Sling Bags Are In! Here’s How To Wear Them

Looking for a functional bag that can carry books to school, essential items for travelling , your small laptop or tab without compromising on fashion?  The Sling bags is your answer.

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What is a sling bag?

A sling bag is simply a bag with one strap , worn across your torso. Even though both have one strap , there is a difference between the Messenger bag and the Sling bag. While the Messenger is worn on the lower back, sling bags are worn more forward, on the hip.

Who wears Sling bags?

David Bekham rocking a sling bag. || Photo :

Sling bags can be worn by both men or women. For women the sling bags allow them to combine the features of a handbag with those of a backpack bringing forth a versatile bag that can add glamour or lend an interesting facet to your outfit.

Men can wear it with jeans for a casual look , or  even wear it with a suit if you are David Bekham.

What looks best with the sling bag? 

For women , long sweaters , especially fitting ones that do not get in the way of the bag  , fitting jeans , worn with a medium sized sling bag look really chic. If you opt to wear the sling bag with a dress , it is best to opt for smaller sling bags.

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Matching your sling bag to your entire outfit is not necessary, but try to keep the tones complimentary. Matching it with one item of clothing like a scarf , or your shoes always gives great results.

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Which shoes go best with sling bags?

Sling bags work with almost all shoes; it all depends with the look you want to pull :

  • In this cold weather, you can match up your sling bags with a great pair of boots and a sweater.
  • For that chic weekend look, you can wear jeans/shorts, your Tomy Takkies and sling on your little bag.
  • Going to the office? A suit, dress shoes and a brown/black leather sling bag will do you good- to carry your laptop, files and phone.

How Not To Wear Sling Bags

  • Since sling bags are carried on one shoulder , it is not advisable to carry heavy things like laptops in them as they are burdensome on one shoulder.
  • For the same reason , it is not advisable to carry them daily.
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