Shoe Care Tips for Leather

Research shows that fashionistas are in agreement that – “You’re not dressed up, if Your Shoes are worn down”. Whereas physical health experts are in agreement that footwear is meant to protect your feet as well as the general well being of your physical body. Psychologists on the other hand are in agreement that what you wear on your feet is a reflection of your personality.

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When these three schools of thought are blended, we find that footwear protects your feet and at the same time, it is a reflection of your personality since your personal style says a lot about who you are.

However, we tend to forget that the beauty and lifespan of a shoe is dependent on how well we take care of it. For instance, shoe experts world wide are in agreement that leather is nature’s perfect shoe material:

Leather breathes which allows your feet to breathe as nature intended. Leather flexes and bends with every move you make. Leather is luxurious and durable. Leather is restorable and is an investment that requires personal care. Leather may cost a little more but will last a lot longer with proper care. (Atkinson Shoe Repair Inc.)

Below are some general tips on the best way to care for your leather shoes:

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1. It is possible to minimize the effects of exposure to water as well as other weather conditions such as excessive heat from sunlight.

- In case your leather shoe has been exposed to water, do not wear it while it is wet and do not expose it to sunlight in an attempt to dry it. Simply, allow  your shoe to dry at room temperature. Footwear should be kept away from direct heat because prolonged exposure to heat may dry and crack leather.

2. Don’t let dirt build up, clean shoes and boots regularly:

- Clean off dirt after every wear with a soft brush or rag

- Maintain the leather gleam: polish, polish, polish.

3. Keep your shoe shape by loosening laces or buckles before removing.

4. Use a shoehorn for slipping your shoes onto your feet, this prevents breakdown of the heel counter, the leather support between the lining and the upper of the shoe,  from losing its stability.

5. Don’t wear tight shoes. Wear an appropriate size for you.

6. Practice preventive maintenance. Repair your shoes before every-day wear turns into damage.

Keeping your shoes looking good is not hard to do. Shoe care is especially easy if you have just the right stuff.

Photos courtesy of Bata Kenya

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16 thoughts on “Shoe Care Tips for Leather

  1. Sean Amos says:

    By polishing my shoes everyday they get a gleam and when water sprinkles on them, it just rolls off. So polishing is my tip for the day.

  2. nancy gitau says:

    My mum has always taught me to wipe my shoes before polishing. this has worked over the years with keeping my bata shoes in great condition

  3. Leonard says:

    I carry a shoe horn with me everywhere I go. The thought of having to spoil the back end of my shoe by stepping on it every time I wear them terrifies me…shoes are expensive. Also, making airing the inside of the shoe ensures that you take care of both the shoe and your feet. No smelly shoes and feet.

  4. raphael says:

    washing shoes with slightly warm water and using bar soap ensures you do not stress the leather too much with detergents

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  6. Michelle says:

    High skul taught me that you shld never wear leather shoez for consecutive days! they stink nd wear out so fast!! So i got a second pair and wore them shoez still luked ok by KCSE :-)

  7. Laban Njau says:


    Start with put down some newspaper and remove the laces from shoes because it makes the shoes easier to polish. If your shoes are a bit dirty, remove dirt with soft cloth and cotton. But if your shoes are very dirty then clean with some water. Smoothly clean all the parts from toe to heel, covering the side of the soles as well and leave to dry naturally.

    You can also use saddle soap or a smooth leather shoe cleaner. Shoe cleaners are easily available in market which comes in gels, foams, sprays, liquids and creams.

  8. Collins Bett says:

    Whenever I remove my shoes, I wipe them with a wet cloth and leave them to dry slowly. After around 2 hours or in the next morning I brush them with Kiwi shoe polish and make them shine the best. I always leave my shoes to air and dry under a shade.

  9. I’ve also many leather products…and they also require cleaning day by day. I was also searching such cleaner products since a long time…at last I found these products here. Keep it up in future too.


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