Bata Culture

From its beginning over a hundred years ago, the Bata Shoe Organization has sold more than 14 billion pairs of shoes – greater than the number of pairs of human feet that have walked the earth.

Bata Shoe Company was registered in Zlin, Czech in 1894 by siblings Tomas, Anna and Antonin Bata. In 1895 Antonin left the company to  join the army and Anna got married, leaving Tomas Bata to manage the company alone. View this link in our website, to find out how this interesting story unfolds…

Check out for more updates on this page, where we share interesting quotes from Mr. Tomas Bata that define the  Bata culture all over the world. Also we shall share  titbits about Bata from various writers and analysts who have attempted to write the Bata story. Like this one… :)  ”According to one story, Mr. Thomas Bata fired a salesman who returned from Africa with the gloomy assessment that there was no market for shoes because everyone walked around barefoot.” -

Bata Shoe Company Kenya Ltd was started in 1939. Headquartered at Limuru, Bata Kenya has grown to include over 100 stores spread out across various towns in the country.

The Bata Culture

Bata’s mission is to be a fashionable, accessible brand, with a strong emphasis on product research and design as well as superior, customer service using innovative new sales channels.

Our name is synonymous with shoes worldwide and we are leaders in our industry in many of the countries in which we operate. In fact, almost 1 million people buy Bata shoes every working day of the year through Bata’s selling outlets.

Although we operate in many countries that have different business and social characteristics, we still have the same value system throughout our Organization.

Here are some inspiring quotes from Bata’s founder Tomas Bata.

  • “Courage – Half way to success” - Tomas Bata
  • “Customer’s order is sacred.” - Tomas Bata
  • “Let’s not put up with small targets. Whatever you want, you can” – Tomas Bata
  • ” It is the moral duty of each employee to keep on learning” – Tomas Bata
  • “Don’t chase after money. The one’s who chase after money will never catch it. Serve! If you serve to the best of your abilities, you will never be able to escape from money.” – Tomas Bata
  • “The way is long if you follow rules. It is short and rich if you follow good examples.” – Tomas Bata
  • “Danger? The biggest number of people die in bed after they stop moving. If you stop, you’re dead. If you slow-down, you’re half-dead. The world was, is and will always be a dangerous place. Life is movement, motionlessness is death.” – Tomas Bata
  • “I want every worker to be the first book-keeper in the factory,” he said. “I want him to know in figures, all there is to know about his job, and I want all the workers to know in figures how they fared each week. It is no use for these figures to be known by the managers alone, or to know them only once a year.”Tomas Bata.


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