12 Interesting Things That Happened in 2012

Happy new year to you all! Glad to have you back. They say , you can move much further forward , if you look back and appreciate how far you have come.

Let’s take a moment to briefly look back at 12 interesting things that happened on this blog in 2012.

Looking back…

We started the year on a light note and weighed in on how to survive January (advice still holds by the way ;) ).

Being a leap year, in February 29 , we dug into our Bata history and culture and brought you 29 random things about Bata. Did you know that Bata serves over 1 million customers everyday worldwide , or that you get a 15% discount on all purchases made at our Limuru shop? Well , click the above link to learn more of our rich heritage.

In April we gave you tips on what to wear and even more importantly , what NOT to wear on a first date.

In May we introduced Kikoi canvas which became an overnight hit. Now every third lady you meet has a pair or two of Kikoi canvas or has at least thought about having a pair! Our canvas factory in Limuru has been tirelessly working to satisfy the demand for the same , ever since.

Being the month of mothers day we took time to tap into moms’ wisdom by running for the second year in a row ,mama knows best campaign on our Facebook and Twitter . In this campaign we asked you to share one piece if advise your mom had shared with you The advice ranged from general advice about life (take time to know your neighbors  , to threats (I can whip you , you are still my child! :) ) to where (not) to find a suitor!… Read this (very!) informative post . 

The highlight of the month was winning the Best corporate blog award at the gala organized by Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE) at the Nairobi Serena hotel. The 2013 awards are now underway. At this point we strongly suggest that you click here and nominate this blog for BAKE’s best corporate blog 2013!

In June we hinted about an interesting project we were working on : ladies’ Safari boots , that were to be part of the premium Safari collection. On a very sad note, we said goodbye to our colleague who until his passing on , was doing our website photography….living his passion.

In August we introduced Bata Home to you - our e-commerce & home delivery service – whose formal launch was done at a cocktail at the Sankara hotel. We gave you 10 reasons why you ought to be shopping online. If you haven’t , we invite you to visit our online shop and try our home delivery service.

Towards the end of the year we informed that the premium Safari collection was now available in our retail stores across the country and of course in our online store. We shared with you tips on how to look your best at the office end-of-year party.

Hello 2013!

Forget about the number 13 being jinxed , at Bata we are enthusiastic about this year and as such , have plenty of of new projects lined up for 2013 , that you will get to know about through this blog. We look forward to interacting with you not only through this blog , but also , through our website , our Twitter page , our Facebook page , our Google plus page and we are even on Pinterest!

We wish you dear reader a splendid 2013!

Feel free to drop a comment below and tell us what you would like to see more of , on this blog this year. We would love to hear it.

Click here to nominate Bata Kenya shoe blog for best corporate blog award , 2013 .

And the winner is…..this blog!


The set was cozy and lavish. The environment? Techie! The technologically savvy attendees ordered their drinks via Google + and tweeted away the highlights of the unfolding event  on their sleek hand-held devices.

It was the Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE) Award winners gala at the Nairobi Serena Hotel. It was a meeting of the leading bloggers – they who rule the Kenyan blogosphere. We had been invited , because the Bata Kenya Shoe Blog had been nominated in the Best Corporate Blog Award category.

The Bloggers Association of Kenya is “a body that promotes content creation on the web in Kenya and represents a group of content creators who are of Kenyan origin, descent or are based in Kenya.”


The MC for the evening was CNBC Africa TV personality Larry Madowo. Leading bloggers , media personalities ,tweeps , and artists made short speeches and presentations. One of the judges Ms. Pinky Ghelani-Raj explained the criteria for choosing the best blogs which included the writing style used , the consistency and the relevance of the content.

And when came the time to announce the winner of the Best Corporate blog the winner was none other than Bata Kenya Shoe blog! Ms. Christine Mwiti was there to receive the award on Behalf of the Bata Kenya marketing team.

Ms. Christine Mwiti displays the best corporate blog certificate.

We are proud and honored to be voted the best corporate blog in Kenya!