How To Care For Safari Boots

For decades the Bata Safari boot has been to its wearers, a  supremely comfortable  boot, offering ankle protection, tough yet very flexible. Loved by men and women alike, both locally and internationally, Safari shoes come in supple and soft hunting calf leather uppers with the velvet feel touch finish and a rubber sole.

The unmistakable Safari logo distinguishes the Bata Safari boots from imitations.

To maintain the Safari boot it is highly recommended that you acquire a wire brush (available at Bata shops) to be used for cleaning the shoe.

A wire brush comes in handy when the shoe is dusty. Simply brush off the dust.

If the shoes are wet and dirty, wait for them to dry and brush the dirt off with the wire brush.

If the shoes are really dirty, clean them with Kashmire suede cleaner.

(If you have to, you may clean your shoes with mild soap and water. Let them dry and then finish off with an application of suede cleaner.)

Leave the suede cleaner to dry and then brush off to a soft smooth finish.

As with all leather shoes, it is advisable that you give your shoes sufficient rest before the next wear so as to retain their good shape for longer. 12 hours rest is ideal in between wears.

NB :

  1. Safari boots exist in other  flavors and colors hence different suede cleaners and shoe creams are used depending on the texture and color of the boot upper.
  2. The Safari boot is available for sale to international customers on our online store.
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