6 Shoe Care Tips for Guys

824-60181. Leather shoes- Polish, polish- often

You’ve invested money—and probably time—in your new shoes. Show them off, and make sure they look good. So as soon as you take them out of the box, polish them.

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2. Suede shoes- clean and brush

Shoe CareIf you’re investing in suede kicks, treat them with a protective suede cleaner or spray that resists water, salt and mud so they won’t be damaged-and to look good. The best option is the neutral suede cleaner available in all Bata stores, never mismatches the colour. You should also commit to a good suede eraser and brush for maintenance. First, use your eraser to target stains. Then, follow up with the brush to bring the nap of the suede back to its original state

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3. Canvas Shoes-Hand wash and cool-dry.

Use a wet cloth to wash your canvas uppers and a brush for the rubber lining, and then dry your canvas shoes in room temperature. No direct sunlight or they will fade out.

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4. Wet shoes- newspapers have more use than just reading.

If you get caught in the rain, save your shoes from permanent damage by drying them as soon as you get home. Stuff your shoes with newspaper to soak up the moisture and place them in a well ventilated area as you wait for them to dry. The heater will crack them.

5. That habit – Don’t use a sponge

Don’t use sponges on your shoes-you never know what’s in them. Sponges tend to suck everything and may permanently disfigure your shoes…instead use a cloth or a hand brush.

6. Classic-add a layer of rubber.

No other shoe company will tell you this, but before you wear them, ask a cobbler to place a thin rubber sole on your new dress shoes, if only on the heel. The rubber will protect the leather soles from damage, AND also give you extra traction. Plus, worn rubber soles are easily—and more affordably—replaced than leather. Your shoes will last, and last.

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