4 Shoes Every Man Must Have

Lets face it, most men don’t pay a lot of attention when it comes to selecting shoes. You wear the cleanest shoe in your shoe rack, regardless of the occassion…..

And, you know, shoes can make or break your outfit — no matter how well-coordinated, how well-planned or how well-structured the outfit is. Simply, a perfect outfit is nothing without the right pair of shoes.

All you need is FOUR shoes to save you from fashion disaster.

A dress shoe: Black AND Brown.

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Thou must own a pair of black dress shoes for those formal occasions,business meetings, interviews and regular days at work. This is a classic rule, and there is no exception to that! 

Black dress shoes match with almost every type and colour of outfit. You wont get anything wrong with a pair of well polished, shining pair of black, dress shoes.

To get the perfect pair, start here: Black Dress Shoes
While black is still a classic color and reserved for ultra-formal occasions, brown has become an acceptable alternative for occasions that are less decorous, yet still proper. Brown , is simply the new black!

A Casual shoe or Sneaker

Be sure to adorn your feet accordingly by including something casual in your collection.

There are two ways you can go about it: a lace-up/loafer, sleek, structured and light casual shoe or a sneaker to go with your jeans and football jersey.

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The ankle boot is an important shoe to add to your collection. It’s a functional piece that not only comes in handy in cold months but can be worn in varied ways.

It makes perfect functional and fashion sense, so, do you own a pair?

No? View collections: Men Boots

Sandals ( No , mandals)

Your feet need to breathe…they need sun, and some sand if you can! And walking around in a pair of bathroom slippers is a crime, really. That is where mandals come in.

Read : How to wear mandals

They are perfect especially when worn with shorts.

Treat yourself: Men Sandals (Mandals)

All photos courtesy of www.batakenya.com. Shop online and enjoy free delivery in Kenya.

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