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Bata Shoe Company(Kenya) Ltd is the leading footwear manufacturer and marketer in Kenya. We have a national retailer network of over 100 ultra modern stores stocking high quality fashion shoes for ladies , men and children.

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This is where we  let our hair down and inform you in quite an informal way, what we are up to, what’s cooking in our factories (literally :) ), what we are about and while at it, offer you valuable tips on how to take care of your shoes and look fabulous in them. Under ‘Offers and Give-aways’ we give you timely information that helps save your money or make the most of it.

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43 thoughts on “Have your say

  1. Zacchaeus says:

    I love Bata; their products that I would wish to work with them. How does one get to join your dedicated team,considering that your website does not have a career section. I would be glad to get the way forward to apply please.

    • Thank you Zacchaeus, for your interest in working with us and for your kind words! :) We do advertise in the papers whenever we have a vacancy. However, when we do so, mostly, we do not put Bata branding on the ad, so you will see an ad but when applying you will not know it’s Bata. However, we are working on a recruitment portal. Some time next year, we are looking at introducing a portal that will enable people to do online applications.

  2. Thomas Maina says:

    i have been a loyal customer of bata as long as i could afford to buy myself a shoe. they are comfortable durable and quality leather. but my reservation is the sole most of them made in India, after 7months or 8 it starts to tear at the heal and its very frustrating. i have had many guys confirm the same case in fact last week when i bought another pair at bata, TSC. bld. one of the sales guy said customers had complained about the sole issue.
    i currently have 3 pairs with this problem and am wondering how bata can help get standard sole as this is not quality for money. i may not have receipts for all the pairs but ware n tare is enough demonstration or proof that the sole quality is cheap and substandard.

    • Thanks for the feedback Thomas. Unfortunately since you have used the shoes for over three months, they cannot be returned but we would appreciate if you could provide us with the article no. of the shoes so that we can investigate the matter.

  3. Jackson Otieno says:

    I have bought bata shoes for along time. I love their designs both the sport shoes and the official ones. However, I have a big problem with their sole and joints. The shoes wear out quite fast, 2-3 month after purchase they show signs of wearing out. I am disappointed with the last pair I bought this year around July for about Kshs.2700 and by the end of the 2nd month it was all worn out. I have promised never to buy another bata shoes even though I miss their design and the good feeling a new pair brings… The bata for children is also very good more so the black pair for school going. Do something about the quality of your shoes. It hurts very much to buy a pair that last no longer than 2 months

    • Hi Jackson, that’s quite unfortunate. All our shoes are meant to last long so any time you experience a problem, please go back to the store you bought the shoe with the receipt and you will be assisted by the Store Manager.

  4. Hey Bata Team,
    I have to say I am very impressed with the vast improvements u have made over the years and your commitment to keep up with the times is indeed noted and appreciated. I am a big fan of your older brands (bata bullets, sundrops, ngoma) but I am really concerned at how badly they are finished. I understand that they are the cheaper brands, but it should not be an excuse for shoddy work. I have to say again, the finishings on those shoes are quite sad, to say the least. Do u plan on doing anything about it?
    Again, thanks for your continued hard work.

  5. Karuga wa Njuguna says:

    I have on several occasions even written to you on the quality of safari boots.I have had a chance to have them changed but even the ones i got were just the same and sending me back to that store again the second time is a waste of time and money as your guy indicated on twitter.I was shocked yesterday to be blocked by Bata on twitter for questioning about the quality of safari which demonstrated very poor CSR.Lets face the reality and not hide our heads in the sad and improve the safari boot quality.I have used Safari boots for over 20 years so you understand where am coming from.I consider taking this new pair to Kebs at my cost just to make things clear.

    I thank you.

  6. I’ve been buying Bata for years and I have to say I’m disappointed in the glue you’re using in the North Star Khaki shoes. The colourful collection that is about a year old now. I used to buy the older collection which was cheaper and lasted now this other kind which is much prettier and more expensive by a thousand bob comes out at the edges after a couple of washes.

    Disgruntled Customer

  7. Hi Sera,

    Could you please provide us with the article no. of the particular shoe you are referring to. Otherwise, we don’t use glue on our North Star. The sole is usually attached to the upper while it is still in molten state through a process called Direct Injection. This ensures that when the sole cools it becomes permanently attached to the upper. By knowing the particular shoe, we will be better placed to assist you.

  8. Prashna says:

    The customer service at your Westgate shop is APPALLING to say the least, I have been to the shop 3 times and the staff are never polite, they never have sizes and take at least ten minutes in the back store looking for shoes only to come out and say your size is not available. Your Sarit shop does not carry the same type of shoes. Why would that be? What are you going to do about the big egos and rude staff you have in Westgate?

    • Prashna says:


      • Hi Prashna, sorry for overlooking your post. The issue about the impoliteness of our sales staff is being looked into. On the issue you’ve raised about them taking too much time in the back store looking for your size, at times it’s because the person serving you is new and so they are still trying to understand the layout of the stock room. With regards to stocking, Bata Sarit and Westgate usually have the same stock, the only difference being that one store may sell faster than the other. Otherwise, we highly appreciate your feedback.

  9. Bharat says:

    I Have large feet and was wondering if you make Shoe size 13 on order because most of your product for men on your website and in Bata outlets are up to shoe size 11 .If you do how can someone place an order and how long does it take for a customer to receive the ordered goods.

    • Hi Bharat,

      We are currently working on a line of size 12 -13 men’s official shoes and they should be in stores in the next few weeks. We’ll let you know in good time.

  10. I prefer Bata shoes to any other in the market and have been looking out for an official low open shoe similar to your shoe code 771-6025 but with a hill of about 1.5 in. Is it possible to consider such a production.

    Continue the good work.

    • Hi Grace,

      Thanks for the feedback. Yes it is possible and we actually have something similar on the way. We’ll definitely let you know once we have it in stores.

  11. BRENDA says:

    I am looking for 2 pairs of the leopard print gum boots in size 4.
    Can you arrange for them for me please.
    As i write this email i have been on hold with your Hilton branch who have kept me on for 10 minutes then they hang up the phoned.
    When i call back the lady says call back after 5 minutes….*%#$@%?
    I am very disappointed with the service …all i wanted was the number to the Alibhai Sharrif branch…
    Very very disappointed…..

    I hope i will get a better response from this channel.

    • Hi Brenda,

      The lack of adequate service you received from Bata Hilton is quite regrettable.
      We had halted production of that particular design of gumboots during the dry spell the country was experiencing though production has resumed and they should be in stores within the next two weeks.

    • Hi Caroline,

      That is a good proposal that we will look into. In the meantime, any time you need repairs to be done just visit the Bata store you bought the shoes and talk to the Manager, they will refer you to good cobblers who specialise in repair of Bata shoes.

  12. hey, i am a long time Bata shoe fan, especially the Marie Claire brand, very comfortable, stylish and simple shoes. i would like to know how soon we can start purchasing shoes online? hopefully using MPESA as the payment mode :-)

  13. njeri says:

    I would really like to buy from you but for years you have ignored ladies with a wide shoe fitting, so well I cannot rock gumboots and slippers since they are the only ones that can fit. What i would like to know is what are you doing about people with +8 shoe fitting?

    • Hi Njeri,

      Thanks for the feedback. We haven’t ignored ladies who wear +8 shoe fitting. We do stock these shoes on occasion though they run out of stock pretty fast. We’ll ensure that we have them in stores more often. At the moment you could try the Kikoi Canvas which is a wide fitting and we also have size 9 sandals.

  14. john says:

    I live abroad and I have trying to contact Bata on 020 259 2948 which has been provided on Kenyas web in vain. I have been intending to buy my children shoes online but the number is cut off or fake. How am going to buy your products online yet your contact info is defective. You should have alternate numbers to try on

    • Hi John, the number is functional but it’s only active during office hours i.e. Monday to Friday from 8am to 12.30pm and 2pm to 5pm. Regarding on-line buying, the store is not yet active but we will activate it in about a week. We’ll let you know when we officially launch.

      Have a lovely day.

  15. Paul Masese says:

    I am very impressed by the customer service and professionalism I have received at Bata Taj Mall branch courtesy of Brenda and Dennis.
    I bought a pair of shoes on 20/7/12 and by last week I had a problem with the sole of the right shoe which made it terribly uncomfortable to wear. I returned to the Taj Mall store, explained my case to them and after checking the shoe they found the defect and replaced the pair with a new set!
    This kind of customer care is what has kept me buying Bata for the past 20 years! Keep it up and do thank your staff!

  16. jacinta says:

    Size 9 shoes.
    I believe I am writing on behalf of size 9 ladies who really miss out in your goodies. Has anyone done research on how many people walk out of a bata shop disappointed because size 8 shoe was rather small?

    Did you know that the shoe size goes with body size and that the trend in this Country is edging towards heavier ladies? Has any one done research in the rural areas and seen how many women wear men’s canvas ( rubber ) shoes coz they cannot find their feminine size? How long do the few size 9s that you occassionally produce last in the shops?

    Please respond to customer needs! aAccording to me, size 8&9 bata shoes these days have as many customers as 5&6. Proof me wrong and if I am right be courteous enough to acknowledge.

  17. I have once bought Bata shoes and so nice and comfortable,now my issue is about the safari boots.I don’t know if i can get the first safari boots which was plain,the ones that had no any writing on it i.e “Safari Boots”
    Kindly advice on where i can get them.

  18. Peter says:

    Passed by your Limuru shop and there is a banner advertising a 80% off sale, is it for real and where is ur social hall?

  19. Nyawira says:

    Hi I have realized that you dont have a sports section for ladies and i find that appaling. Are you trying to tell us that only men or school kids can work out? As a buyer of bata products for a long time, I would have thought that you would cater your website to all categories and not leave others out. This is downright shameful for bata! I hope someone will take the time out to read this complaint and rectify the website! There are ladies out there who would like to purchase sports shoes online so think about it.


  20. Wanjiku says:

    I really love your shoes especially your collection for infants. I have always “shoed” my Little One with Bata shoes but of late am rather disappointed because you don’t stock any pretty designs for my now 2 and 1/2 year old girl apart from sport shoes. She is a size 26-27 and I have gone to nearly all your major Bata shops in Nairobi and I have yet to get any dress design for her age or size. That’s rather a big disappointment for me or am I looking at the wrong shops??? Could you inform on when you intend to stock this or should we start looking elsewhere especially during the coming festive season?!?

  21. Kenneth Chepkwony says:

    Hi, I would like to inquire whether you still have in stock security guards boots as indicated in your catalogue for 2012 as follows:-
    a. Military boots No. 805-6053
    b. 805-6017
    c. 805-6317
    Kindly if available, send to me their prices.
    I need almost 200 pairs.

  22. Gloria says:

    hi.i wear size 12 so when it comes to finding shoes i have a big problem.can i find nice and pretty gladiator shoes amongst others and if so where?

  23. Tony Njagi says:

    Mine unfortunately is a complain. I shopped athe Bata Westside Mall in Nakuru on 01/09/2013 at 14:42 hrs. The shoes I wanted to purchase were for my daughter where the price tag was indicated Kshs. 1599.00. Upon selecting the shoes and ready to check out, the sales person informed me that the shoes were Kshs. 1799.00 and were mislabled. I compalined and insisted on talking to a manager stating that I shouldn’t pay extra for the shops error. However my complain fell on deaf ears. I felt offended because since I have been a royal bata customer since 1978. I believe this individuals need retraining on customer service.


  24. Jazz says:

    Hi I am a big fun of Bata shoes and have worn them for years, however of late I am extremely disappointed with the shoes. I have bought 4 pairs of Bata shoes in the past 7 month and they don’t last more than 2 months. The sole just comes out. I mean really what type of shoes is Bata making these days??????? I am really disappointed.


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