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How to Match Your Suit to your Shoes

We have all faced the dilemma: What shoes should I wear with this suit? Which colour of shoes will match to my black suit?

Well, you can now get all these answers and more! We came across this visual guide from a stylist stRafaello on Reddit showing which types of shoes match with which suits, which colors match best for a traditional look, and which are trendy. What’s more, it guides you on how to select formal shoes based on the level you are in!

A Visual Guide To Matching Suits And Dress Shoes

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Whatever your Formal Style Is..We Got It!

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Bata Men formal shoes



Avoid the Pinch: 5 Ways to Break In Your New Shoes


You rush home with your shopping bag, eagerly grab the box, rip out the shopping bags, and carefully slip your new shoes onto your feet. There is nothing quite like those first few moments with a new pair of beautiful shoes! They make old outfits seems totally new, infusing life and excitement into your boring old wardrobe. Sometimes we buy them for occasions-short deadlines.

Then you wear your new shoes and the pinch happens! Blisters, can’t walk in your new shoes, they are slipping left, right and centre!

You have to break them in! Take your shoes as your baby, those moments before you go all out in feeding them with the family meal. You have to introduce them to the new life gradually!

Here is how:

1. Start Small!

Wear your new shoes around the house, and on short outings several times before taking them on a long trek, in the office where you don’t walk much-as back up shoes, of course.

Wear thin socks, if possible, for extra foot protection! Wear your shoes for a half hour to an hour every day. Take them off as soon they start to hurt.

After a few days, you should feel more comfortable in your new shoes.

2. Wear your shoes with socks.

0For guys, this is pretty obvious! Tell us you wear your shoes with slippers(unless they are sandals). For ladies, it may not be a fashion flop, but you can sneak in socks at your desk or when you’re schlepping around the house.

Damp socks can work too — the water stretches out the material just slightly, speeding up the process. Hint: Don’t do this with leather-it may harden your shoes.

Do this for a few days and you’ll notice that you are blister-free and your shoes are broken in and have molded to the shape of your foot as well!

3. Blow Dry!

stretch out your shoes formula


This is magic, so let’s do it slowly- You can use your blow dryer, blast them for a couple of minutes! The heat helps the material expand and your stretching maximizes its effect. This is how you do it:


  • Put on socks  and slip on your shoes.
  • Aim the hairdryer on the tight section for a few seconds (wiggle and stretch your feet inside the shoe for maximum benefit).
  • Keep the shoes on while they cool.
  • Remove the socks and test out shoes.
  • It should be stretched out, but if you need more room, then repeat the process.

4. Sandpaper

New shoes slide! Either the sole is too smooth, or, you, know-you haven’t learned how to walk in them. To keep from sliding, use a bit of sandpaper and “rough up” the soles. This is especially important in the area under the toes.

5. Prevention is Better.

Be sure to buy the correct size. If you get a size too small, it will really hurt your feet. If you get a size too big, you could injure your feet as well. So, get the correct size, and avoid some of this stress.

Info Sources: The Gloss | WikiHow | CLAS

A New Kind of Ladies Sandals

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Top 10 Tips Posts on blog.batakenya.com

Top  shoe tipsDid you know that, on Tuesdays, we blog about tips? Our How-to category , which runs on Tuesdays features various tips on what shoes to wear with which outfits, what to wear for what occasions, how to take care of your shoes, and many more.

Based on our readers’ reads, these are the top 10 posts on Tips:

10. Getting your Correct Shoe Size

According to a research,at least 72% of people wear the wrong shoe size. Chances are that the shoes you wear are either slightly small or slightly larger than our feet. Lack of awareness of our correct size may be due to incorrect ways of getting measurements for our feet. This post tells you how to.

9. What You Can Tell From A Woman’s Shoes

Guys! Just as ladies can learn a lot about you from your shoes(see no.4), you can also tell a lot from the shoes a woman has on, tell a lot about her, from her outlook on life, to the way she feels about herself, from her occupation, to her evening destination.

8. What To Wear To The Office End Of Year Party

This was during a year-end…you can convert it to “what to wear to an office party. This is how to look glam, and respectable at the same time!

7. 8 Shoes Every Lady Must Own.

Ladies, you should have at least 8 pairs of shoes-the ones featured in this post. You will also know why you must own them.

6. How To Keep Your Canvas Shoes From Fading

One of the complaints we receive is that canvas shoes fade after washing. Every time we have said it is not about manufacturing, because it isn’t-but how we clean and treat our canvas/rubber shoes. Read this post, apply and your rubber shoes will last and last with the colour intact.

5. Sling Bags Are In! Here’s How To Wear Them

A sling bag is simply a bag with one strap , worn across your torso. Bet you own one! They are functional, and can be used as a fashion accessory. In this post, we gave you tips on how to, and how not to wear your sling bag.

4. What You Can Tell From A Man’s Shoes

Ladies! You can judge your man by the shoes he wears…there is a great deal you can know from a man’s shoes— before you ever go out on a date, share a plate of linguine or even meet Mom: questions such as who is he? How does he feel about himself? And what can you expect from him in the relationship?

3. What To Wear With Your Tomy Takkies

Everyone loved the Tomy Takkies! So, in this post, we explored four ways to wear these lovely canvas shoes.

2. Best Shoes to Wear With Your Maxi Dress or Skirt

Maxi skirts are graceful,feminine, comfortable and versatile. Here, we shared the best shoes to wear with your maxi dress/skirt…and as a bonus, gave you the shoes you should NEVER be caught wearing maxis with.

1. The Best Shoes To Wear With Leggings

Leggings do more than just provide cover under a super short skirt. They also provide tummy control — particularly on days when you just can’t resist an extra slice of pizza — and shape your legs fabulously.  Even better, they can add bursts of color to a darker outfit, providing instant brightness to your look……if worn with the shoes we suggested.


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Enjoy The Game With a Free Pata Pata of your Choice

The grandest event in World Sport just kicked off.

You already know about the magnificent Pata Pata for your favourite World Cup teams, right?

Read: World Cup is Here, Now What?

You will now get a pair FREE! Simply buy items worth Sh. 2599 and above and ask for your team’s flip flop!

Yes, now you can place your feet on the table as you watch the beautiful game!

worldcup pata pata

You can also buy them at Sh. 179 at a Bata store near you.

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6 Shoe Care Tips for Guys

824-60181. Leather shoes- Polish, polish- often

You’ve invested money—and probably time—in your new shoes. Show them off, and make sure they look good. So as soon as you take them out of the box, polish them.

Read more: Shoe Care Tips for Leather.

2. Suede shoes- clean and brush

Shoe CareIf you’re investing in suede kicks, treat them with a protective suede cleaner or spray that resists water, salt and mud so they won’t be damaged-and to look good. The best option is the neutral suede cleaner available in all Bata stores, never mismatches the colour. You should also commit to a good suede eraser and brush for maintenance. First, use your eraser to target stains. Then, follow up with the brush to bring the nap of the suede back to its original state

Read more: How to clean your Safari Boots.

3. Canvas Shoes-Hand wash and cool-dry.

Use a wet cloth to wash your canvas uppers and a brush for the rubber lining, and then dry your canvas shoes in room temperature. No direct sunlight or they will fade out.

Read more: How to keep your canvas shoes from fading

4. Wet shoes- newspapers have more use than just reading.

If you get caught in the rain, save your shoes from permanent damage by drying them as soon as you get home. Stuff your shoes with newspaper to soak up the moisture and place them in a well ventilated area as you wait for them to dry. The heater will crack them.

5. That habit – Don’t use a sponge

Don’t use sponges on your shoes-you never know what’s in them. Sponges tend to suck everything and may permanently disfigure your shoes…instead use a cloth or a hand brush.

6. Classic-add a layer of rubber.

No other shoe company will tell you this, but before you wear them, ask a cobbler to place a thin rubber sole on your new dress shoes, if only on the heel. The rubber will protect the leather soles from damage, AND also give you extra traction. Plus, worn rubber soles are easily—and more affordably—replaced than leather. Your shoes will last, and last.


Bata Kenya and Knight Frank Duel


All work and no play makes workplaces boring. We are not boring at all, here at Bata, so, we play- daily. Sometimes fun games and exercise, inter departmentally and sometimes against anyone who wants to challenge us-corporate teams, community teams and even professional teams.

“Did you know that Bata Kenya has a fully fledged stadium for employees, the Bata Sponsored teams and the community?”

So, last Friday afternoon we decided to go out on a funkie(remember High School?). The destination was Nairobi School on the invite of Knight Frank for a return football match- after we had handed them a 2-0 beating just three weeks earlier and they “wanted to confirm” :)

The game kicked off at 5:00 pm and by half time, Knight Frank was 2-1 up- they were really exerting their revenge, and the noise in their side of the field was literally deafening. In the second half, the scales shifted and Bata Kenya fans were getting audible….thanks to two fast goals within ten minutes of the second period! The result was confirmed twenty minutes later:

Final score: Knight Frank 2: 4 Bata Kenya.

See some of the scenes.

Knight Frank later hosted a big after-party.

Would you like to play the Bata staff team? Come on, challenge us… call us on 0726-668941, Tweet Us or contact us on Facebook.

It’s all for fun!


Common Ladies Shoes Defined..And How To Wear Them

Shoes, shoes, shoes – we’d like to have them ALL! But just a minute – what are the names of the different models? And what should you wear with them?

Recently, we defined common shoe types for men. Let’s look at some of the common ladies’ types:

561-5024-a-165Platform Shoes

A platform shoe can be a bit of everything – from boot to low shoe to sandal – but the sole has to be at least 3 cm high at the FRONT.
Look best with casual flares, capri trousers and skirts. Never to be worn with an elegant evening dress. They are versatile-for every occasion!




Typically flat with a low cut instep, Ballerinas are absolutely comfirtable hence best for those girl shopping sprees and where standing for long hours is involved.
They are best worn with Capri trousers and jeans. The catch is, Never ever wear with Miniskirts!

Read on:

Court Shoes

751-6042-a-300Typically closed back half shoe with a heel of at least 3 cm for cool, mostly formal appearances without fastening, strap, buckle or any other decoration!
These are the shoes to wear with elegant skirts and dresses, but also jazz up jeans, tight trousers, baggies and capris!
Never wear with: Long skirt.

They come in various forms:

  • Stilettos-They feature a stiletto heel and a pointed toe. They are the classic high-heeled shoe.
  • Peeptoes- For important dates! They have an open toe. Also called flamenco pumps.
  • Slingbacks – Court shoes that are fastened with a strap around the heel. For romantic evenings!


763-6020-a-300Basically, wedges are shoes with a wedge heel.
They are more comfortable than they look and look best with leggings, combined with short dress. Never to be worn with long trousers or skirts, as then the eye-catching heels can’t be seen!

Read on: What to wear with wedges


589-1015-a-300Your shoes for the sporty moments.
Sneakers look best with sporty clothes – jeans, long or short, casual skirts. Never wear with formal skirts or trousers. Please don’t wear them when you do sport. They’re fashion shoes! :)


671-6079-a-165Mules & Clogs

Mules are low backless shoes with a heel and clogs are mules with a wooden heel!
They look best with skirts, dresses and capris.
Never wear with socks!


Ankle Boots

For your cold days, boots with different heel shapes that extend up to the ankle.
They look best with drainpipes, and short skirts with trendy tights.
Never to be tucked in trouser legs!



Mary Janes

Mary Janes are shoes with a girlish strap(also called the Mary Jane strap) across them. They can be worn with not-so-long dresses and power suits.
Never with jeans, though!
Check out this illustration from www.easypacelearning.com:

TRIPLE PLAY: 3 Ways You Can Save Money At Bata This Month!

This month, we are going all out-deals every corner you turn!

You have stuck with us all year so far, and it is now our turn to play the ball back- with a hat trick of deals in which you can save money and get all shoes you can carry home!

Here we go:


Buy school shoes and accessories and get a FREE Yoyo!



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May is the month we set aside a day to appreciate our mums – which we do every day anyway. So, this month, we are giving you Sh. 500 in shoe value to get your mum a pair of shoes AND a handbag!

“All you have to do is buy a ladies shoe worth Sh. 1599 and above and any handbag, and you will get your Sh. 500 OFF!”

Bata Web Banner Mother's DayHere is to a HAPPY HAPPY MAY!

The World Cup is Here! Now What?

Yaaay! It’s World Cup again!

This being a World Cup year, we created Pata Pata World Cup:

  • 2014 World Cup themed
  • Thick multi-coloured soles.
  • Feather–soft soles for comfort
  • Sturdy straps for extra support and durability.

Deck yourself on the couch, place your Pata Pata World Cup- clad feet on the table…and Enjoy the game!

Check them out! Assume the image layout is a team formation: :) Enjoy the Game!


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