29 Random Things About Bata

To celebrate this year’s leap day we went and got you 29 random things about Bata. Some are things you know , while others will surprise or inform you.
Read along…
  1. Bata Shoe Company was registered in 1894 by three siblings : Tomas, Anna and Antonin Bata, in Zlin, Czechoslovakia (now known as The Czech republic).
  2. In 1895 Antonin left the company to join the army and Anna got married, leaving, Tomáš Bata to manage the company alone.
  3. In 1932 Tomáš died in a plane crash at the age of 56 at the Zlín Airport while attempting to take off under bad weather conditions.
  4. Tomáš Bata has a Universiy in Zlin named after him, “in recognition of the outstanding role he played in the transformation of the life and inhabitants of the town of Zlín as well as the whole Czech Republic and its economy. “
  5. It was the founder, Tomáš’ ,son Thomas J. Bata who grew the organization significantly making it an international company and earning himself the title shoemaker to the world.
  6. Thomas J. Bata passed on in 2008, at the age of 93.
  7. It was Thomas J. Bata’s wife and business partner who founded the Bata shoe Museum, in Toronto , Canada.
  8. Bata is in present in 5 continents.
  9. Bata runs 27 production facilities across 20 countries.

    Monica Pignal Bata , grand daughter to Bata founder, speaks with Production manager Michael Rutto , during a recent visit to the Limuru factory

  10. Bata operates in over 70 countries
  11. Bata has over 5000 stores worldwide.
  12. Bata employs over 50,000 employees worldwide.
  13. Bata serves over 1 million customers everyday, worldwide.
  14. Bata has over 20 in-house brands including the Safari boot which has remained a best seller throughout the decades .
  15. There is a Bata nursery school in Limuru where children of Bata employees attend free of charge.
  16. The Bata Children’s program was launched in 2010 to be the umbrella body under which Bata CSR activities are carried out.
  17. Bata came to Kenya in 1939 and set up a plant at Limuru. The Limuru factory has grown over the years and currently has the capacity to produce 60000 pairs of shoes in a day.
  18. Bata Kenya has 111 retail outlets.
  19. All over the world, Bata stores are classified into four i.e. FlagshipCityFamily and Factory outlets and all have the exact store design irrespective of the country they are located.
  20. Bata sizes are in English (UK)scale.
  21. You get a 15% discount when you buy shoes at the Bata shop in Limuru.
  22. Bata Kenya is one of the 15 Bata countries who sell shoes online. Our online shop which targets customers outside Kenya, has sold hundreds of shoes since 2005 when it was opened.
  23. Bata gift vouchers are available in 4 denominations 300,500,1000 and 2000 and they can be redeemed in any Bata retail shop in the country.
  24. Bata International headquarters are currently located in Lausanne ,Switzerland.
  25. Thomas G. Bata, who is Tomáš Bata’s grandson, is the reigning Chairman of Bata Shoe Company.
  26. Bata’s strength lies in its worldwide presence. While local companies are self-governing, each one benefits from its link to the international organization for back-office systems, product innovations and sourcing.
  27. Bata operations in the world are managed through four commercial Business Units (CBUs). Of the four , Bata Kenya lies under Bata Emerging Markets.
  28. Bata Kenya , sells on average, 30million pairs of shoes in a year.
  29. Thomas J. Bata is said to have fired a salesman who was sent to Africa and came back with the gloomy assessment that there was no market for shoes in Africa, as everyone walked barefoot!

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