Caring For Your Bata Toughees– How to Make Them Last!


Bata Toughees

Does your child require new school shoes every time schools reopen?  My guess! Probably not as often, but sometimes it can feel like it, especially if it’s in the middle of the term and your kids shoe appears dull and worn out.

Nothing looks neater than a well-kept pair of school shoes. These easy-care tips will ensure your child’s school shoes are shiny and clean all year round.

1. Air Them Out

Smelly shoes are never nice to deal with. Have your child remove them as soon as they get home from school. This way any moisture or sweat inside the shoe can dry out before the next morning. If possible, place the shoes somewhere near an open window overnight so that they can get some fresh

2. Dry Them Out

If your child comes home with wet shoes, from walking in the rain for instance, stuff them with newspaper overnight and Voila! The moisture will be drawn out of the shoe.

Warning! Avoid putting leather shoes out in the sun to dry or exposing them to direct heat, it can cause discoloration.

3. Clean Them

Remove dirt or debris from Bata Toughees using a soft brush or piece cloth. This should be done every day after your child comes home.  It will give you an easy time during buffing and polishing later on.

4. Remove the Laces

Most of us do not understand the need of removing laces from shoes during cleaning, but this prevents them from getting water or polish. By doing this your shoe laces will last more.

5. Rub Away Scuffs

To remove scruff use water and saddle soap (Not ordinary soap detergents) on a soft cloth. Careful not to get the leather too wet. You can also use a commercial leather shoe cleaner.

6. Polish

Polishing Toughees every week keeps them looking their best. This also helps to make the last longer. You can even do this as often as every day, if you think there is a lot of wear happening each day. Cream leather is the best for maintaining leather (Available in Bata Retail Stores).

7. Buffing

After the polish has dried by, using a soft, cloth in circular motions to buff.

Tip: If you aim at a perfect shine finish, apply few drops of water on the cloth before buffing.

8. Replace Worn Out Laces

Replace worn laces before they break! It’s always a good idea to keep an extra pair of laces in the cupboard – you never know when you might need them

9. Keep your Shoes on a Rack or in Boxes

This helps maintain their shape and won’t get them dirty again by being strewn across the floor.



By following this simple advice, to take care of your Toughees, you won’t have to buy multiple pairs each year, unless your child out grows them, that is!

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