How Men Should Dress For An Interview

Congratulations gentleman! You got the interview.

A solid color suit-navy or grey, check. Long sleeved shirt, check. A well matched tie, check. You are spotting a neat hairstyle/cut and your nails are short and clean. So, what shoes/socks/belt to wear?

Should you match shoes with the socks, belt with the shoes or shoes with the tie?! Here are some tips that could help dress appropriately for your job interview.

Belt : Wear a dark colored belt preferably black. Match it with the shoes.

Shoes : Be conservative when it comes to shoes. Lace up shoes are preferable. A good old fashioned pair of Oxfords works best.

An oxford shoe

Socks : Most fashion experts agree that socks should ‘tie an outfit together’ but don’t need to match anything. Make sure your socks are a good comfortable length – you should be able to sit down comfortably without exposing your skin. Dark colored socks are preferable for interviews. White socks are a no-no.

NB : Black suits are considered too formal. A navy or charcoal grey suit is preferable to a black suit.

Good luck!

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