New Month, New Style

Being a lady, fashion sense is second to nothing. What we wear makes a point of who we are. with every outfit, we go for the kill and shoes land the final blow. In whatever weather or occasion we need a shoe that make us feel comfortable: we need a shoe that gives us the confidence to walk, to display the girl-power in us. We need a shoe that declares our presence in the room: simple yet elegant.

black and brown

available colors

This march we wave goodbye to the scorching sun and welcome the short rains which calls for conducive clothing for both environments. Bata Shoe Company, our homegrown genuine shoe manufacturer, has our interests in mind. With new arrivals, built for the African terrain, they will literally make you drool.

elegant brown

elegant brown

These flats are designed for comfort, elegance, relevance and suitability. Their durability is never  in question. The icing on the cake is that they are compatible with both trousers and skirts while still being affordable and available. They say when the deal is too good think twice, i say when the deal is this good, hurry while stocks last.

Office vs Casual


black is always a beauty

classy casual

classy casual

Look but don't touch
Look but don’t touch

compatibility everywhere


Introducing…BATA CLUB! Get 50 Bonus Points on Registration!

Bata Club

The long awaited Bata Loyalty Club is here!

Bata has been part of most Kenyan families since 1939,and the steps we have made are entirely attributed to you-our customer. We value you! And so, Bata Club is here to show our appreciation.

We want it to be fun, so:

  • We don’t want you to fill your wallet with cards- your phone is your card and your phone number is your member number.
  • Registration is absolutely free, by dialing *384*2#
  • You get 50 bonus points on registration.
  • You earn 3 points for every Sh. 100 spent.
  • You earn points every time you shop at Bata.
  • You can redeem your points for shoes or other items at your convenience once you hit the minimum points.
  • You get deals specially made for you.
  • You get VIP access to invite-only Club events by Bata.
  • A web portal and phone apps are currently under development-you can check out your points and special deals any time.

Join today!

Bata Club

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The One: The Perfect Shoe Commemorating the Perfect Shoe Maker

The One

To commemorate 100 years since the birth of Thomas J. Bata, a very special shoe called “The One” has been created in a limited quantity.

At the age of four, Thomas J. Bata received at Christmas from his father Tomáš , a miniature shoemaker’s bench with a set of cobbler’s tools: a small gift with a great significance that would soon pave the way and inspire this extraordinary “shoemaker to the world“.

The One is a tribute to this very man, honoring his values and wish of bringing affordable quality into people’s lives. Developed in Italy, this limited edition shoe is a rendition of Mr. Bata’s favorite style – the classic black brogue. Both elegant and subtle, The One represents perfectly Mr. Bata’s character, as a talented entrepreneur but also a man of the people.

Made with the finest quality leather, each piece is individually numbered, from 1 to 1200. This brogue has been specially designed with a Derby broke wing tip with a slightly wider fitting and elevated toe. The upper is made of premium calf leather brushed off by hand, first with “carnauba” wax to close the leather grain and make it water resistant and then brushed off with shining cream.

Bata Shoes CEO Mr. Jack Clemons presents a pair of The One to Nairobi County's County Executive in charge of Trade, Industrialization, Co-operative Development & Tourism Ms. Anna Othoro during the opening of Bata MBK

Bata Shoes CEO Mr. Jack Clemons presents a pair of The One to Nairobi County’s County Executive in charge of Trade, Industrialization, Co-operative Development & Tourism Ms. Anna Othoro during the opening of Bata MBK

A highlight is undoubtedly Thomas J. Bata’s signature engraved into the Goodyear welted sole. The welt process, or double stitch by hand, is one of the most complicated and, at the same time, one of the most fascinating methods of shoe construction. The upper and the raised insole lip are sewn to the welt, which, in turn, is stitched to the sole. The advantages of Goodyear welt shoes are many: long lasting product life, comfortable fit, flexibility, water-repellent, easy to maintain and repair.

Another special feature is also the heel. Built in multi leather layers and fixed with nails, the rear quarter has inserted rubber to reduce walking noise. Moreover, with each pair of shoes, a personalized T.J.B. box and the following accessories have been developed:

• Cedar wood last (to maintain shoe shape and absorb humidity), brass top with T.J.B. signature

• Personalized black shoe polish natural wax

• Personalized cleaning brush (short hair)

• Personalized polishing brush (long hair)

• Metal shoe horn with leather string and T.J.B. signature

• Spare pair of cotton wax laces

• Presentation booklet in the box pocket

“The One” is not available for retail sale as it has been produced to be given as a company gift to directors and other notables. In line with Bata’s vision, this project truly honors tradition and heritage with the understanding of the importance of maintaining quality even in today’s fast changing world.

You can view “The One” at the Biggest Bata Store in Africa, MBK. 

Adapted from: Bata World News. 

Coming Soon, Ladies Safari Boots! Take a Look.

Be on the look out ladies! From our leather factory in Limuru , we bring you a fresh new range of boots which are part of our known and loved brand – Safari.

This exciting range of ladies Safari is coming to a Bata shop near you towards the end of August.

Like the Safari boots on Facebook and you will be the first to know.

 Bring out your adventurous side with the boots that say you know Africa!

This Man Bata

Today the 12th of July 2011 we mark the 79th anniversary of the passing on of Bata Shoe company founder Mr. Tomas Bata who died at the age of 56 in a plane crash.

Reads a website dedicated to the Bata founder ; “…..Tomas Bata was born in 1876 and started life as a poor boy but he did not dream of making millions, he seemed, rather to be obsessed with the idea of helping his country and his people. In the young Bata there quickly ripens the wish and the determination to achieve something. He is a shoemaker – a practical man, but with a power of imagination amounting to genius. Thomas has visions of colossal factories, with the most modern machinery, installed in airy workshops, and a system of the most modern factory-hygiene.”

Born in a family of shoe makers, Tomas Bata started the business in Zlin in 1894 and today it has spread to 5 continents around the world.

Click here to read some quotes by this legendary entrepreneur
and a little more about Bata History

We salute this great man whose legacy still lives on…

“A customer’s order is sacred.” - Tomas Bata

I Only See Those In The Papers!

“How come I only see the ‘nice shoes’ in the papers?” :(

This is an outcry we hear sometimes from our customers. Mostly they are referring to our ads that we often run in the leading newspapers featuring what is new in stores. And sometimes they may not find the shoes in the adverts at their favorite Bata shop.

The thing is, our merchandise is distributed to shops depending the type of shop/store. Our stores are categorized in four main categories : Flagship stores, city stores , family stores and finally Miniprices

The the merchandise found in these shops may therefore differ in variety, depending on the categorization of the shop.

However, you will notice that we are expanding into most towns in the country and are also re-categorizing some stores and as a result re-allocating a wider variety of merchandise to them. Plans are underway for example, to re-categorize our Bata shop in Nakumatt Meru from Family to City and what this means is that a wider and more exciting variety of shoes will soon be available for our customers around that area.

So what we are saying to our customers especially upcountry is : we hear you and are looking into ways of meeting your needs even better.

New kid On The Block : The Slip-On Safari

On a pilot project, we have introduced the new Safari Slip-On to just a few of our stores.

The Safari Slip-On is a flavor of the all time favorite Bata Safari Boot brand which consists of leather shoes mainly for all leisure walking lovers, seeking for comfort and durability in tropical weather. Safari shoes come in a supple and soft hunting calf suede uppers.

You may view our whole Safari Range here.

Let us know what you think about the new Safari slip-on range now available in only a few of our stores in limited quantities and which for this reason, we have not yet included in our web catalogue.