Mama Knows Best (Season Two!)

“The mouth that eats sukuma wiki is the same mouth that eats meat.” Yumbya’s mother always told him. ”It was a lesson on humility,” explains Yumbya , whose Twitter name is @Pontius_Pilato. Pontius was one of the winners of the Mama Knows Best contest that we ran on Facebook and Twitter , again this year. Another was Carol Awuor, whose mum told her to “strive to be an expert at something” but that she should “take time to relax” since she is “not the general manager of the universe.”

The two , and six others each won Bata Gift Vouchers to give their mum or themselves a Mother’s Day treat.

These and other gems of boundless wisdom from how to choose a spouse to managing your finances, are what you shared with us , as we sought to celebrate mums’ wisdom by doing a re-run of Mama Knows best.

Mama Knows Best

Just like last year , we asked you ; our fans and followers , to share with us something you had learnt from mum, that you still live by up to this date. Read on.

About life..

  • Try your best to live positively as in never give up. – Mohammad Adan Abumuhydiin
  • Save! Save! Save! You’ll reap the fruits later…doesn’t matter how much you earn or save. Just do it.. – Angela Kinyua
  • @cicikim Learn to listen first
  • Mama taught me not to carry sooo many loads in the heart, in other words, tie them with a banana fibre, if it doesn’t withstand the weight, it snaps, and lets go the load. She also taught me not to carry grudges within me coz in the end, i am the one who shall hurt the most. - Karen Nyambura
  • ‏@brownmaria : Words bash and words build.

Live without regrets..

  • Never regret coz everything happens for a reason and when in a relationship don’t complain it’s not working yet you’ve not tried to make it work. Above all ,always put God first. – Lillian Memo Soi
  • The experience of other people around you will teach you lessons on a daily basis. What you become in the future depends, to a large extent on your ability to learn. She taught me how to learn also from her mistakes. I’m better person now – Madge Wambui

I love you unconditionally..

  • “I’ll always love you.” My Mom always made sure that I knew her love wasn’t based on my performance in school or my achievements in life. That’s what unconditional is all about. She did also tell me that you could love somebody without liking them, so that got me thinking early on. - Fatma Hassan

Taking responsibility

  • She told me that “chovu ndelemwa ni mbembe rake” that is there is never a day an elephant will be tired of carrying its task. As a mother u are never tired of your kids and your role as a mum. - Mkamburi Mjomba

What you wear..

  • ‘Always buy nice shoes and clothes when u have money, they make u stand tall even when u r going through rough times. It has always worked for me! – Becky Nyawira Muiruri
  • Ensure your dress is in right position as you sit down. – Mary Njeri
  • Usivae viatu zimekufinya unatembea kama chura (Don’t wear shoes that are too small for end up walking like a frog!) – @Malmuza

Success in life..


  • From my mother, i learnt the power of listening, she would listen to everyone keenly before talking, both young and old- she always said, everyone has something important to say, if only u listen keenly, then u will learn. She taught me that no matter what you are going through, or where you are, prayer and God’s presence is always needed-she would sing worship songs and pray when we least expected. Through my mother i learnt that being a working mum does not mean being a lazy one. She still made our favorite meals, washed my dad’s clothes, took us shopping, and prepared all of us for church every Sunday. From my mother, i learnt how to smile through the tears, how to crawl when legs cannot move, how to see sunshine amidst the rain and how to shop for great shoes and clothes as she was a real fashionista. – Janet Omulindi
  • You must learn how to do house chores one day you will have your own home - @Malmuza 
  •  Mum taught me to always be respectful and obedient. When i was to pick up my first job, she told me that my boss should be respected if he/she tells me anything as concerns my job i have to do it ; after all it will not take me a whole day! And that I must do it to my best. I have kept this in mind since six years ago and it really has made me lead a happy life at my place of work and enjoy my job. – Karthryn Sonia

Be virtuous..

  • Mama taught me one virtue, ‘honesty’ that it helps make life easier. ”…even if a statement is to be re-done years later, all you do is is sprint down the memory lane, pick the facts and present them. That is mama. – Toto Akwa
  • I learnt and continue to learn this from her daily: 1. Resilience: The amazing ability to bounce back when situations threaten to sway and break us. 2. Love is not a mere feeling; it’s a choice we make – a decision to love and not just quit when our love is threatened. 3. Working hard and being a prayerful woman: Honestly earning my living. – Nkatha Riungu
  • @DatTichaMuchina  : Respect is earned. Respect yourself first #mamaKnowsbest
  • She always reminds me to respect other people in the society and education is the only thing I can get from her. – Sammy Saquira Kigamba
  • One thing I learnt even from her actions is if you form the habit of giving up each time challenges come up, you will not amount to anything in life. – Madge Wambui
  • One sunday after mass, few meters from the church gate, a man came to us with a need, others people declined to help but my mom gave her the only 50/= she’d carried as our fare. I was irritated as we had to walk. On the way mom kept telling me ‘kutoa ni moyo si utajiri’ . I still remind her. – Gilbert Mwangi
  • She always told me that God works in mysterious ways..just when u think you done for, He springs a surprise on you..and mostly during the most difficult when there’s no hope in d horizon..This keeps me strong in difficult times coz a always remember her and her amazing inner strength.. – Mgeni Juma
  • My mommy doesn’t stomach inequities therefore taught me how honesty is the best policy and that I should not be derailed from upholding the right thing I believe in. – Philip Rialto Kithome
  • Mum always reminded me that i should never 4get where God has brought us from. Many of us come to town and forget they once walked barefoot and that they used to take sugarless tea.  This always reminds me of my mum’s words am strong now coz hata kama sina pesa ya (even if I don’t have money for) fare, I can trek, kama sina pesa ya (even if I don’t have money for) sugar i can take tea without sugar and life continues, Mrs. Karathi taught me to be simple.  – Annoited Merioth Karathi
  • Mum taught me to be strong n fight for what is right. Now I’m a figher, i don’t give up easily. I miss her though, RIP but one thing for sure, i am who i am today because of the discipline, courage n strength she instilled in me. – Charlotte Nyachucha
  • Respect is a two way thing – @Cikikim
  • My Mom taught me to …”Always say please and thank you and maintain integrity in all things – speech, work ethic, and everything else in life”.  – Fatma Hassan
  • honesty is second to wisdom and kindness is second to caring…. – Wairimu Kiiru
  • My mama is a diva. We went through a lot while in school. As a single mother she made sure I had 3 meals a day, I went to school up to college. After high school I remember her saying these words, “Kui, I know we are not rich, work hard in school. I will struggle as much as I can you go to college, I want you to have a better life than me. Don’t look up to me.” I really cried. To this date, I’m grateful for her sacrifices and I just want to be like her.  - Kui Angelic Dolphine

Be careful!

  • ‎”My daughter don’t go testing waters, in every well, wait for the right time, your shall have your own” – Gladoh Mumbi
  • “The pot breaks just as you near the house (from the river)” she tells me to always be careful in life. – @A_Ngila
  • There is this saying she once told me; translated to English: ‘those that laugh with you, do not necessarily love you’ Through this life i have come to know the true meaning of that saying. I mean , each one of us can relate to that saying!! – Rose Gachahi
  • My mummy taught me one lesson that not everyone who laughs with you is your friend, they are the ones who most likely will not be there for you when you need them most. i used to be so angry at her when some of my friends would come to visit me at home and she would send them away. I thought she was a bad mother, but they turned out to be the bad friends that my mama was trying to warn me about and now being a mother myself, i now understand that she was trying to protect me coz she loves me. No one can tell you the truth or be as real as one’s mother. Love you mum! – Macharia Peris

Good etiquette..

  • @nikittacole : Learn people’s names and always refer to them as such. Never call someone ‘huyu’ or ‘wewe’.
  • My mother taught me to address people by their name, to look them in the eye, and to speak clearly, enunciating my words. She let me know how important it was to remember people, and to find ways to allow them to feel good. She also showed me how to get to the point and not waste anyone’s time being
  • disingenuous. I think from my earliest
  • experiences in business – first as a tour guide, then as a salesman and later as a restaurateur -those lessons from my mother have stood me in very good stead. When I don’t use them is when I find myself less effective. – Charles Ovotes
  • ‏@sueteller : Don’t chew with your mouth open.
  • @cicikim : Taking a shower daily is a must hata kama kuna rain (even though it is raning) :)

You are special..

  • Mum taught me that I may not be the best but am the ONLY ONE. Lillian Memo Soi

Reach for the stars..

 You are still my child..

  • “It doesn’t matter how old you are, you are still my child!” - @zollz
  • Just coz sasa una kazi si ati utaleta kichwa ngumu naeza kuchapa vibaya sana ata kama unaona nikama tunatoshana. (Even though you have your own job now you are not my equal! ) – @Malmuza :

And as long as you are in my house..

It’s the way you see yourself..

  • Vile utajibeba ndio wengine watakubeba. (The way you regard yourself is the way others will regards you) – @Malmuza

True beauty..


  • Give your time to others. There is joy in giving. – @Karowle
  • @nyambu26 : Always give whole-heartedly without expecting anything back and rewards will always follow u #MamaKnowsBest
  • ‏@Caroletyang : Receive with both your hands give with all your heart
  •  @Malmuza : learn to give not only to be given
  • @cicikim  always give your best in everything you do #mamaknowsbest


  • @brownmaria  : That being THERE for friends and family matters, whatever history dealt you.


  • @nelimarr : Every morning before I leave home mama tells me ‘Have a blessed day’ nt a good day. Her blessings carry me through #Mamaknowsbest
  • @cicikim : Always put God first and family should be treasured #mamaknowsbest
  • @zollz : God never lets you down, your time for blessings will come + Always respect your elders and God will bless you
  • ‏@nyambu26 : My mum taught me to never under-estimate or judge a person no matter the situation he/she is, only God can judge

 And we love this.. :)

  • @nelimarr  : Mum said ‘buy some nice flats from bata, one day you won’t be able to wear those heels’ How right she was! #Mamaknowsbest

And finally…how to choose a spouse!

  • Ma bwana wapatikani kwa bar(Husbands are not found in bars!)  ;) – @Malmuza

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How about you…. What is it that your mom taught you that you still live by to date?

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