Happy Customer: Today I Will Get Some Sleep

You have been a Bata customer for many years and you have a favourite shoe that you can’t get any more. It is our duty to reconnect you- think of us as your Ginny.

Jack Sangura a resident of Kitale had an Easter wish. He wanted his favorite shoe and who better than Bata Home to make his wish a reality. He contacted us and informed us about this and even posted a photo of the shoe.

These were his sentiments:

824-4291I have been wearing Bata shoes all my life. Two of my favorite brands are out of stock in Kitale. How do I get 824-4291 size 10? I have never worn any other design apart from this Bata Shoe. This shoe, may I say was designed with me in mind! It is simple, comfortable, long-lasting, and the only shoe that clearly stands out in its category. You can wear it virtually with anything and anywhere; in the office, on a golf course, in the field, because it is both casual and official. Not to mention that it is pure leather and has a rubber sole.

At the time, Jack thought that the shoes were out of production, and was asking us to bring them back…. imagine his pleasant surprise when he realized they were still available! Sadly, the shoes were not available in Kitale.

But that’s what Bata Home does!

We sent the shoes to our outlet in Kitale..where he went and bought his favourite shoes! He sent us a photo:




I got the shoes!
Thank you! Now, today I will get some sleep!
I simply love this shoe..
What a superb mood to start my Easter!
Thank you Bata!

Happy customer. There is nothing that means more to us than a happy customer.

Do you have story you would like to share with us? Why not slot it in the comment section below or email us on customer.service.kenya@bata.com !


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