8 Shoes Every Lady Must Own.

Recently, we looked at the shoes every man must have. Today, let’s look at the ultimate list of 8 shoes every lady must have in her wardrobe:


1. High Heels

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They come in handy for the office, formal occasions, as well informal occasions such as dinner or clubbing. Wearing heels enhances your posture as a lady in that your legs look slimmer, your stomach flatter, and your entire femininity becomes unstoppable. It also does wonders for your stride. Bold and beautiful, flirty and fun, long live the high heel. When you look good you feel good, and there’s no other shoe that can make you look and feel sexier than a high heel.

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2. Boots

Whether they are leather or suede, knee, mid-calf or ankle length, heeled or flat, simple-sharp or trendy-decorative, boots can be worn anywhere- to the boardroom and the party. Here is how to wear boots.

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3. Clogs & Mules

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Mules & Clogs are a great style of slip on shoe that will work perfectly with your summer wardrobe. They are undeniably the trendy shoe for women! Comfortable and stylish, women’s mules and clogs will add that special something to an outfit and that extra touch of glamour to your look. The easy slip-on comfort of clogs and mules offers a relaxed feel that have made these shoes stand the test of time. And you don’t have any fashion excuse not to buy them- clogs and mules are offered in more styles than ever, including peep-toe, suede, patent leather, and animal prints.

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 4. Sandals

Fact: Sandals are sensational. They come in a huge variety of shapes, heel heights, colors and materials so you can wear a sandal with any outfit you please. Whether they are flat dressy sandals, strappy heeled sandals or comfy but classy sandals- stock your closet with a handful of assorted sandals and play up your personal style. Need we say more?

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 5. Wedges

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If you’re looking for height that’s oh so easy to wear, the wedge is calling you. Wedge shoes are definitely the way to go if you’re not a stiletto girl but still want to benefit from the extra height and leg-elongating effects of high heels. They’re killer chic and foot-friendly. They’re also sexy in a casual, subtle way.

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 6. Flats

Versatile, comfortable, stylish and fun to wear, flats can go with you, well, anywhere! Office, traveling, party,church..That’s how versatile they are. and if you’re looking for a fashionable shopping shoe this is it. Though lacking in the sophistication of high heels, flats are comfortable and fun and if coupled with the right kind of outfit your flats will make you look great and give your feet a break. The catch: flats are available in several designs-you will never miss your style.

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7. Canvas/Rubbers

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From Tomy Takkies to Ngoma to Maringo, Canvas are ubiquitous, adorable, and can be found on ladies of any age! They come in all kinds of colors. Dressed up, they are a statement of independence or comfort before fashion, the perfect touch to almost anything- skirts, dresses, skinny jeans, or shorts. Without socks or with tights, at night or during the day, anywhere, they are a unifying shoe: everyone loves them. Simply a must-have.

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8. Sports Shoes.

Because a girl needs to exercise. :)

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One thought on “8 Shoes Every Lady Must Own.

  1. Monicah says:

    i bought 3 pairs of shoes in August @ Thk Rd Mall & regret soo much i disposed the receipt because the shoes were fitting only for 1 of them to crack. The shoe is a flat and even the solemarkings are visible i havent used it for long yet it got the crack . I feel the service i got from that shoe was not worth my money.


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