Something for Daddy

A father is Respected because
he gives his children leadership…
Appreciated because
he gives his children care…
Valued because
he gives his children time…
Loved because
he gives his children the one thing
they treasure most – himself.

Let’s take time to appreciate our fathers this Father’s Day.

Offer runs from 15th to 17th June 2012 at selected Bata stores.

Still trying to figure out what to get your Dad this Fathers day? Check out our new range of Safari – “The boots that say you know Africa!”

Remembering Ricardo : Tribute to Richard Ngumwa

The late Richard Ngumwa

We called him Ricardo. Or simply Richie. He was young, friendly and full of life. Fun to work with, he loved to laugh and he loved his job.

Now, he is gone.

Exactly a week ago Richard Ngumwa was picked from our midst following a road accident.

He was on his way to work that fateful morning. The matatu he was traveling in hit a lorry.

And Richie was no more. What shock! What disbelief!

As we mourn the passing on of our colleague and friend, we the Bata Kenya family celebrate the time he spent with us, and continue praying for God’s consolation to his family.

The interior view of Bata Taj Mall, Embakasi ; Photo by Richard Ngumwa

Fare thee well Richie. You will be missed.

Mama Knows Best (Season Two!)

“The mouth that eats sukuma wiki is the same mouth that eats meat.” Yumbya’s mother always told him. ”It was a lesson on humility,” explains Yumbya , whose Twitter name is @Pontius_Pilato. Pontius was one of the winners of the Mama Knows Best contest that we ran on Facebook and Twitter , again this year. Another was Carol Awuor, whose mum told her to “strive to be an expert at something” but that she should “take time to relax” since she is “not the general manager of the universe.”

The two , and six others each won Bata Gift Vouchers to give their mum or themselves a Mother’s Day treat.

These and other gems of boundless wisdom from how to choose a spouse to managing your finances, are what you shared with us , as we sought to celebrate mums’ wisdom by doing a re-run of Mama Knows best.

Mama Knows Best

Just like last year , we asked you ; our fans and followers , to share with us something you had learnt from mum, that you still live by up to this date. Read on.

About life..

  • Try your best to live positively as in never give up. – Mohammad Adan Abumuhydiin
  • Save! Save! Save! You’ll reap the fruits later…doesn’t matter how much you earn or save. Just do it.. – Angela Kinyua
  • @cicikim Learn to listen first
  • Mama taught me not to carry sooo many loads in the heart, in other words, tie them with a banana fibre, if it doesn’t withstand the weight, it snaps, and lets go the load. She also taught me not to carry grudges within me coz in the end, i am the one who shall hurt the most. - Karen Nyambura
  • ‏@brownmaria : Words bash and words build.

Live without regrets..

  • Never regret coz everything happens for a reason and when in a relationship don’t complain it’s not working yet you’ve not tried to make it work. Above all ,always put God first. – Lillian Memo Soi
  • The experience of other people around you will teach you lessons on a daily basis. What you become in the future depends, to a large extent on your ability to learn. She taught me how to learn also from her mistakes. I’m better person now – Madge Wambui

I love you unconditionally..

  • “I’ll always love you.” My Mom always made sure that I knew her love wasn’t based on my performance in school or my achievements in life. That’s what unconditional is all about. She did also tell me that you could love somebody without liking them, so that got me thinking early on. - Fatma Hassan

Taking responsibility

  • She told me that “chovu ndelemwa ni mbembe rake” that is there is never a day an elephant will be tired of carrying its task. As a mother u are never tired of your kids and your role as a mum. - Mkamburi Mjomba

What you wear..

  • ‘Always buy nice shoes and clothes when u have money, they make u stand tall even when u r going through rough times. It has always worked for me! – Becky Nyawira Muiruri
  • Ensure your dress is in right position as you sit down. – Mary Njeri
  • Usivae viatu zimekufinya unatembea kama chura (Don’t wear shoes that are too small for end up walking like a frog!) – @Malmuza

Success in life..


  • From my mother, i learnt the power of listening, she would listen to everyone keenly before talking, both young and old- she always said, everyone has something important to say, if only u listen keenly, then u will learn. She taught me that no matter what you are going through, or where you are, prayer and God’s presence is always needed-she would sing worship songs and pray when we least expected. Through my mother i learnt that being a working mum does not mean being a lazy one. She still made our favorite meals, washed my dad’s clothes, took us shopping, and prepared all of us for church every Sunday. From my mother, i learnt how to smile through the tears, how to crawl when legs cannot move, how to see sunshine amidst the rain and how to shop for great shoes and clothes as she was a real fashionista. – Janet Omulindi
  • You must learn how to do house chores one day you will have your own home - @Malmuza 
  •  Mum taught me to always be respectful and obedient. When i was to pick up my first job, she told me that my boss should be respected if he/she tells me anything as concerns my job i have to do it ; after all it will not take me a whole day! And that I must do it to my best. I have kept this in mind since six years ago and it really has made me lead a happy life at my place of work and enjoy my job. – Karthryn Sonia

Be virtuous..

  • Mama taught me one virtue, ‘honesty’ that it helps make life easier. ”…even if a statement is to be re-done years later, all you do is is sprint down the memory lane, pick the facts and present them. That is mama. – Toto Akwa
  • I learnt and continue to learn this from her daily: 1. Resilience: The amazing ability to bounce back when situations threaten to sway and break us. 2. Love is not a mere feeling; it’s a choice we make – a decision to love and not just quit when our love is threatened. 3. Working hard and being a prayerful woman: Honestly earning my living. – Nkatha Riungu
  • @DatTichaMuchina  : Respect is earned. Respect yourself first #mamaKnowsbest
  • She always reminds me to respect other people in the society and education is the only thing I can get from her. – Sammy Saquira Kigamba
  • One thing I learnt even from her actions is if you form the habit of giving up each time challenges come up, you will not amount to anything in life. – Madge Wambui
  • One sunday after mass, few meters from the church gate, a man came to us with a need, others people declined to help but my mom gave her the only 50/= she’d carried as our fare. I was irritated as we had to walk. On the way mom kept telling me ‘kutoa ni moyo si utajiri’ . I still remind her. – Gilbert Mwangi
  • She always told me that God works in mysterious ways..just when u think you done for, He springs a surprise on you..and mostly during the most difficult when there’s no hope in d horizon..This keeps me strong in difficult times coz a always remember her and her amazing inner strength.. – Mgeni Juma
  • My mommy doesn’t stomach inequities therefore taught me how honesty is the best policy and that I should not be derailed from upholding the right thing I believe in. – Philip Rialto Kithome
  • Mum always reminded me that i should never 4get where God has brought us from. Many of us come to town and forget they once walked barefoot and that they used to take sugarless tea.  This always reminds me of my mum’s words am strong now coz hata kama sina pesa ya (even if I don’t have money for) fare, I can trek, kama sina pesa ya (even if I don’t have money for) sugar i can take tea without sugar and life continues, Mrs. Karathi taught me to be simple.  – Annoited Merioth Karathi
  • Mum taught me to be strong n fight for what is right. Now I’m a figher, i don’t give up easily. I miss her though, RIP but one thing for sure, i am who i am today because of the discipline, courage n strength she instilled in me. – Charlotte Nyachucha
  • Respect is a two way thing – @Cikikim
  • My Mom taught me to …”Always say please and thank you and maintain integrity in all things – speech, work ethic, and everything else in life”.  – Fatma Hassan
  • honesty is second to wisdom and kindness is second to caring…. – Wairimu Kiiru
  • My mama is a diva. We went through a lot while in school. As a single mother she made sure I had 3 meals a day, I went to school up to college. After high school I remember her saying these words, “Kui, I know we are not rich, work hard in school. I will struggle as much as I can you go to college, I want you to have a better life than me. Don’t look up to me.” I really cried. To this date, I’m grateful for her sacrifices and I just want to be like her.  - Kui Angelic Dolphine

Be careful!

  • ‎”My daughter don’t go testing waters, in every well, wait for the right time, your shall have your own” – Gladoh Mumbi
  • “The pot breaks just as you near the house (from the river)” she tells me to always be careful in life. – @A_Ngila
  • There is this saying she once told me; translated to English: ‘those that laugh with you, do not necessarily love you’ Through this life i have come to know the true meaning of that saying. I mean , each one of us can relate to that saying!! – Rose Gachahi
  • My mummy taught me one lesson that not everyone who laughs with you is your friend, they are the ones who most likely will not be there for you when you need them most. i used to be so angry at her when some of my friends would come to visit me at home and she would send them away. I thought she was a bad mother, but they turned out to be the bad friends that my mama was trying to warn me about and now being a mother myself, i now understand that she was trying to protect me coz she loves me. No one can tell you the truth or be as real as one’s mother. Love you mum! – Macharia Peris

Good etiquette..

  • @nikittacole : Learn people’s names and always refer to them as such. Never call someone ‘huyu’ or ‘wewe’.
  • My mother taught me to address people by their name, to look them in the eye, and to speak clearly, enunciating my words. She let me know how important it was to remember people, and to find ways to allow them to feel good. She also showed me how to get to the point and not waste anyone’s time being
  • disingenuous. I think from my earliest
  • experiences in business – first as a tour guide, then as a salesman and later as a restaurateur -those lessons from my mother have stood me in very good stead. When I don’t use them is when I find myself less effective. – Charles Ovotes
  • ‏@sueteller : Don’t chew with your mouth open.
  • @cicikim : Taking a shower daily is a must hata kama kuna rain (even though it is raning) :)

You are special..

  • Mum taught me that I may not be the best but am the ONLY ONE. Lillian Memo Soi

Reach for the stars..

 You are still my child..

  • “It doesn’t matter how old you are, you are still my child!” - @zollz
  • Just coz sasa una kazi si ati utaleta kichwa ngumu naeza kuchapa vibaya sana ata kama unaona nikama tunatoshana. (Even though you have your own job now you are not my equal! ) – @Malmuza :

And as long as you are in my house..

It’s the way you see yourself..

  • Vile utajibeba ndio wengine watakubeba. (The way you regard yourself is the way others will regards you) – @Malmuza

True beauty..


  • Give your time to others. There is joy in giving. – @Karowle
  • @nyambu26 : Always give whole-heartedly without expecting anything back and rewards will always follow u #MamaKnowsBest
  • ‏@Caroletyang : Receive with both your hands give with all your heart
  •  @Malmuza : learn to give not only to be given
  • @cicikim  always give your best in everything you do #mamaknowsbest


  • @brownmaria  : That being THERE for friends and family matters, whatever history dealt you.


  • @nelimarr : Every morning before I leave home mama tells me ‘Have a blessed day’ nt a good day. Her blessings carry me through #Mamaknowsbest
  • @cicikim : Always put God first and family should be treasured #mamaknowsbest
  • @zollz : God never lets you down, your time for blessings will come + Always respect your elders and God will bless you
  • ‏@nyambu26 : My mum taught me to never under-estimate or judge a person no matter the situation he/she is, only God can judge

 And we love this.. :)

  • @nelimarr  : Mum said ‘buy some nice flats from bata, one day you won’t be able to wear those heels’ How right she was! #Mamaknowsbest

And finally…how to choose a spouse!

  • Ma bwana wapatikani kwa bar(Husbands are not found in bars!)  ;) – @Malmuza

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How about you…. What is it that your mom taught you that you still live by to date?

And the winner is…..this blog!

The set was cozy and lavish. The environment? Techie! The technologically savvy attendees ordered their drinks via Google + and tweeted away the highlights of the unfolding event  on their sleek hand-held devices.

It was the Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE) Award winners gala at the Nairobi Serena Hotel. It was a meeting of the leading bloggers – they who rule the Kenyan blogosphere. We had been invited , because the Bata Kenya Shoe Blog had been nominated in the Best Corporate Blog Award category.

The Bloggers Association of Kenya is “a body that promotes content creation on the web in Kenya and represents a group of content creators who are of Kenyan origin, descent or are based in Kenya.”


The MC for the evening was CNBC Africa TV personality Larry Madowo. Leading bloggers , media personalities ,tweeps , and artists made short speeches and presentations. One of the judges Ms. Pinky Ghelani-Raj explained the criteria for choosing the best blogs which included the writing style used , the consistency and the relevance of the content.

And when came the time to announce the winner of the Best Corporate blog the winner was none other than Bata Kenya Shoe blog! Ms. Christine Mwiti was there to receive the award on Behalf of the Bata Kenya marketing team.

Ms. Christine Mwiti displays the best corporate blog certificate.

We are proud and honored to be voted the best corporate blog in Kenya!

Getting your Correct Shoe Size

At least 72% of people wear the wrong shoe size. This is according to a research that was conducted by shoe health experts in the US. The findings revealed that more often than not, the shoes we wear are usually either slightly small or slightly larger than our feet. Lack of awareness of our correct size has been attributed to incorrect ways of getting measurements for our feet.

Taking a trip down memory lane when our parents used to make us place our feet on a piece of paper then use a pencil to trace their outline in order to get our shoe size, it’s amazing how this method still remains one of the most accurate ways to find out our correct shoe size.

The logic behind measuring both feet is that many people tend to have one foot a bit larger than the other. It is often advisable to choose the larger size. For a more comfortable shoe fit you are required to take your measurements late in the afternoon since feet tend to swell – which is often the case for most people.

Here are some time tested tips on how to get your correct shoe size:

You need a large piece of paper bigger than both your feet, sticky masking tape or scotch tape, a ruler, pen or pencil, and notepaper to mark your measurement numbers down.

  1. Place the large piece of paper on a flat surface and smooth it out so it is flat.
  2. Tape the corners of your large piece of paper securely to the flat surface so it won’t move around when you stand on it.
  3. You can put on the socks you will be wearing with your new shoes (if applicable).
  4. Have your small piece of note paper, pen or pencil within easy reach.
  5. Stand in the middle of the large piece of paper with a few inches of space between both your feet. Make sure your feet are placed firmly on the floor. Don’t wiggle or curl your toes.
  6. Take your pen or pencil and trace the outline of one foot onto the paper you are standing on. Make sure your pen or pencil is straight up and down and firmly against your foot as you trace your outline. Sometimes it is easier to have another person do the tracing for you, but it can be done by yourself.
  7. Repeat the above step with your other foot.
  8. Now you will remove the taped paper from the floor and put it flat down on a table or place where you can take your ruler to get the exact numbers.
  9. For your length, place your ruler at the bottom to the top of one of the traced outlines i.e. base of heel to tips of toes. Draw a straight line from top to bottom of the outline. Mark this length measurement on your notepad paper.
  10. Then draw a straight line going side to side at the widest part of the outline. Mark this width measurement down on your notepad paper.
  11. Repeat steps 9 and 10 for your other foot traced outline.
  12. You will want to use the largest length measurement for your shoe size.
  13. Use the Bata Comparative Size Chart below to convert the measurement to your shoe size. Measurements are available for men, women and children’s sizes.


For best results, it is recommended that you measure your feet once or twice per year. In fact, it would be ideal if you had your feet measured every time you bought new shoes.

Info courtesy of

Boot Up!

Just because it is raining, it does not mean that you leave your style at home! Drop by a Bata shop and you will love what we have! Select either knee high or calf length boots from our Marie Claire boots collection now available at a Bata shop near you.

Be sure to check out these tips on how to look hip in boots.


Happy Easter from Bata!

The Easter Bunny will be visiting some selected Bata stores this Easter to give you a surprise gift! Visit a Bata store this Easter and you could be in luck.

Remember if you are looking for a gift for your loved one , you can buy then a Bata gift voucher. They come in 4 denominations 300,500,1000 and 2000 and are redeemable in any Bata retail shop.

But whatever you do, don’t miss out on the true meaning of Easter, which is well captured in this quote by Clarence W. Hall  : ”You can put truth in a grave, but it won’t stay there.” 

From the Bata Kenya family to yours , have a splendid Easter holiday!

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What Not to Wear on a First Date

Going for a first date, though exciting can be a nerve-wrecking affair for most. You want to make a good impression. No, you want to leave a good impression. You want to impress but at the same time look like you did not try too hard!

You will appreciate that the first thing to consider is where you are going. How much standing will you be doing for example? Here are some tips on what to wear or what not to touch when it comes to choosing an attire or shoes to go with on a first date :

How to dress up for a first date – Ladies

Photo courtesy of

Find out where you are going on the date. This is highly important, because you need to know how much walking or standing you will be doing. Knowing this in advance will greatly affect your shoe choice. Consider where you might end up. Is the date going to involve one location or a few? Think about this as well before deciding on shoes.

Ballet flats - When in doubt, choose ballet flats. They come in casual and dressy styles, most are fairly comfortable, and they go with every type of outfit: skirts, dresses, pants, jeans, shorts and anything else that you can think of. Therefore, they are suitable for any occasion or circumstance. Flats are appropriate for miniature golf, bowling, movies, dog walking, dinner, dancing–you name it.

Choose heels  - (and wedges) for a more formal date, or when you know the shoes are comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time. Make sure that you are comfortable walking in them. This is another reason why it’s so important to know where you’re going on the date. You may love your 3″ heels. But if they kill your feet, they are not a good choice. Plus, what if you fall? That would hardly make a good impression. Leave your sky high heels at home , unless you are very comfortable in them..

Think twice about sandals - Choose sandals–whether flip-flops or heels–cautiously. Are you sure that you want to show off your feet, especially if it’s a first date? When was the last time you had a pedicure, or painted your toenails?

Choose boots cautiously – Choose boots in the same way that you would choose heels or flats. The same rules apply. There are two particular problems here, though. First, boots are not all-weather footwear, and are obviously not an option in the middle of the sunny season. Second, they can make you somewhat sweaty, even if it is 20 degrees outside.

The outfit  – You can never go wrong with a feminine look , a dress, a ruffle top and jeans…You may want to leave the cleavage-revealing top and fishnet stockings at home though. It’s the first date.

How to dress up for a first date – Men

Your shoes - It’s not just their own shoes or shoes on other women that ladies are obsessed with. They want to see your shoes. Remember, shoes tell tales. Also remember that your lovely date will judge you by your shoes.

Pick an appropriate pair — lace-ups or loafers for the evening; driving shoes, moccasins, or simple sneakers for the afternoon…….Whatever you wear , make sure your shoes are clean — and you’ve scored points before the handshake.

Don’t wear flip-flops to a date. Unless your toes are really something or your date venue is at the beach.

Tie or no tie ? – The first date is an occasion. Dress for it. However, don’t sweat the tie unless your destination requires a tie – then, you should wear one. A jacket would be an excellent idea though. All in all you don’t want to feel too dressy. You want to feel comfortable.

Wear clothes that fit you. Period.

Grooming – clip your fingernails, wash your hair. Women check the details. They look at a man’s hands more often than a man looks at his own. Make sure yours are presentable.

Take it easy on the cologne. – They like it when you smell nice, but there’s no need to bludgeon the poor woman.

What NOT to wear

 Don’t wear a suit - If you are going to the opera, fine. The theater, maybe. Otherwise, you’ll seem uptight. And uptight is not good. A sweater is more preferable. You are going to a date. Not a boardroom meeting.

How casual? - Don’t wear T-shirts with sayings on them. In fact, don’t even wear t-shirts at all.

Anything else?

Don’t wear skinny jeans. – Simply because your date is more interested in seeing your personality first. ;)

As a general rule, whether you are a man or a woman, don’t wear something you are wearing for the very first time, to a date.

Now, put your phone on silent mode and have fun! A first date is like an interview. Only better.

Sources : , ,

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29 Random Things About Bata

To celebrate this year’s leap day we went and got you 29 random things about Bata. Some are things you know , while others will surprise or inform you.
Read along…
  1. Bata Shoe Company was registered in 1894 by three siblings : Tomas, Anna and Antonin Bata, in Zlin, Czechoslovakia (now known as The Czech republic).
  2. In 1895 Antonin left the company to join the army and Anna got married, leaving, Tomáš Bata to manage the company alone.
  3. In 1932 Tomáš died in a plane crash at the age of 56 at the Zlín Airport while attempting to take off under bad weather conditions.
  4. Tomáš Bata has a Universiy in Zlin named after him, “in recognition of the outstanding role he played in the transformation of the life and inhabitants of the town of Zlín as well as the whole Czech Republic and its economy. “
  5. It was the founder, Tomáš’ ,son Thomas J. Bata who grew the organization significantly making it an international company and earning himself the title shoemaker to the world.
  6. Thomas J. Bata passed on in 2008, at the age of 93.
  7. It was Thomas J. Bata’s wife and business partner who founded the Bata shoe Museum, in Toronto , Canada.
  8. Bata is in present in 5 continents.
  9. Bata runs 27 production facilities across 20 countries.

    Monica Pignal Bata , grand daughter to Bata founder, speaks with Production manager Michael Rutto , during a recent visit to the Limuru factory

  10. Bata operates in over 70 countries
  11. Bata has over 5000 stores worldwide.
  12. Bata employs over 50,000 employees worldwide.
  13. Bata serves over 1 million customers everyday, worldwide.
  14. Bata has over 20 in-house brands including the Safari boot which has remained a best seller throughout the decades .
  15. There is a Bata nursery school in Limuru where children of Bata employees attend free of charge.
  16. The Bata Children’s program was launched in 2010 to be the umbrella body under which Bata CSR activities are carried out.
  17. Bata came to Kenya in 1939 and set up a plant at Limuru. The Limuru factory has grown over the years and currently has the capacity to produce 60000 pairs of shoes in a day.
  18. Bata Kenya has 111 retail outlets.
  19. All over the world, Bata stores are classified into four i.e. FlagshipCityFamily and Factory outlets and all have the exact store design irrespective of the country they are located.
  20. Bata sizes are in English (UK)scale.
  21. You get a 15% discount when you buy shoes at the Bata shop in Limuru.
  22. Bata Kenya is one of the 15 Bata countries who sell shoes online. Our online shop which targets customers outside Kenya, has sold hundreds of shoes since 2005 when it was opened.
  23. Bata gift vouchers are available in 4 denominations 300,500,1000 and 2000 and they can be redeemed in any Bata retail shop in the country.
  24. Bata International headquarters are currently located in Lausanne ,Switzerland.
  25. Thomas G. Bata, who is Tomáš Bata’s grandson, is the reigning Chairman of Bata Shoe Company.
  26. Bata’s strength lies in its worldwide presence. While local companies are self-governing, each one benefits from its link to the international organization for back-office systems, product innovations and sourcing.
  27. Bata operations in the world are managed through four commercial Business Units (CBUs). Of the four , Bata Kenya lies under Bata Emerging Markets.
  28. Bata Kenya , sells on average, 30million pairs of shoes in a year.
  29. Thomas J. Bata is said to have fired a salesman who was sent to Africa and came back with the gloomy assessment that there was no market for shoes in Africa, as everyone walked barefoot!

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Old School is back with Northstar : What do you remember?

Remember back in the day when clubs were called Discos?

When the typewriter was still a brilliant piece of technology ;

and phone booths were functional.

When T.V. sets were in black and white ;

When Rambo, Commando and Walker Texas Ranger were our heroes;

Even way before Windows 95..

Northstar was there! And it has stood the test of time. Our new Northstar collection brings

back the memories.

What do you remember?

How Ladies Should Dress For An Interview

The first thing someone notices about you is how you are dressed. This is particularly crucial during an interview where you not only want to impress, but to stand out as the most impressive and overall, the best candidate for the job.

In as much as your conduct, your interpersonal skills and your ability to articulate intelligent and well thought out responses to questions are the most important elements, appropriate attire supports your image as a person who takes the interview process seriously and understands the nature of the industry in which you are trying to become employed.

Photo from

The shoes

The appropriate shoes will be dress shoes – flats or heels of around 3″ or less. They’ll have closed toes, be clean, sharp-looking, and will complement your outfit, but won’t overpower it. The ideal shoes will be free of metallic finishes, overdone embellishments, and excessively high heels. Make certain you can walk comfortably in your shoes; hobbling in uncomfortable shoes does not convey a professional appearance.

Peeptoes are a no-no. And so are white shoes. Never wear white shoes to an interview. The only exception here is if it is for a nursing position.

Stockings Should be plainly styled (no patterns), sheer is most conservative (not opaque), and in neutral colors complementing your suit. Avoid high contrast between your suit and hosiery color.

Dress up!

Even if you are aware that employees of an organization dress casually on the job, dress up for the interview unless you are specifically told otherwise by the interviewer. And even then, use this as the rule of thumb : If you would wear it to a club, you probably shouldn’t wear it in a business environment.

Watch that hem

Much of what you see on television shows that masquerades for professional attire are actually inappropriate for a work environment. Your skirt should cover your thighs when you are seated. Showing a lot of thigh makes you look naive at best, foolish at worst. You should sit in the skirt facing a mirror so that you can see how you actually look in it because that’s what your interviewer will see.


When it comes to shoes and your overall attire, navy, dark gray, brown and black are safe. Other color trends may come and go; avoid the extremes. Women generally have more options with suit color than men. Underneath the suit jacket, wear a blouse that coordinates nicely with your suit. Don’t show cleavage. Again, remember that television shows are trying to attract viewers, and don’t represent reality of the professional environment.

Your handbag/purse

If you carry a purse, keep it small and simple. Purse color should coordinate with your shoes. You may choose to carry a small briefcase in place of a purse.

What about makeup?

Keep makeup conservative. A little is usually better than none for a polished look. Nails should be clean and well groomed. Avoid extremes of nail length and polish color, especially in conservative industries.

Get the right fit

Your attire should be noticed as being appropriate and well-fitting, but it should not take center stage. If you are primarily remembered for your interview attire, this is probably because you made an error in judgment.


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Bata Miss World Kenya Collection

Introducing the Bata Miss World Kenya Collection 2012! This collection comprises of existing and newly introduced designs of ladies sandals for today’s woman.

[Read about the colorful Miss World Kenya cocktail launch at Laico Recency]

Made from upgraded PVC material, they are light as well as durable. These Bata value-added sandals provide style, value and comfort, and what’s more? They come in a wide variety of exciting colors. They are :


Launched in 2011. Open heeled sandals, with a comfortable sole available in FOUR colours: black, beige, brown and red brush off colors.


This newly-launched thong sandal comes with an attractive and comfortable V-strap. Alyssa is available in FOUR Colours: black, red brush off, beige/brown and beige colour.

Alyssa is for the ladies. For the men, there is Alyssta. Same design. Just broader.


Comes with a comfortable woven strap and is available in SIX attractive colours: Black, silver, bronze, brown,beige and brush off.









Available in FOUR metallic colors of silver, gold, bronze and black.










Best selling article ; Hazel is now available in FOUR exciting colours: black, brown, navy and brush off. Hazel is unisex.


Simply slip Rose on and go! Rose is available in red brush off and brown colours and is as durable as they come.





Introducing new JULIANA! These are closed with a comfortable printed insole, airily due to the added perforations and come in a range of exciting colours.








Bata Miss world Kenya collection also includes the  MARIE CLAIRE collection which are shoes for the modern, confident , forward-looking woman.

Last Minute Ideas For Valentines Day Gifts

Forget money. It is love that makes the world go round. Author, George Sand rightly put it when she said , ‎”There is only one happiness in life: to love and be loved.”

Here are some last minute ideas to make valentines day special :

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her :

Your thoughtfulness – Think beyond chocolate and flowers. A music CD by her favourite artiste shows you are interested in her enough to know her preferences and that you value her happiness.

Shopping vouchers – You know what they say; whoever said money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping. Give her a voucher to shop for what she wants.

Your time – When it comes to showing love , nothing beats your attention and affection.  What she wants the most on this Valentine’s Day is you by her side, your palms clutched in hers and some love dripping from your eyes.

Shoes!(*hint hint :) ) – Take advantage of the Bata valentines day offer and get her a pair of shoes or this red hot bag from our Marie Claire selection.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him :

Get him something he can display in the office –something personalized, or something he has wanted to buy.

Remember, you can tell what gift would impress your man, by looking at the shoes he wears!  For example if he loves adventure surprise him by scheduling a fun event for the weekend.

Your family :

Call them up and tell them you love them. Remember , ”Love begins at home, and it is not how much we do… but how much love we put in that action.” – Mother Teresa.

Have yourself a happy valentines day!!!

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Bata Miss World Kenya Collection Launch [PHOTOS]

It was colourful. And exciting. And pompous! The Bata Miss world collection was launched at a cocktail at the Laico Regency on the 9th of February 2012 (read article on our website). Here are some photos from the event :

Mr. Nasir Rafique, Bata MD makes his speech.

On the catwalk : Kenya’s reigning beauty queen Ms. Susan Anyango does the catwalk

Model Samuel Ndambiri on the catwalk showing off Tanga men's sandals

Enjoying the catwalk : Bata MD Mr. Nasir Rafique , H.E Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka and Bata Kenya Director Mr. Ojiambo

Customers place their orders with Bata sales staff

A pair of Safari boots for you your excellency : Mr Rafique presents Bata's signature shoe, the Safari boot to the chief guest

Retail and Merchandising manager Ms. Agnes Murila explains the features of the Bata industrial boots on display to the VP.

Ms. Susan Anyango modelling Marie Claire shoes and bag

From left , Bata MD Mr. Nasir Rafique , Miss world Kenya 2011 Ms. Susan Anyango , H.E Mr. Kalonzo Musyoka , Miss world Kenya 2011 1st runners up, Ms. Precious

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For more about the Miss world Kenya collection, follow the updates of Miss World Kenya, Susan Anyango on Facebook or on Twitter