How To Style Your Flat Shoes

“Luxury Must Be Comfortable, Otherwise it is not Luxury.”

Coco Chanel

There is nothing more comfortable than rocking a pair for stylish flats while the sun is out. Although a majority of women perceive flat shoes as less elegant than heels, we will demonstrate to you how to effortlessly style your flats and look elegant and hip.The undisputed fact remains, when its comes to comfort and style, flat shoes take the lead. Before we proceed ,here are some general pointers while shopping for your flat:-

  • Always buy your shoe in the size that is not only comfortable, but fits.
  •  Focus on quality over quantity. Repeat after  us… “Quality Over Quantity”.  Buying flat shoes is a worthy investment you will definitely wear them much more than your heels.
  • Comfort is key! buy shoes that you can walk in.
  • Above all, observe balance, trendier shoes are perfect for simple and basic outfits for a young and hip look, while  for a a very hip outfit, it is ideal that you tone it down with simple and classy shoes.
  •  Try color blocking. Rather than matching the color of your shoes with that of your outfit, why not contrast the color of your shoes with that of your outfit, however observe color saturation.

1.  Casual Chic

Ain’t nothing more effortlessly chic, than your favorite jeans paired with flats for a relaxed weekend, but still keeping it fresh and hip.

2. Smart Formal

Don’t just limit your flats shoes for weekends, flats can be great wear for the office too, if you understand your style.

Formal Smart 3. Fun Touch

Why not style your little black dress with a pair of  bright flats for a colorful and fun touch.

Fun Touch

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