There Is Only One King In The Jungle!

Its wearers, both from Kenya and the the rest of the world, pay glowing  tribute to the indisputable king – the Bata Safari boot. Built to withstand tough terrains while still providing great comfort to the wearer, the Safari boot, hand stitched at the Bata Limuru factory has been a Kenyan icon for decades.

Kenyan Icon

In an article by the Business Daily writer Mwenda wa Muchemi writes, “Whether dominating the view on an overhang billboard or perched patiently on a shelf waiting for a suitor, Bata’s Safari Boot is an undisputed Kenyan icon. Wherever it travels, it easily conjures up the image of Kenya.”

Safari boot is known and loved by Kenyans and is a favorite for men, children and lately, for women too. With time, the Safari boot range has expanded to include the Safari Hair-on and the new Safari slip-on that has become the casual footwear choice for those who prefer the slip-on to its lace-up counterpart.


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Only One King

Available in all Bata stores Safari boots continue to offer unmatched quality and value to their wearers. Identify genuine Safari boots by the Safari logo.

The king roars and the rest bow down in honor, because none of them even comes close. The legend that is the Bata Safari Boot lives on.

There is only one king in the jungle – Safari boots, the boots that say you know Africa!

“I bought my first pair of your safari boots over fifteen years ago. They still give me good service! I’ve had them resoled and a couple holes repainted, and they are still rugged and comfortable. Bought another pair 3 yrs ago and wear them to work”. – Debbie Hoyt .

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