New Month, New Style

Being a lady, fashion sense is second to nothing. What we wear makes a point of who we are. with every outfit, we go for the kill and shoes land the final blow. In whatever weather or occasion we need a shoe that make us feel comfortable: we need a shoe that gives us the confidence to walk, to display the girl-power in us. We need a shoe that declares our presence in the room: simple yet elegant.

black and brown

available colors

This march we wave goodbye to the scorching sun and welcome the short rains which calls for conducive clothing for both environments. Bata Shoe Company, our homegrown genuine shoe manufacturer, has our interests in mind. With new arrivals, built for the African terrain, they will literally make you drool.

elegant brown

elegant brown

These flats are designed for comfort, elegance, relevance and suitability. Their durability is never  in question. The icing on the cake is that they are compatible with both trousers and skirts while still being affordable and available. They say when the deal is too good think twice, i say when the deal is this good, hurry while stocks last.

Office vs Casual


black is always a beauty

classy casual

classy casual

Look but don't touch
Look but don’t touch

compatibility everywhere


Something New: For the Free, Feel-Good Fashionistas

PataPata embodies fun, vibrancy and the spontaneous way of African life. Originally known for the flip flops we all own, and love. PataPata is now on a mission: To spread the feel-good African spirit all around the world with high quality rubber and bright, joyful designs.

In comes the ASHANTI!

These new fashion PataPata, are here to celebrate Africa, with a colourful, African bead-stone, and the good feeling that defines us, with colourful, soft and comfy straps and sole (that’s the body of a flip flop).

Add instant joy to your feet with comfort and happiness.


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Now available at a store near you at the perfect price of Sh. 399.

Happy Feet, Happy Kids, Happy World!

In this week’s New Arrivals, is it about the little men and women in our lives-kids!

30th Jan 2015press advert BBG-01____

Have you seen the New TOMY Takkies?

Tomy 3There are new TOMY Takkies in town!

Functional and forever fashionable, TOMY Takkies are classic canvas shoes with amazing appeal. They’re colorful, sport a soft rubber sole and a classic 60’s style that’s marvelously modern. Regardless of your attire, you always have an excuse to wear your TOMY Takkies.

And now, the collection we all love just got bigger!


Tomy 2 Tomy 1

Now available at a store near you!

Look and Feel Different!

Guess what’s the latest in Bata stores?

You guessed right! They are trendy, they are comfortable, they are the Bata quality that you have always trusted and they are now available at a selected store near you!

Can’t get  your size? Call us on 0726-668941 or contact us Twitter , Facebook or the comment section below. You can also buy online, here with FREE home delivery!

Trendy, ladies shoes

Don’t miss out!

Ballerinas have never been this fabolous!

Do you own a pair of Ballerinas? They are your best friend, they understand, and will never let you down when others leave you frustrated. They will accompany you everywhere!

A combination of the best quality and a highly comfortable fit, feminine design and a striking range of colours and patterns makes our new arrivals perfect for every occasion, whatever your style!

Check out the collection:

Bata Ballerinas
Now available at a store near you, or online with FREE Home delivery!

Whatever your Formal Style Is..We Got It!

Boots or Lowcuts, Laced or Slip-on, buckled or elastic, black or brown-whatever your style, we have it! In Genuine Leather, great prices….and now, available in Size 12, too!

Check them out!

Bata Men formal shoes



A New Kind of Ladies Sandals

They are EVA(that’s the material that makes slippers) quality, bold coloured, comfy, simply beautiful-and available online and at a store near you!


To order online:

NEW! Top Quality Leather Shoes-at the Best Prices

Our newest men dress arrivals:

Superb finish
Top Quality Leather Uppers
Comfortable and easy to wear
Stylish and unique Office wear designs
Extreme softness and anti-fatigue comfort
Hard wearing sole, flexible and soft for walking comfort

All at the best prices you will ever get for that level in Kenya!

The best is not always expensive….

To buy online :

The World Cup is Here! Now What?

Yaaay! It’s World Cup again!

This being a World Cup year, we created Pata Pata World Cup:

  • 2014 World Cup themed
  • Thick multi-coloured soles.
  • Feather–soft soles for comfort
  • Sturdy straps for extra support and durability.

Deck yourself on the couch, place your Pata Pata World Cup- clad feet on the table…and Enjoy the game!

Check them out! Assume the image layout is a team formation: :) Enjoy the Game!


To order online :


Guys, If You Answer to “Classy”, This Is For You!

They are smart, casual yet dressy, highest quality yet affordably priced.

These are for the guys out here who love the finest things in life.

They are a must get if Classy is your middle name!

24th April 2014 Mens casual press advert-01


To order online :

Here Comes The Rainbow!!

The newest kid on the block…for kids!

Rainbow Rainboots are now available in a range of exciting colours!

Now you can let them play in the mud, with a splash of colour!

With a bow, for girls..

With a bow, for girls..

With a Safari Badge, for boys!

With a Safari Badge, for boys!

Now available at a Bata Store near you and online.


To order online:

The Tomy Takkies Collection Just Got Bigger

Last year, Tomy Takkies arrived to pomp and fanfare…we all loved them!

Read more on:

Now, your favourite shoe collection got bigger and funkier! With the same great prices of between Sh.599 and Sh. 1599, there is a greater variety, more colour combinations that you could have only imagined, and yes, they are moving out like, as we say in Kenya, hot samosas!

So, get yours TODAY online or at a store near you!

Tomy Takkies


To order online :