Walking for a Good Cause

“Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family”- Kofi Annan

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Education is progress. One of the pillars of Bata Children’s Program is Education, and whenever we have the chance, we visit schools, chipping in with footwear, heath care, food, mentorship and fees among others for the children.

Last Saturday, 16th May 2015, BCP volunteers, all Bata staff and family, descended on Limuru Girls’ High School for a Charity Walk. The Theme? “Light a Candle of Hope” and the aim was to raise school fees for the School Bursary Fund for the less fortunate.

Was it a worthy cause? Was it fun? Look at the mood:

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True Love, Bata Style!

BCP volunteers cleaning at the hospital

Every year, the 14th of February has millions across the world presenting their loved ones with candy, flowers, chocolates and other lovely gifts as a reflection of love. This year Valentines Day fell on a Saturday and Bata Children’s Program(BCP) Volunteers in Kenya had just the perfect idea on how to mark the day. The Volunteers , especially the very youthful and the young at heart , visited Tigoni District Hospital’s Pediatric Ward. Tigoni District Hospital is a public hospital not far from Bata Kenya Head Office in Limuru. The hospital caters for the local community.

The aim of the visit was to spend time with the children and to assist the hospital in a clean up exercise. The fifteen volunteers divided themselves into small working teams. Some fetched water using buckets for cleaning the pavements and floors, while others did the scrubbing of the pavements and washing of the walls.

The highlight of the day for the volunteers was spending time with the children and their mothers in the wards giving them words of encouragement, praying with them and giving assurance and hope. The team had carried with them presents and gifts which they also took time to distribute.

Mr. John Ndung’u, a clinician at the hospital, thanked BCP volunteers for the visit. He pointed out that the visit would play a big role in making the children feel loved and appreciated by the society. He urged the volunteers to keep up the inspiring work. His comments were echoed by Mama Njeri, a mother in the pediatric ward, who said she was happy that the volunteers had decided to spend their time with the children. They were surprised that people could spend a day like that at a hospital with total strangers.

The visit was not only beneficial to the Tigoni Hospital Community , but also very fulfilling to those who participated. “Spending my valentines day with the sick children was the best valueless gift of love that I could imagine giving to them. Being a new volunteer, this is very touching” , said Lavender Owako in reflection.

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Be Open Minded: Bata Children’s Program Volunters Advise Students On Careers

Limuru girls High Bata Juniour Achievement

BCP volunteers with Limuru Girls JA club

Bata Kenya BCP volunteers visited the Junior Achievement Club at Limuru Girls High School on 18th July, 2013 during the latter’s weekly club meeting. This is one of the events in the Bata Kenya Bata Children’s Programme calendar and volunteers went to familiarize with the Junior Achievement Club ahead of the Job Shadowing program set to take place later in the month of September 2013.

Junior Achievement is the world’s largest organization dedicated to educating students about enterpreneurship, work readiness, and financial literacy through hands-on experience.  The Junior Achievement program could not have the profound impact it has on young people without the support of volunteers from the business community. Now, this has been strengthened with the backing of a dedicated team of Bata Children’s Programme volunteers.

Limuru Girls High School is a National School that offers secondary education to girls from all over the country. The school is one of the active participants in the Junior Achievement Organization in Kenya.

BCP volunteers played an integral role in inspiring the junior achievers by exploring on the career options, investigating career choices, and how to prepare for careers of interest. Speaker after speaker, the BCP volunteers shared their own career stories. “You don’t always end up in the career you thought you would because as you grow; you might discover other areas you are stronger in, or more passionate about. Aim for want you want to be but also be open minded. Don’t be rigid”, offered one BCP volunteer.

After the visit, the girls expressed satisfaction from the presentations made by the volunteers. On behalf of the others, one student offered words of appreciation: “Thank you very much for volunteering to come to our school for Junior Achievement. We had so much fun talking about proper planning, career choices, and more. When we succeed, we will know that you will have contributed to it. Thank you for taking your time to talk to us”.

The club’s patron Mrs. Githinji was also grateful to the Bata Children’s Programme volunteers:”We express our sincere gratitude to you Bata staff for finding time within your busy schedules to visit the Junior Achievement Club. This is a rare opportunity that we can’t take for granted ; indeed the session was an eye opener to the Junior Achievers and we look forward to visiting Bata Shoe Company (K) Ltd for the Job Shadowing program later in the year”.