What To Wear To The Office End Of Year Party

The office end of year party is to many a source of anxiety more than it is a source of excited anticipation. This is mainly because, the words ‘office’ and ‘party’ do not necessarily go together. See , the office party has the potential to either turn into something genuinely enjoyable, or spiral into a bottomless pit of awkward small talk…

Now , dressing for the office party is no child play.

As with most parties, the age old question begs : “What should I wear?” We explore some tips.


Sweaters - A nice sweater is highly recommended. Just stay away from the bright Christmas themed sweaters featuring Santa…

Shirts - Go with something plain that compliments your sweater /jacket/coat.

If you’ve got a patterned sweater, wear a shirt that matches one of the secondary colors on the sweater.

Trousers -There are pretty much two types of work environments: ones where you can wear jeans, and ones where you can’t. If you can’t get away with jeans on any other day, the end of year party will likely be no different. Stay conservative with a pair of nice khakis or corduroy pants. If you can wear jeans, stick with a nice pair of fitted jeans so you don’t look too casual.

Suit - You can wear a really nice suit to a formal Christmas party. In this case get your best suit and make sure your formal dress shoes are shined. Otherwise ,a party is the time you want to loosen up a little bit. If you wear a three button three piece suit to the office every week, it shouldn’t be your go-to outfit for the party too – unless the dress code says formal.

Shoes - The clothes you choose dictate your shoes. Pick that pair that you have not worn to work recently.

Wearing your everyday shoes to the end of year party says ” I am here as an extension of the workplace and you won’t mind discussing business.”



A dress-When it comes to parties, nothing beats a dress. It’s the most party-like garment to wear and perhaps also the most simple. . It’s easy to wear and it looks feminine and chic.  Choose a dress that ends just above or below the knee and that isn’t skin-tight. If you want to wear a shorter dress choose one that ends up to four fingers above your knee, with opaque tights. If you need more warmth combine with a chic cardigan or jacket.. a lace or bold color dress. Don’t forget to match it to your most fabulous shoes and you are done! And if you just can’t decide on what to wear, go for the little black dress, it never fails! Combine with big earrings or a bib necklace.

Skirts- Another feminine and party appropriate option. Here the rule is the same as the dress – don’t wear a mini skirt, instead wear a knee-length skirt (or just an inch  shorter).

Strapppy sandals : www.batakenya.com

Shoes -You can really go wrong with a pair of high heel metallic strappy sandals. They will add a touch of shine to even the most simple dress.

If you are looking for a black shoe instead, a pair of patent peep-toe slingbacks is a wonderful option

Trousers - If it’s a business casual, wear khaki pants and a sweater, or a blouse with a skirt. For a formal party, get a nice formal dress.

Wear Red! - Get in the Christmas spirit by wearing red. Red accessories can add a blast of color to any outfit. Choose from red jewelry, handbags, belts, shoes and other red accessories.  Black and gold are all great colors too.

Of course you will need a fabulous bag. Select a clutch that is small but not so small that it can’t hold your keys, cell phone, a compact and lipstick.


A CUTOUT DRESS: It doesn’t matter how hard you’ve been working on your abs at the gym–your co-workers never need to see your bare midsection. Save a sexy number like this for your neighbor’s cocktail fiesta.

ANYTHING WITH A POLITICAL MESSAGE: You’re there to spread some cheer and bond with your co-workers, not air your grievances about the upcoming elections or start a rumble over reproductive rights. Save that stuff for the weekend, lady.

SOMETHING THAT SHOWS MILES OF CLEAVAGE: Keep your cleavege to yourself. Though you want to dress a little sexier than your standard business suit, an office party isn’t the place for low-cut dresses and tops. The most appropriate place to show off your cleavage , is definitely not in front of your boss and co-workers.

A BANDAGE SKIRT:  Save the micro-minis for the club and opt for a polished pencil skirt instead.

SHOES YOU CAN’T WALK IN: Walking in those sky-high stripper heels is a talent, but it’s a talent that your boss doesn’t need to know about. A pair of glitzy heels is nice for your holiday party, but they don’t need to be too high. Uncomfortable shoes aren’t cool at any party, but they’ll make you seem like an especially impractical person in front of people you’re trying to appear just the opposite to.

TOO MUCH MAKEUP - A little extra eyeliner, a bold red lip or some shimmering shadow is perfect for your office party. Just don’t overdo your makeup. Too much makeup looks cheap and tacky, no matter where you are.

TOO MUCH PERFUME: It’s OK to splash on a more intense fragrance for evening events, but coming on too strong is a no-no for a work function. You want to overwhelm them with your together-ness, not your scent!


Pic Sources: favouritesavings.com, sororitysnob.com and batakenya.com


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