Common Ladies Shoes Defined..And How To Wear Them

Shoes, shoes, shoes – we’d like to have them ALL! But just a minute – what are the names of the different models? And what should you wear with them?

Recently, we defined common shoe types for men. Let’s look at some of the common ladies’ types:

561-5024-a-165Platform Shoes

A platform shoe can be a bit of everything – from boot to low shoe to sandal – but the sole has to be at least 3 cm high at the FRONT.
Look best with casual flares, capri trousers and skirts. Never to be worn with an elegant evening dress. They are versatile-for every occasion!




Typically flat with a low cut instep, Ballerinas are absolutely comfirtable hence best for those girl shopping sprees and where standing for long hours is involved.
They are best worn with Capri trousers and jeans. The catch is, Never ever wear with Miniskirts!

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Court Shoes

751-6042-a-300Typically closed back half shoe with a heel of at least 3 cm for cool, mostly formal appearances without fastening, strap, buckle or any other decoration!
These are the shoes to wear with elegant skirts and dresses, but also jazz up jeans, tight trousers, baggies and capris!
Never wear with: Long skirt.

They come in various forms:

  • Stilettos-They feature a stiletto heel and a pointed toe. They are the classic high-heeled shoe.
  • Peeptoes- For important dates! They have an open toe. Also called flamenco pumps.
  • Slingbacks – Court shoes that are fastened with a strap around the heel. For romantic evenings!


763-6020-a-300Basically, wedges are shoes with a wedge heel.
They are more comfortable than they look and look best with leggings, combined with short dress. Never to be worn with long trousers or skirts, as then the eye-catching heels can’t be seen!

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589-1015-a-300Your shoes for the sporty moments.
Sneakers look best with sporty clothes – jeans, long or short, casual skirts. Never wear with formal skirts or trousers. Please don’t wear them when you do sport. They’re fashion shoes! :)


671-6079-a-165Mules & Clogs

Mules are low backless shoes with a heel and clogs are mules with a wooden heel!
They look best with skirts, dresses and capris.
Never wear with socks!


Ankle Boots

For your cold days, boots with different heel shapes that extend up to the ankle.
They look best with drainpipes, and short skirts with trendy tights.
Never to be tucked in trouser legs!



Mary Janes

Mary Janes are shoes with a girlish strap(also called the Mary Jane strap) across them. They can be worn with not-so-long dresses and power suits.
Never with jeans, though!
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