How To Keep Your Canvas Shoes From Fading

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To some they are symbol of sport, to others, they are perfect for a casual walk. Sometimes they become the emblem of the “preppy,” or the “cool guys” the “hip hoppers” and the “rockers”.

You probably own a pair, or two.So, how do you maintain these timeless kicks? These maintenance tips will prolong the life of your Canvas shoes.

Use a a clean rag to wash the canvas and a soft brush (or a toothbrush) to clean the (usually) white out-sole. Be gentle on the fabric part and don’t use strong detergents – a solution of mild soap and cold/lukewarm water will do. Hot water is a no no. It fades the shoes.

Northstar :

Don’t dry the shoes under direct sunlight. Let them in room temperature.To help the shoes keep their shape while drying, stuff your them with paper towels, polythene bags, or white paper. Don’t use colored paper or newspaper, which may bleed through and discolor them.

Dirty laces on clean shoes are an eyesore. Remove laces first cleaning your shoes and clean them separately. Laces CAN be hanged out in the sun to dry.

Remove your shoes with your hands, not with your other foot! :) Stepping on a heel and slipping the foot out of the shoe messes up the shape of the canvas. And don’t kick them out!

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Bata bullets

Keep your feet in proper condition . It helps

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As a continuation to this post , we will be sharing some tips on what to wear with Canvas. Don’t miss.

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