Five Shoe Tips a Longer Silhouette

The weekend is finally here!!  Time to show of  them legs. It goes without saying that long legs is every woman’s dream. Luckily for us, we don’t have to be long legged gazelles to own the look. With the right shoes any one can create the illusion of longer legs. Click through to view five of our favorite hand picked tips.

Tip 1. Pick a pointed-toe shoe

A pointed-toe shoe, whether heels or flats will instantly lean out your silhouette. Plus a pointed-toe shoe will always be stylish, sophisticated and blend with just any outfit.pointed


Tip 2. Go for the Nude.

When putting on skirts and dresses, always go for  nude shoes  for a longer silhouette. Shoes that match your skin tone visually extend the leg. Nude

Tip 3. Tall Boots Work Best

While Ankle boots might be the real deal for many shoe lovers. Thigh high boots are the real gem when creating a longer visual effect. To magnify this effect  avoid showing skin by wearing a dress, skirt, jacket or sweater that elongates past the top edge of the boot.


Tip 4. Pair Wedges with Wide-Leg Pants

Floor-skimming hemline pants look fantastic when combined with wedges. Plus, a wedge is comfortable, and easy way to boost your height.

Wedges look

Look Inspiration:

Jessica Alba

5. Go Monochrome

Try a monochromatic look from head to toe. It creates an uninterrupted visual line. Just ensure that your ankle and tops of your feet are covered.

shoe game

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