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Top  shoe tipsDid you know that, on Tuesdays, we blog about tips? Our How-to category , which runs on Tuesdays features various tips on what shoes to wear with which outfits, what to wear for what occasions, how to take care of your shoes, and many more.

Based on our readers’ reads, these are the top 10 posts on Tips:

10. Getting your Correct Shoe Size

According to a research,at least 72% of people wear the wrong shoe size. Chances are that the shoes you wear are either slightly small or slightly larger than our feet. Lack of awareness of our correct size may be due to incorrect ways of getting measurements for our feet. This post tells you how to.

9. What You Can Tell From A Woman’s Shoes

Guys! Just as ladies can learn a lot about you from your shoes(see no.4), you can also tell a lot from the shoes a woman has on, tell a lot about her, from her outlook on life, to the way she feels about herself, from her occupation, to her evening destination.

8. What To Wear To The Office End Of Year Party

This was during a year-end…you can convert it to “what to wear to an office party. This is how to look glam, and respectable at the same time!

7. 8 Shoes Every Lady Must Own.

Ladies, you should have at least 8 pairs of shoes-the ones featured in this post. You will also know why you must own them.

6. How To Keep Your Canvas Shoes From Fading

One of the complaints we receive is that canvas shoes fade after washing. Every time we have said it is not about manufacturing, because it isn’t-but how we clean and treat our canvas/rubber shoes. Read this post, apply and your rubber shoes will last and last with the colour intact.

5. Sling Bags Are In! Here’s How To Wear Them

A sling bag is simply a bag with one strap , worn across your torso. Bet you own one! They are functional, and can be used as a fashion accessory. In this post, we gave you tips on how to, and how not to wear your sling bag.

4. What You Can Tell From A Man’s Shoes

Ladies! You can judge your man by the shoes he wears…there is a great deal you can know from a man’s shoes— before you ever go out on a date, share a plate of linguine or even meet Mom: questions such as who is he? How does he feel about himself? And what can you expect from him in the relationship?

3. What To Wear With Your Tomy Takkies

Everyone loved the Tomy Takkies! So, in this post, we explored four ways to wear these lovely canvas shoes.

2. Best Shoes to Wear With Your Maxi Dress or Skirt

Maxi skirts are graceful,feminine, comfortable and versatile. Here, we shared the best shoes to wear with your maxi dress/skirt…and as a bonus, gave you the shoes you should NEVER be caught wearing maxis with.

1. The Best Shoes To Wear With Leggings

Leggings do more than just provide cover under a super short skirt. They also provide tummy control — particularly on days when you just can’t resist an extra slice of pizza — and shape your legs fabulously.  Even better, they can add bursts of color to a darker outfit, providing instant brightness to your look……if worn with the shoes we suggested.


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