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Customer Story: Your Role As The Shoe Owner

Mary W. Omondi sent us great tips on the role you play as a shoe owner, on Facebook. This is what she had to say:

Shoe maintenance is all about me/ the wearer. Do you wear those Bata sandals when fetching firewood? Do you wear canvas or your school Toughees to the river? Do you wear your pumps while walking long distances or during field work or soak the canvas shoes in Jik water/ or water used to clean clothes? That is how they only last a month or less…

Source: DecoSimpic

Shoe Rack idea. Source: DecoSimpic

How to take care of your shoes

The first, easiest and most important thing you can do for your shoes is putting them on shoe trees when you are not wearing them. This helps the shoes expel moisture (sweat, rain water, etc.) and fend off creasing by holding the shoes’ shape.

Shoe horns help preserve the shape of the counter and quarter (the parts that often go around your heel) and can be acquired at affordable prices.
Another simple and easy thing you can do is wipe your shoes down after every use with a towel or brush. It will help keep them free of dust and dirt and can help take out minor stains and scuffs. Additionally, on leather shoes this can help maintain the shine of the leather.

If your shoes are made of leather they will, from time to time, need more than just a simple wipe down. Leather needs to be conditioned, moisturized and polished to help prolong its life. You can do this yourself, or you can have someone do it for you. Patent leather and suede do not need to be polished.

Suede cannot be polished or wiped down. Instead, brush it off using a stiff bristled brush. Suede can also be protected and cleaned more thoroughly using certain solutions when needed.
Shoe Care
Do no drive in your heels! Simple. The stress that driving in high heels puts on the heel is terrible for your shoes. I also cannot imagine that it is comfortable in the least.

That closet floor looks so good with all of your shoes strewn about. But it looks so much better when they are organized. A simple shoe rack will help keep your shoes more organized and protect them from unnecessary abuse. Alternatively, you could store them in shoe bags or shoe boxes.

Shoe care should not just focus on the upper of a shoe. The sole is also important. If your heels (or other shoes) are leather soled, affixing a thin rubber sole can help extend their lifespan as well as give them more traction in inclement weather and slippery bar floors.
Water, snow, and especially road salt are all bad for shoes. Do what you can to limit your exposure to these hazards.

Those little rubber tips on the end of your heels are God’s gift to hardwood floors. Without them the metal of the heel digs into even the hardest of hardwoods. Keep those tips on if at all possible, and replace them when worn — they can also affect the comfort of your heels.

This point focuses more on saving your feet rather than your shoes. But all shoes take time to break in; sometimes it helps to wear them around the house for a few hours before wearing them to work for a full day or out for a night. Your feet will thank you in the morning.

The logic is rather simple. Spend a few hundred shillings on a pair of shoes, why not take care of them? It will only take a few extra seconds when putting your shoes on and taking them off; which in the long run could extend the life of your shoes by months, if not years. Which will, over time, save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

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The long awaited Bata Loyalty Club is here!

Bata has been part of most Kenyan families since 1939,and the steps we have made are entirely attributed to you-our customer. We value you! And so, Bata Club is here to show our appreciation.

We want it to be fun, so:

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Happy Customer: Today I Will Get Some Sleep

You have been a Bata customer for many years and you have a favourite shoe that you can’t get any more. It is our duty to reconnect you- think of us as your Ginny.

Jack Sangura a resident of Kitale had an Easter wish. He wanted his favorite shoe and who better than Bata Home to make his wish a reality. He contacted us and informed us about this and even posted a photo of the shoe.

These were his sentiments:

824-4291I have been wearing Bata shoes all my life. Two of my favorite brands are out of stock in Kitale. How do I get 824-4291 size 10? I have never worn any other design apart from this Bata Shoe. This shoe, may I say was designed with me in mind! It is simple, comfortable, long-lasting, and the only shoe that clearly stands out in its category. You can wear it virtually with anything and anywhere; in the office, on a golf course, in the field, because it is both casual and official. Not to mention that it is pure leather and has a rubber sole.

At the time, Jack thought that the shoes were out of production, and was asking us to bring them back…. imagine his pleasant surprise when he realized they were still available! Sadly, the shoes were not available in Kitale.

But that’s what Bata Home does!

We sent the shoes to our outlet in Kitale..where he went and bought his favourite shoes! He sent us a photo:




I got the shoes!
Thank you! Now, today I will get some sleep!
I simply love this shoe..
What a superb mood to start my Easter!
Thank you Bata!

Happy customer. There is nothing that means more to us than a happy customer.

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“My Son Looks Great In The Shoes You Made Specially For Him”

Happy Bata Kenya Customers

Migan had looked for a certain type of shoes for her son in several stores in the Coast region and could not get them-they had been out of stock for some time. She asked via our Facebook Page if we could make a pair specially for her son.

This was her request:

I am at UKUNDA(SOUTH- COAST). I went to your branch at Diani Nakumatt and the one recently opened near Ukunda Equity bank but in both,I did not get.In Mombasa town,I’ve visited all your branches,but all in vain.I send my brother who stays at Kisumu to buy and send the to me from there,but again he did not get that type of safari boot.

It is the Kids’ 7(CHOCOLATE/DARK BROWN COLOUR) Safari boot. Can you just process one pair for me? How much is it for that pair?

Since this shoe was not in production for kids, we had to make it specially for her-it takes around two weeks, and she waited patiently.

The pair was produced, she paid online via M-Pesa, and we had the shoes delivered to her most convenient store, Bata Diani.

She could not hide her joy-she even shared a photo of her handsome son in the new shoes:

Thanks a lot.I got them.I am very grateful.God bless you so much for being faithful.I have attached a photo of my son wearing the shoe you send.Asante sana.

Happy customers always give us a cheer- they motivate us to continually improve our customer service delivery.
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Happy Customer: “I Hope Other Companies Emulate Bata”

happy-43561_640There is nothing we pride in than a happy customer. Offering proper customer service has been our call, hence our presence in virtually all communication channels-to listen to you, the customer, as well as keep you informed.

Today, we present the story of Said Wabera. Said had bought some shoes for his son, which did not fit him, and the shoes went out of stock-that was the last pair at the store. So, he had to wait as the store sourced for shoes elsewhere-which was quite hectic since, again, the shoes had very few stocks remaining. Said was getting impatient.

So, he contacted us on Facebook regarding this. His email afterwards says it all:

Dear Bata Customer Service,

Let me take this opportunity thank Bata Kenya and you for sorting out my son’s problem. I went to Bata Buruburu and finally he got the size 7 we have looking for.

Allow me to thank you personally for your patience and being the good face of your organisation, Bata Kenya, not only for tirelessly responding to our queries but also calmly responding to our angry emails. I pray other companies will emulate you. You instilled back my childhood confidence in Bata.

Thank you.

Said Wabera
Satisfied customer.

Such e-mails always bring a cheer and a collective smile in the office. Happy customers are our biggest motivation.

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Bata’s “Bata Home” Service Of Great Help and Very Reliable”


Picture this : You have a function tomorrow and you don’t have the right shoes to wear. You are held up in the office and are also not in a position to go to look for the shoes in the stores. What do you do?

It was Friday, around mid-morning and Kevin had a team–building event to attend on the following day – Saturday morning. He wanted shoes for the exercise and had only a rough idea what shoes these would be…

Bata Home

Kevin called our Customer Service hotline: 0 72 6 – 6 6 8 9 4 1 and explained his predicament. Based on the nature of event, we advised on the most suitable type of Sports shoes to take. Since he was didn’t have time to go to a Bata shop , we asked him to buy online and we would deliver to his office.

Read more: How to buy online at Bata

Same Day Delivery

Having settled on the shoe and the option of buying online and paying via M-Pesa , the next challenge was…..would we deliver the dame day?? We asked him to try us! The shoes were in his office in three hours! And a very pleased Kevin wrote to us :

From: Kevin Rabare
Sent: Wednesday, November 13, 2013 10:19 AM
Subject: Sports Shoes

Bata Home Team,

I was greatly impressed by your home delivery service. You were of great help and reliable.

I look forward to doing more business with Bata.

Kind Regards,



Moral Of The Story: If you have a shoe emergency ,call Bata Customer Service on 0 7 2 6 – 6 6 8 9 4 1. The Customer service / Bata Home delivery team is always at hand to assist.

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7 Absolutely Beautiful Photos of Tomy Takkies

A few months ago, we introduced to you, the Tomy Takkies- knowing all too well that you would definitely love them- and love them you did! Thank you, for that!

Now, a random glance down our Social Media Timelines reveals mad love for these lovely, colourful canvas shoes. We can’t capture all the tweets and posts/comments we received. So, today, let’s look at some of your Tomy Takkies TwitPics:


To order online :

Bata , you made my first online shopping experience in Kenya memorable! is a beautiful, user friendly online store (website). It shows you the items that are currently in stock, helps you compare and make decisions about what to buy. And most importantly, allows you BUY SHOES ONLINE!

There is also a dedicated team behind the website that ensures our customer’s questions are answered, that they are tended for as a customer, and that their shoes are delivered in time and efficiently….

That is not us beating our own drum, Hear it from the happy customer’s mouth!

From: Shon Kiara

Dear Bata Kenya

This was my first time to check out the Bata Home Kenya website and I am amazed. It is user friendly, professionally done, and quite catchy to the eye.

But I am more amazed at the customer care. I called the help desk to inquire about a certain shoe and the customer care was absolutely helpful (much more than any customer care service in Kenya if you’d ask me).

They actually do care about the customer’s needs and are keen to follow up on requests. That is excellence at its best. Thank you for taking the time to help.

You made my first online shopping experience in Kenya a memorable one…keep up the good work, you give Kenya a good image!

Un Feliz Cliente :D

This message came through the Contact Box at the bottom-right corner of this blog. Go ahead, leave us a message. We’d love to hear your experience!


To order online :

“Thank You Bata. I am one Happy Customer..”

What if you buy shoes, maybe for yourself or someone else, in Bata shop A and later realize that they are the wrong size and you are far from the shop where you bought them?

The simple solution is, take the shoes to the nearest Bata shop , let’s call it shop B , and have them exchanged – if they have that particular shoe in stock. But what if they don’t?

That’s exactly what happened in Alex’ case.

Mr. Alex Avula had bought shoes from Bata Hilton Nairobi before traveling to his upcountry home in Western Kenya. When he fit the shoes he realized they did not fit correctly and contacted customer service to ask how he could be helped. This particular article was not available in the nearest Bata shop to him which was in Kisumu.

In this case, the shop in Kisumu acted as a drop off/pick up point. Alex dropped his shoe there. It was sent to Bata Hilton who sent the right shoes and and within two days the issue was resolved.

Alex , was impressed:

From: Alex Avula

To: Bata Custome Service

Subject: Thank you Bata team

l would like to thank the Bata team for the way they handled my complaint. I had raised a complaint about a shoe I bought at Nairobi Hilton and one shoe was a size smaller.

You advised me to visit a Kisumu outlet for assistance. Justus of Kisumu Bata outlet was of great assistance as he facilitated the exchange from Nairobi.

I’m in deed very grateful for that and would like to thank Bata for the professional customer care I was accorded. I’ve just collected my Hush Puppies shoe & I’m enjoying the product.

Thank you Bata and keep up the good work.




We are here to assist. You can reach us on 0 2 0 2 5 9 2 9 4 8 / 0 7 2 6 – 6 6 8 9 4 1, Facebook, Twitter, This Blog and on email customer.service.kenya[at] bata[dot] com

Happy Customer : “Really impressed with your online service!”

“Hi, are you taking online orders? What will be the cost of delivery to Mombasa?” , Saeema Salim (@SalSaeema) had inquired through @Batakenya on Twitter. Much to her delight , she could buy directly from and she was even more thrilled that delivery was made the same day.

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“Just placed an order with Bata for a handbag. It’s super convenient and fast!“ she tweeted back. “Thanks for taking care of our needs! I have received my order this instant and am so happy to receive a supersonic service. Thank you so much :)”

This prompted her to write an e-mail :

From: Saeema Salim
Sent: Monday, March 18, 2013 10:00 AM
To: Bata Customer Service Kenya
Subject: Really Impressed with your online service

 Dear Bata ,

I am really impressed with your online (Bata Home) service and the way you value your customers.

I am writing an article for a magazine to which I am a contributor and will be happy to use Bata as a potential example for my article. If it is okay with you I could conduct an email interview …….”

Kind regards,


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To order online :
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