What To Wear With Your Tomy Takkies

We all love canvas, especially when we are looking for a casual shoe that’s practical, comfortable and easy on the wallet. For decades , Ngoma , Bata Classic (formerly Sundrops) and Northstar have been known and loved canvas brands from Bata.

Enter Tomy Takkies! First introduced as one of Bata Shoe Company’s brands , in 1964 , Tomy Takkies – the shoes with a soft rubber sole – are back! A new generation is discovering the Tomy Takkies brand. We explore four ways to wear Tomy Takkies :

With jeans Tomy Takkies and straight jeans , are a match made on heaven. For the ladies , pencil jeans or tights look great too.

With Capri pants – While jeans may cover part of the shoe , wearing your Tomys with capri pants allows you to show them off in all their glorious colors , while showing some leg too!

With shorts – For both girls and guys , shorts and Tomy Takkies are a natural. See : Tomy Takkies  for men and for ladies.

With dresses – Go for the high school girl look by pairing a knee-length flowered dress with the colored-strap Tomy Takkies. Now let the memories flood back….


Tomy Takkies are now available at a Bata shop near you , in our online shop , and you can also order by phone , by calling 0 7 2 6 – 6 6 8 9 4 1.

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