Getting your Correct Shoe Size

At least 72% of people wear the wrong shoe size. This is according to a research that was conducted by shoe health experts in the US. The findings revealed that more often than not, the shoes we wear are usually either slightly small or slightly larger than our feet. Lack of awareness of our correct size has been attributed to incorrect ways of getting measurements for our feet.

Taking a trip down memory lane when our parents used to make us place our feet on a piece of paper then use a pencil to trace their outline in order to get our shoe size, it’s amazing how this method still remains one of the most accurate ways to find out our correct shoe size.

The logic behind measuring both feet is that many people tend to have one foot a bit larger than the other. It is often advisable to choose the larger size. For a more comfortable shoe fit you are required to take your measurements late in the afternoon since feet tend to swell – which is often the case for most people.

Here are some time tested tips on how to get your correct shoe size:

You need a large piece of paper bigger than both your feet, sticky masking tape or scotch tape, a ruler, pen or pencil, and notepaper to mark your measurement numbers down.

  1. Place the large piece of paper on a flat surface and smooth it out so it is flat.
  2. Tape the corners of your large piece of paper securely to the flat surface so it won’t move around when you stand on it.
  3. You can put on the socks you will be wearing with your new shoes (if applicable).
  4. Have your small piece of note paper, pen or pencil within easy reach.
  5. Stand in the middle of the large piece of paper with a few inches of space between both your feet. Make sure your feet are placed firmly on the floor. Don’t wiggle or curl your toes.
  6. Take your pen or pencil and trace the outline of one foot onto the paper you are standing on. Make sure your pen or pencil is straight up and down and firmly against your foot as you trace your outline. Sometimes it is easier to have another person do the tracing for you, but it can be done by yourself.
  7. Repeat the above step with your other foot.
  8. Now you will remove the taped paper from the floor and put it flat down on a table or place where you can take your ruler to get the exact numbers.
  9. For your length, place your ruler at the bottom to the top of one of the traced outlines i.e. base of heel to tips of toes. Draw a straight line from top to bottom of the outline. Mark this length measurement on your notepad paper.
  10. Then draw a straight line going side to side at the widest part of the outline. Mark this width measurement down on your notepad paper.
  11. Repeat steps 9 and 10 for your other foot traced outline.
  12. You will want to use the largest length measurement for your shoe size.
  13. Use the Bata Comparative Size Chart below to convert the measurement to your shoe size. Measurements are available for men, women and children’s sizes.


For best results, it is recommended that you measure your feet once or twice per year. In fact, it would be ideal if you had your feet measured every time you bought new shoes.

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6 thoughts on “Getting your Correct Shoe Size


    am bata customer for the last 20yrs, last year during Christmas holiday i bought 2 pairs of office shoes which costed me up to ksh.9,000. i have purposed this shoes for office work only. the worst i have seen is one of the shoe at heal part is broken failing the to give me real service and quality to mean the real value.

    kindly give me your response on this matter.
    abraham opuko omalwa

    • Hi Abraham,

      Our official shoes usually have a three-month warranty and seeing that you’ve had the ones in question for slightly under six months, there isn’t much we can do. You could however visit the store you bought the shoes and talk to the Manager who could assist you in terms of repairing the shoe.


  2. Sonal says:

    i love the quality of bata shoes. they are really comfortable. the now online shopping is very exciting though i have a question on it. i m a size 8 and half how do i select that size? because it only gives options of size 6 7 8 9. kindly assist :)


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