New Month, New Style

Being a lady, fashion sense is second to nothing. What we wear makes a point of who we are. with every outfit, we go for the kill and shoes land the final blow. In whatever weather or occasion we need a shoe that make us feel comfortable: we need a shoe that gives us the confidence to walk, to display the girl-power in us. We need a shoe that declares our presence in the room: simple yet elegant.

black and brown

available colors

This march we wave goodbye to the scorching sun and welcome the short rains which calls for conducive clothing for both environments. Bata Shoe Company, our homegrown genuine shoe manufacturer, has our interests in mind. With new arrivals, built for the African terrain, they will literally make you drool.

elegant brown

elegant brown

These flats are designed for comfort, elegance, relevance and suitability. Their durability is never  in question. The icing on the cake is that they are compatible with both trousers and skirts while still being affordable and available. They say when the deal is too good think twice, i say when the deal is this good, hurry while stocks last.

Office vs Casual


black is always a beauty

classy casual

classy casual

Look but don't touch
Look but don’t touch

compatibility everywhere


Welcome To The Sunny Side Of Life

With the sun outside, now is the perfect time to adorn you favorite sandals show some legs, and stand out. Sandals are not only stylish, but they offer comfort too. We will demonstrate to you how to wear your sandals for various occasions and still remain stylish and chic.

Beach Glamour

Pair your stylish sandals with a pair shorts,white vest, and transform yourself into an effortlessly stylish beach goddess  within an instant.


Beach Glamour















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Casual  Chic

Sandals are the ideal footwear choice for weekends that you want to relax your feet after a busy week in heels.Throw on a pair of skinny jeans, blouse, Bata Sandals and you are good to go.
















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Maxi Diva

Sandals make a great  combo with a maxi dress topped with the right accessory for a Sunday fun day.  Such an outfit can take you from church, to brunch with girlfriends, to even coffee with your special one.

Maxi Goddess















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Preppy Diva

Contrary to what most ladies believe, sandals are a perfect wear for the office.Worn rightly, sandals may just become your favorite office shoes during summer.

Preppy Diva














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How To Style Your Flat Shoes

“Luxury Must Be Comfortable, Otherwise it is not Luxury.”

Coco Chanel

There is nothing more comfortable than rocking a pair for stylish flats while the sun is out. Although a majority of women perceive flat shoes as less elegant than heels, we will demonstrate to you how to effortlessly style your flats and look elegant and hip.The undisputed fact remains, when its comes to comfort and style, flat shoes take the lead. Before we proceed ,here are some general pointers while shopping for your flat:-

  • Always buy your shoe in the size that is not only comfortable, but fits.
  •  Focus on quality over quantity. Repeat after  us… “Quality Over Quantity”.  Buying flat shoes is a worthy investment you will definitely wear them much more than your heels.
  • Comfort is key! buy shoes that you can walk in.
  • Above all, observe balance, trendier shoes are perfect for simple and basic outfits for a young and hip look, while  for a a very hip outfit, it is ideal that you tone it down with simple and classy shoes.
  •  Try color blocking. Rather than matching the color of your shoes with that of your outfit, why not contrast the color of your shoes with that of your outfit, however observe color saturation.

1.  Casual Chic

Ain’t nothing more effortlessly chic, than your favorite jeans paired with flats for a relaxed weekend, but still keeping it fresh and hip.

2. Smart Formal

Don’t just limit your flats shoes for weekends, flats can be great wear for the office too, if you understand your style.

Formal Smart 3. Fun Touch

Why not style your little black dress with a pair of  bright flats for a colorful and fun touch.

Fun Touch



Ever took a look at your dad’s young age photographs? Did you notice how stylishly he posed wearing his prized possessions? It’s time to make him re-live his happy days by gifting him a   stylish pair of shoes this Father’s Day

To help you celebrate your dad this season, Bata got you covered! For every second pair of shoe purchased to memorate your father on this special occasion you get a 20% OFF!!

You will be literally spoilt of choice. From our Ambassador branded shoes for formal wear, Power shoes for the sporty dad, North Star collection for hippy dads not forgetting our well known Heritage Safari branded shoes for the casual laid back dads. Guys! The list is endless.

Clock is ticking! Don’t wait for the last minute rush, go to any of our Bata outlet stores countrywide and surprise your DAD.

FB Banner




Boots That Never Age

The cold is finally upon us! But you should not let the ‘wintry mix’ dampen your style, in fact your cold weather outfits should always be much cuter and classier  than summer outfits. It’s time to get some more beautiful warm outfits  for the cold.  And  when we say beautiful outfits we mean classic pieces that never go out of style. You may already have bought something or you have from the last year. But there is no need to spend  much money following the latest fashion trends every season. We you bring four of our favorite cold weather boots that never go out of style at  affordable prices. So grab yourself a pair or three! and stock up before the most stylish, timeless and above all practical walk boots off the shelves!

Stylish knee high brown boots with a comfortable heel and buckle details  @ Ksh. 4999.00

Stylish knee high brown boots with a comfortable heel and buckle details @ Ksh. 4999.00
Black Midi Boots with Suede Details @ Ksh. 4399.00

Black Midi Boots with Suede Details @ Ksh. 4399.00


Black Ankle Boots with  Gold buckles retailing @ Ksh. 4599.00

Black Ankle Boots with Gold buckles retailing @ Ksh. 4599.00

Black Knee High Boots with a comfortable heel @ Ksh. 4999.00

Black Knee High Boots with a comfortable heel @ Ksh. 4999.00

Visit  your nearest Bata Outlet to purchase & pass by Bata Muindi Bingu to enjoy a wider Boots Selection. See you there!


At Bata April is the month of giving. We bring you your Bata Favorites at Crazy Prizes!!! across all Bata Outlets countrywide. Before April ends visit us  to enjoy the offers below. Miss Out! Miss Big!


Due to public demand we have extended our Mega Sale of  upto 50% OFF to May1st. While this discount only applies to select merchandise, you are assured of a great bargain. Trust us when we say that there is everything for every one.If you have been  eyeing that pair of Hushpuppies or Clarks that were above your budget, now is the time to make your dreams a reality. Miss out, Miss big!!Capture


Do you know that 3 Pairs of Safari boots can last one a lifetime? To celebrate Bata Anniversary and Safari Boots that are part of  the Kenyan Heritage, we bring you the boots that say you know Africa all from 1999 for His & Hers, and 1099 for Children.While at it you can also win yourself  Pair Safari Boots by sharing your #Safaribootstory, Tag as many friends as you can to like your post, and don’t forget to tag us @ Bata Shoe Company Kenya.

Its holiday time, Time for the your little ones rock  a  pair of stylish safari only @ 1099/=

Its holiday time, Time for the your little ones rock a pair of stylish safari only @ 1099/=


A5 safari-01



Nairobians have the perception that Limuru is far from the CBD, but this is just a mere myth. Only 40 minutes away, enjoy great scenery, fresh air, free of traffic and other city hustles as you make your way to our tent sale with everything up to 50% OFF!  #TwendeLimuru  #TembeaKenya

Bata tent sale A5-01


We know that every time schools reopen and the young ones have to go back with fresh everything takes a toll on parents’ pockets. At Bata we totally understand and get our customers and that is why we bring you great Back to school deals all from 599! Don’t wait for the last minute rush, hurry while stocks lasts!!

College Banner

For inquiry on the above discounts, call/SMS/ Whatsapp through 0726668941 or email us @ We look forward to hear from you  :-D

Courtesy of Tommy Takkies



Tommy Takkies

Three Words to describe Tomy Takkies, Stylish! Comfortable! and Affordable! Where else can you get such as a bargain! Tomy Takkies are all seasons and will instantly add life and a personal touch to whatever outfit you choose to rock :-D .

Here are some of our favorite TomyTakkies looks from fans around the world, but with Tomy your style options are limitless…


1) For the African Divas..

Courtesy of Tommy Takkies

Courtesy of Tomy Takkies

2) For  Cool Beez   8-)

Courtesy of Tommy Takkies

Courtesy of Tomy Takkies

3)  For the Fashionistas….

Courtesy Of Tommy Takkies

Courtesy Of Tomy Takkies

4)  For the Rock Stars… :twisted:

Courtesy Of Tommy Takkies

Courtesy Of Tomy Takkies

4) Rock them with your shorts…

Courtesy of  Tommy Takkies

Courtesy of Tomy Takkies


We repeat style options with Tomy Takkies are LIMITLESS

Get Your Self a Pair of Tomy Today by;

  • Ordering online through Bata Home Delivery;
  • Calling Us/ Whatsapp - Call 0 7 2 6 – 6 6 8 9 4 1 / 0 2 0 – 2 5 9 2 9 4 8.
  •  E-mailing us- on bata.homedelivery at 
  •  Reaching us on on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and this Blog  

Share with us your Tomy Takkies Look  with #Tomyeveryday…. Who knows? Also leave your comments down below about this blog.

We look forward to hear from you :-) .

Five Shoe Tips a Longer Silhouette

The weekend is finally here!!  Time to show of  them legs. It goes without saying that long legs is every woman’s dream. Luckily for us, we don’t have to be long legged gazelles to own the look. With the right shoes any one can create the illusion of longer legs. Click through to view five of our favorite hand picked tips.

Tip 1. Pick a pointed-toe shoe

A pointed-toe shoe, whether heels or flats will instantly lean out your silhouette. Plus a pointed-toe shoe will always be stylish, sophisticated and blend with just any outfit.pointed


Tip 2. Go for the Nude.

When putting on skirts and dresses, always go for  nude shoes  for a longer silhouette. Shoes that match your skin tone visually extend the leg. Nude

Tip 3. Tall Boots Work Best

While Ankle boots might be the real deal for many shoe lovers. Thigh high boots are the real gem when creating a longer visual effect. To magnify this effect  avoid showing skin by wearing a dress, skirt, jacket or sweater that elongates past the top edge of the boot.


Tip 4. Pair Wedges with Wide-Leg Pants

Floor-skimming hemline pants look fantastic when combined with wedges. Plus, a wedge is comfortable, and easy way to boost your height.

Wedges look

Look Inspiration:

Jessica Alba

5. Go Monochrome

Try a monochromatic look from head to toe. It creates an uninterrupted visual line. Just ensure that your ankle and tops of your feet are covered.

shoe game

Look Inspiration :



Caring For Your Bata Toughees– How to Make Them Last!


Bata Toughees

Does your child require new school shoes every time schools reopen?  My guess! Probably not as often, but sometimes it can feel like it, especially if it’s in the middle of the term and your kids shoe appears dull and worn out.

Nothing looks neater than a well-kept pair of school shoes. These easy-care tips will ensure your child’s school shoes are shiny and clean all year round.

1. Air Them Out

Smelly shoes are never nice to deal with. Have your child remove them as soon as they get home from school. This way any moisture or sweat inside the shoe can dry out before the next morning. If possible, place the shoes somewhere near an open window overnight so that they can get some fresh

2. Dry Them Out

If your child comes home with wet shoes, from walking in the rain for instance, stuff them with newspaper overnight and Voila! The moisture will be drawn out of the shoe.

Warning! Avoid putting leather shoes out in the sun to dry or exposing them to direct heat, it can cause discoloration.

3. Clean Them

Remove dirt or debris from Bata Toughees using a soft brush or piece cloth. This should be done every day after your child comes home.  It will give you an easy time during buffing and polishing later on.

4. Remove the Laces

Most of us do not understand the need of removing laces from shoes during cleaning, but this prevents them from getting water or polish. By doing this your shoe laces will last more.

5. Rub Away Scuffs

To remove scruff use water and saddle soap (Not ordinary soap detergents) on a soft cloth. Careful not to get the leather too wet. You can also use a commercial leather shoe cleaner.

6. Polish

Polishing Toughees every week keeps them looking their best. This also helps to make the last longer. You can even do this as often as every day, if you think there is a lot of wear happening each day. Cream leather is the best for maintaining leather (Available in Bata Retail Stores).

7. Buffing

After the polish has dried by, using a soft, cloth in circular motions to buff.

Tip: If you aim at a perfect shine finish, apply few drops of water on the cloth before buffing.

8. Replace Worn Out Laces

Replace worn laces before they break! It’s always a good idea to keep an extra pair of laces in the cupboard – you never know when you might need them

9. Keep your Shoes on a Rack or in Boxes

This helps maintain their shape and won’t get them dirty again by being strewn across the floor.



By following this simple advice, to take care of your Toughees, you won’t have to buy multiple pairs each year, unless your child out grows them, that is!

Sundrops Re-invented!

Attention ladies! What you have in the past known as Sundrops is now Bata Classic.

Bata Classic

The Bata Classic collection consists of canvas laced shoes that come in mostly black and white and other colors like red and purple.

Sundrops on the other hand , is our new brand of ladies shoes made using the ‘stitch and turn’ technique.

Sundrops is a casual range of ladies shoes designed to carefully combine distinct style , luxurious comfort and durability. Click here to view collection , shop online & enjoy FREE DELIVERY.

Suggested reading : 10 reasons why you should shop online with BATA HOME

10 Reasons Why You Should Shop Online With Bata Home

It has been a month now since we launched the Bata Home service . Bata Home is essentially , e-commerce + home delivery. How it goes is that you visit , make your purchase and we deliver the items you have bought to your doorstep for your comfort and convenience…
Here are 10 reasons why you should try out this great service!
  1. Convenience - From the comfort of your living room or your comfy office chair , you can make your order. See it online ; buy it online.
  2. 24 hour shop – You can shop any time you want. We don’t close.
  3. VarietyChoose from a wide range of shoes , bags , belts and other accessories available for you at the click of a mouse.
  4. No queues.
  5. Free shipping! – Enjoy FREE SHIPPING to your home or office for orders above Kshs. 2000.
  6. Let’s find it for youLeave the headache of hopping from shop to shop looking for the desired size or color to us.
  7. Send love home with Bata HomeFrom anywhere in the world , buy your loved one shoes and we’ll deliver to them. Just shop and leave the rest to us.
  8. Save time.
  9. We are flexible – Pay with M-PESA , Airtel Money , VISAMasterCard.
  10. We are reachable – In case of any questions comments , or clarifications , you can reach us on 020 2592948 during working hours , or e-mail us anytime on bata [dot] homedelivery [at] bata [dot] com.

Introducing Bata Home!

What is Bata Home?

Bata Home is a service we just launched, that allows you the freedom to buy shoes from the comfort of your home or office, by simply accessing where you can make your selection, pay online and have their shoes delivered right at your door step!

This service is also ideal for people living abroad who wish to buy Bata shoes for their families back home.

The Bata Home service will in the next few months also be rolled out to our retail stores, where if a customer cannot find the item they are looking for, can register their details at the store and the item will be delivered to them at their home or office.

Where we ship

We have partnered with Aramex Kenya Ltd to deliver your orders across Kenya and abroadWe will do our best to deliver to our customers’ home or office, and whenever this is not possible, we shall deliver to a Bata branch closest to you where you can collect your order.

After completing your order online expect delivery within 3 working days for Kenya orders , and 5 working days for international orders.

Shpping cost & Free shipping

To celebrate this great milestone, we are offering free shipping in Kenya for orders worth Kshs. 1800 and above. For orders worth less than Kshs. 2000, a shipping charge will apply.

What you can buy

Our online catalogue contains shoes for ladies, men and kids and also accessories. At a go, you can buy a maximum of 3 pairs. Use the navigation buttons on top of this page to navigate to the kind of shoes you would like to buy.

Visit now 

What Your Shoe Color Says About You


Overall , white represents purity. This color is present in every color and can also be a sign of a perfectionist.


like green, shows that you are more down to earth and grounded. Brown can also show a person is strong and challenging.


Red is a color of passion and fire. However, red is the color of love and tends to attract attention to it where ever it may be.


Pink, like red, is a passionate color. It can also be seen as romantic and whimsical.


This color is a more optimistic and quirky color. It shows that you are playful and fun.


Yellow symbolizes a sunny outlook on life. It shows that you are happy but still an attention getter.


Green shows that you are more down to earth. It also shows that you are calm, cool, and collected.


This color shows peace and tranquility in the wearer. Blue can also be interpreted as a color showing loyalty.


Purple is another feminine color, but also has the air of luxury and wealth. It can also represent wisdom and grace.


Silver has an allure to it showing mysticisms and femininity.


This color indicates a need to be in power. As daring as gold may be it is a must-have color of elegance.


The color is an elusive, yet timeless color and that never goes out of style. A person wearing black is seen to be ultra-chic.

Source : Photo :

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Coming Soon, Ladies Safari Boots! Take a Look.

Be on the look out ladies! From our leather factory in Limuru , we bring you a fresh new range of boots which are part of our known and loved brand – Safari.

This exciting range of ladies Safari is coming to a Bata shop near you towards the end of August.

Like the Safari boots on Facebook and you will be the first to know.

 Bring out your adventurous side with the boots that say you know Africa!