The Best Shoes To Wear With Leggings

Leggings. Don’t we love them ladies?! They are super-comfortable, and they can be worn with a variety of things, like long sweaters and tunics; they also work well when worn like tights with shorter skirts and dresses.

Leggings do more than just provide cover under a super short skirt. They also provide tummy control — particularly on days when you just can’t resist an extra slice of pizza — and shape your legs fabulously.  Even better, they can add bursts of color to a darker outfit, providing instant brightness to your look.

The best part about leggings is that they are comfortable and keep your legs toasty warm on cold days.

But, one of the areas people seem to have trouble with is picking the right shoes and boots to wear with their leggings. It’s not difficult and, fortunately – there are a lot of choices.


Flats are a great shoe to pair up with leggings since they are available in a variety of styles and colors and can be used as casual attire as well as a dressed up attire.

The other great asset that flats offer is that they expose the top of your foot allowing for there to be a visual break in between the legging and the shoe.

For a clean look , do not be afraid to show some skin on your feet.

Fortunately, flats come in 1001 styles and colors, so there is a pair to match nearly any outfit. Solid colors are the safest bet with leggings, but patterns can work too.

Flats + leggings will look great especially on taller body frames.

It is best however , to avoid open-toe flats, because you may look choppy.

Heels & pumps

If you are looking for that classy chic look, then heels are best for you. Only wear heels if they work with the top you’re wearing though because heels are not that casual.

If you want a look that’s easier to pull off, try wearing mid-height heels, pumps with wedge heels, or chunky-heeled pumps with your leggings. It’s also helpful if the leggings hit right at, or just below, the tops of the pumps.

You will have to be more careful here, though, leggings and heels, if done incorrectly, can just look trashy. You end up looking like an 80′s throwback if you’re not careful, so unless that’s what you’re going for, try to keep your outfit modern.



There is nothing cuter and cozier than wearing a long sweater with leggings along with some comfortable knee high boots. It is a fashionable outfit that still allows you to be comfortable and warm in the colder months.

Find a boot that has intricate details like buckles or even fringe to attract the eye to your gorgeous shoes.

For colder weather, boots can look great with leggings. The leggings must be long enough to completely tuck into the boots-with absolutely no skin in between. The top or skirt you’re wearing with them should be on the shorter side, so that a decent amount of the legging is exposed.

Several different types of boots can work. Calf-length boots are great for women with long, slender legs. Ankle boots usually work, but again, make sure that the leggings are long enough.

Booties are the one exception that can look okay, and even better, with shorter leggings that show some skin in between. This just depends on the style. If the booties are tight and have a low ankle, then some skin will probably look best.

For a thinner, more cohesive appearance, choose dressier ankle boots, or styles that are a bit loose around your legs; match the leggings to the ankle boots; and opt for dark colors on both the leggings and the ankle boots.

For a fun, casual look, try wearing leggings with tall, flat, lace-up boots, slouchy boots, or riding boots. And, if you want a look that’s a little more polished, opt for classic, accent-free boots that hit about mid-calf or higher.



The sandal is also a great option to wear with leggings, especially in the warm weather. Since most sandals are very comfortable, they let your feet breathe while still looking stylish. Sandals go great with pretty much every type of legging other than footed.

Gladiator sandals

One thing to shy away from is gladiator sandals with ankle leggings – no need to get too busy around your ankle.

If you are unsure if your sandal and legging outfit is working for you, always add accessories to try to pull the look together better.

Waist belts, handbags and jewelry are all good ways to accomplish this. Also, the type of legging you wear will always determine how dressy or casual an outfit is. Look for leggings that match the occasion.

Likewise, the type of sandal you wear must also match the occasion. You can get away with flip-flops, for example, for a quick trip to the nail salon, but you may want to dress your feet up a bit for a day out with your honey.

For warm weather, some styles of sandals can look fantastic with leggings. Strappy styles are usually going to be your best bet.


You can absolutely wear sneakers with leggings! This fun, youthful way to pair comfortable kicks with comfortable covering for your legs is not only OK, it’s stylish as long as it’s kept to casual day wear. Keep your sneakers on during the day or at a rock concert.

This isn’t a look to wear on a first date or a formal office though. Avoid mixing too many bright colors and patterns. Let your sneakers be the focal point of the look and keep the rest of the pieces in dark or neutral colors.

Sneakers can accentuate your style, whichever it is. Pretty girly (Choose a pair of low-top sneakers in a color like white, pink or purple).Tomboy (Pair high-top sneakers in black or gray with your leggings and pull on your favorite sports jersey and cap over it), Casual comfy(Stay in the comfort zone by pulling on a baggy off-the-shoulder sweater and oversize glasses  over your leggings and sneakers)

Bring out your inner creative by pairing your leggings with these Northstar sneaks!


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