be removed for cleaning and quick replacement if they are damaged. When choosing shoes for out-field sports, always try them on before buying them. Select the pair that fits best and is most appropriate for the sport you’ve chosen to play.

On Court Sports                                                                 

Sports played on a hard surface or a court such as; basketball, tennis, racket-squash and volleyball require shoes that can take a lot of abuse. This is because court sports require a lot of quick and aggressive front-and-back and side-to-side movements. This means that the shoe needs to provide strong support and stability for the foot and ankle. Athletes who play court sports may find that high top court shoes provide more support for the ankle – especially when landing and jumping – than low top shoes thus, reducing the risk of sprained ankles. The most important part of a court shoe is the sole; it needs to be flexible and should help support the ball of your foot. Choose court shoes that are recommended for the sport you play.

Runners, Joggers and Walkers

Athletes who walk, run or jog to keep fit need sports shoes that are specifically made for their chosen activity. Runners or joggers should select shoes that are lightweight, flexible, provide good heel support and are well-cushioned to help absorb shock and impact on the lower body. People who walk should wear sports shoes that are comfortable and have extra cushioning under the ball of the foot. Walking shoes must be rigid to make it easier to roll off your toes instead of bending them as you walk.


A cross-trainer is a multi-purpose shoe, specially built for speed and fitness enhancement and is ideal  for athletes who choose to participate in more than one sport. These have wide stable soles that aid in providing support and stability, flexibility, extra cushioning and the comfort that they want  in a training shoe. Those who do aerobics may find that cross-trainers give them the support and lateral control they desire. Cross-trainers are considered a good choice for a general athletic shoe.

Photos courtesy of







After Sports

Before and after a hard trail run, thorough work-out in the gym, or a tough bike ride, these shoes help your feet recover. Power Recovery shoes gives you an ultra cushioned, comfortable stride, while stretchy, mesh uppers let your feet breathe. So comfortable, you’ll wear them everywhere.

All these shoes are available at: for men

And for ladies.



This Man Bata

Today the 12th of July 2011 we mark the 79th anniversary of the passing on of Bata Shoe company founder Mr. Tomas Bata who died at the age of 56 in a plane crash.

Reads a website dedicated to the Bata founder ; “…..Tomas Bata was born in 1876 and started life as a poor boy but he did not dream of making millions, he seemed, rather to be obsessed with the idea of helping his country and his people. In the young Bata there quickly ripens the wish and the determination to achieve something. He is a shoemaker – a practical man, but with a power of imagination amounting to genius. Thomas has visions of colossal factories, with the most modern machinery, installed in airy workshops, and a system of the most modern factory-hygiene.”

Born in a family of shoe makers, Tomas Bata started the business in Zlin in 1894 and today it has spread to 5 continents around the world.

Click here to read some quotes by this legendary entrepreneur
and a little more about Bata History

We salute this great man whose legacy still lives on…

“A customer’s order is sacred.” - Tomas Bata

A Note To My Father

A couple of weeks ago, for Father’s day, we asked you to share with us what you would say to your father for if you sent him a Thank You note.

You responded by sharing lots of encouraging and some very emotional messages that you would send to the men in your lives you have called dad.

As we did with Mother’s Day, here we share some of the Thank You Messages :

“I know the factors that make a dad now. The strictness, the watchful eye, the encouragement, the responsibility, the being there… I am one myself now. But I look back and try to see how best I could e better father and dad. We the best of pals now, laughing about all good old days, talking about the future. Thank God you still here to direct me all the way. Ahsante sana. Love you dad.” – Jon Binale

“Thank you father for if you were still alive, you would still be looking after me so well just like you did for the 19yrs we were together. RIP.” – Wakanyi Muigai

“Before i even thank u dad, I thank God because i believe without God there would be no fatherly love back on earth, so am taking this chance to thank you God for bring this handsome looking man, loving, caring, friendly man in to our lives – and that happens to be you dad ”Greyson mwasi”. You took that chance of being a father at the same time a mum to us, when she left us, u have always been strong and given us the love, care, support, and not forgetting your tender shoulders to lean on when things seemed to be so rough and tough to us. You made us not regret the fact that mummy left us for good, you made us feel that life is always at ease, and we have to move on. You are the greatest gift that God left us. Papa, you have given us a reason to put on a smile again. Once more, cheers dad for the great job u have done, mwaah!” – Shalet Mkamzungu

“Thank you dad for being in my life since i was i second old until now..for accepting your part in raising me & having to tolerate me in ma wrong doings.Thank you for stream lining me when i went wrong. You are just the best dad ever & no one can beat that. You are a very important part of my life & you know that..Despite ma wrong doings, you still assure that you love me & you are my dad. I’d do anything for you dad. Anything.  Love you so much & I miss you a lot. Love you dad!” – Princess Rabdi

“Thank you daddy for raising me to be a leader everywhere I go, be it in high school or in the University, you have taught me to be responsible by letting me pass through some challenges that have made me to be strong and believe myself. God bless my Dad MR.NJENGA.” – Winnie Njenga

“Thank you father for being there for me even when mum left, you took me to school every day, plaited my hair, ironed my uniforms, brought lunch for me and taught me how to cross the zebra crossing, in secondary even when I failed you never gave up on me, you came for all my parents and visiting days. As far as i can remember u bought me Bata shoes every time because I would step on them and not brush them up so as to look old by the end of the term. You took me to the best University in Kenya and taught me the best thing that u can offer me in life is education and one I can rely on is God. Thank you.” – Lyssette Chidichidi

“ Thank you dad for the 14 years you raised me, even though you passed on for 18yrs now, your memory and legacy lives on in us your children, thank you for teaching us discipline, hard work, and perseverance and determination i believe if you could see us you would be proud.” – Kenneth Muiruri Charagu

“If it weren’t for you I wouldn’t have bn born Thank u Dad, even though I don’t know u.” – Tony Waweru

“Thank you father for everything i can’t recall all u did for me since most of the times were the ones i didn’t know myself but the greatest of all i give thanks is making me to be a better person ,moulding me and discipline. Thanks Dad may God bless you.” -Mwihaki Wa Hity

“Thank father for being my second God, you made sure i went to the best worked so hard to buy me a bata shoe and socks. Thanks because i finally got a job and you will always wear the safari boot you love. I will always buy you coz upto were i am its you daddy. i love you sooo much.” – Cecilia Benson

“Dear dad…
your hands were soft & kind when I was crying
your hands were hard as steel when I’d done wrong,
your hands weren’t that gentle, but there was always love in them
being the man you made me be, I have l; learnt that
and that it is easier for a father to have children
than for children to have a real father.” – Stephen Ndeti

“You left us alone with our mum when we were young, u disappeared in our lives when we needed you most. Mum struggled so hard to bring us up, with all the pain n suffering she managed to bring the 5 of us up! I will be lying to the world if I say I love you, when my heart is filled with agony. I only thank you because were it not for you, I would not have been born.” – Rodah ‘D’ Swittest

“I don’t know what to say because I have never experienced any love from him. All I can say is that you made my mum strong gave her courage to do what a man was supposed to have done. If u were not there I would not have been in existence, so thank you.” – Kate Qutie Nyambura

“Special thanks for my dad for the following: My birth, taking care of me, educating me, training of business aspects. Lastly for teaching me how to keep money.” – Khalfan Komba

*How about you? What do you thank your father for?


Earn It While You Flaunt It!

Please click here to see an updated version of this post indicating a change of rules.

We are doing it again! Having ran a successful Mothers Day contest we are now introducing another contest : Earn It While You Flaunt It! . Here is how it works. Take a photo of yourself or your feet in Bata shoes and upload it on our Facebook page. Get your friends to vote for your photo by liking it. send it to us on the e-mail address

And what’s a contest without terms and conditions? :) Below is what participants will have to abide by.


  1. The contest is open to people residing in Kenya.
  2. To be eligible you must be over the age of 18.
  3. Once the winners are announced, we would require their email ID for further communication.
  4. The prizes would not be couriered or sent to the winners. Instead, the winners would have to pick their prize from the designated store(s).
  5. Prizes are to be picked within 7 days after the winners have been announced.
  6. Judges decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  7. The photos of the winners may be published in our website and/or blog.
  8. Prizes not exchangeable for cash.

Happy Participation and let’s have fun!


What do you mean you don’t have a baby sister, a daughter, a niece…. get them for your neighbor’s kid if you have to!

These cute little boots which are now in Bata stores are just too cute to pass up!

What’s more? With a wide range of kids sports shoes and sandals also now in stores, little miss and her male counterpart, will be spoilt for choice. Sample these :

For more details, visit our website

Free Easter Goodies

Lots of goodies for you and your loved ones to enjoy as we make the Easter season special for you and those you love!

Up to 26th April 2011, we are giving you various items as detailed below, every time you make a purchase.

Remember, if you can’t make up your mind on what to get your loved one, not to worry!  Bata Gift Vouchers will be appreciated by your loved one even more, as they will give them the gift of choosing their own gift!

 wishes you a blessed Easter season!